Book Review : 24 Hours in Paris

All bets are off in the City of Light . . . where life and love can change in less than a day

After calling off her engagement, Mira escapes on an all-expense paid business trip to Paris. Despite the delicious food and flowing wine, she can’t forget the ache of leaving her fiancé behind or the fact that she’s just blown up her personal life. And messing up simply isn’t Mira.

She’s used to being in control. Meticulously planning. But now she’s at the mercy of the travel gods and they are not acting in her favor. Subways are missed. Trains don’t run. Flights are overbooked. And by the time she arrives at the airport to go home, there are no new flights to NYC until the next day. The worst part? She’s now stuck in Paris for twenty-four hours with her arrogant and insufferable co-worker Jake, whose constant flirting and annoying optimism is more than she can handle.

But as they spend the next twenty-four hours in Paris, exploring the city in all its beauty, Mira realizes that she and Jake have more in common than they thought, and he may turn out to be the best thing she discovers in the City of Love.

Book review

I really enjoyed 24 HOURS IN PARIS. I have such wanderlust, so the book was a perfect read for me right now. Mira and Jake have wonderful chemistry, and I rooted for their relationship from the beginning. This book also made me incredibly hungry (Moondi’s food descriptions are vivid and spectacular), so perhaps have some dessert on hand when reading. (A certain macaron dessert described in the book is now on my personal travel bucket list.) I could see this book being adapted into a film, and I’d gladly watch it. The book has it all — many amusing moments, a gorgeous setting, and two witty and genuinely likable leads. Can’t wait to read the next installment!

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