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Book Review: Let There Be Snow by Charlotte Rains Dixon

Let There Be Snow
Charlotte Rains Dixon
Publication date: November 3rd 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance

Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow.

So Dixie Dunham believes.

But she’s about to experience a Christmas with nothing but cold, gray rain after taking a job at the Starlight Winery in Pineview, Oregon, smack in the middle of wine country. Dixie likes her new job at the winery and she’s hoping owners Jamie and Ernest will soon name her to the position of national sales manager. She’s certain the proposal she’s working on for a city-sponsored contest will cement her claim to the job. That would be something to impress the friends and family she left behind in New York.

And Dixie is desperate to impress them, seeing as how she fled after her fiancée jilted her at the altar in favor of her maid-of-honor best friend. Now as the December days shorten and darken and Pineview celebrates the season with lavish decorations and festive events, it’s hitting Dixie hard how much she’s lost. All she has left besides her job is the company of her loyal dog, Bo. And a Christmas without snow.

When Jamie and Ernest introduce her to their good friend Max Pettigrew, who has just moved from Paris back to Pineview after a wrenching divorce, she’s instantly attracted to him. But Max Pettigrew never met a woman he didn’t want to flirt with. All in the strictest of innocence, of course. Too bad what he thinks is charming flirtatiousness is off-putting to Dixie. Ridiculously handsome he may be, but he’s also ridiculously annoying. And she does not need more annoyance in her life. When the two of them turn out to be vying to win the same city contest, her annoyance turns to anger. But Max grows more determined to win her over, inviting her to the Pineview Christmas parade and holiday parties, and turning to a stream of self-help books to help improve himself.

Can Max mend his entitled bro ways? Will Dixie get her promotion, and perhaps more important, her snow at Christmas in rainy Oregon? Let There Be Snow, a novella, launches November 3, 2022. Stay tuned for pre-order information.

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Two steps remaining, someone appeared at the bottom of the stairs and startled Dixie. Her foot slid and she missed the step, landing awkwardly in front of the human who stood waiting to walk up.

The human who was a male in a brown wool coat dripping with water. The human who had rich brown eyes that smoldered as brightly as the tasting room fire, a graceful long nose, and a mouth that was now wreathed in an ear-to-ear smile. The human who had a thick head of chestnut hair, with one lock that fell over his forehead in a boyish way. The human who now reached out a hand to steady her and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I startled you. Are you okay?”

He was tall, really tall. She batted away the comparison to Tate, who had been short, shorter than Dixie herself, and for whom Dixie was always slumping so as not to be taller. Beneath this man’s overcoat a starched light blue shirt draped his broad shoulders and chest in a perfect fit, and his tan slacks fell from his waist in a sleek line.

He was ridiculously handsome. Stupidly handsome.

Except then she realized. He was Jamie and Ernest’s next appointment. Most likely a rival candidate for the marketing director job. Her job. She shook off his hand. “I’m fine.”

“You sure are,” he said.

Oh, for God’s sake. Really? Had he really just said that? She rolled her eyes.

But he still gazed down at her. “Really, really fine.”

“What are you, a relic from the dark ages?” she snapped. This man was totally riling her, despite his good looks. Maybe even because of his good looks.

His smile didn’t waver. “Just a man who appreciates the finer things in life.”

“Me too, which doesn’t include jerky men.” Dixie moved to step around him. She had to get away from him. She was being rude, and that was unprofessional. If her bosses heard her, it would be another black mark against her.

“Oh, don’t go without an introduction.” Unfortunately, his voice was as rich and deep as his eyes. He held out a hand. “Max. Max Pettigrew.”

She sighed and shook his hand, then withdrew it as quickly as possible. “Dixie. Dixie Dunham. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

Luckily, Ernest’s voice called from the top of the staircase. “Oh, there you are, Max, you’re just in time.”

“For what, the vampire ball?” Dixie asked.

Damnit, she’d done it again.

“Oh now, do we have to be so harsh?”

The words came out of her mouth before she could stop herself. “Oh now, yes. Yes, we do.” She couldn’t help it. She’d had enough of men, especially those of the handsome, entitled, arrogant variety, to last her a lifetime. “We really do.”

Footsteps sounded on the steps and Ernest called down. “You ready?”

“I thought I was but now I’m not so sure,” Max said, then zeroed in on Dixie again. “I’ll have you know I’m attending the Christmas play that the Mapson twins are appearing in.”

“Try not to spoil the holiday cheer. I’m outta here.” Dixie made her escape.

“Was it something I said?” Max called after her.

“Damn right,” Dixie muttered as she stomped away. Air, she needed air. “Taking a quick break,” she called to Kate, and grabbed her coat and Bo’s leash. Outside, the rain had stopped but judging by the black clouds along the western horizon, it looked to be a brief respite. She led Bo up the path that snaked alongside the vineyard plantings to the top of a small rise. For the moment she could catch a glimpse of the spectacular view from the winery—green rolling hills, many covered with now-brown vineyards, others featuring farmhouses snuggled into them. It was a view she never tired of, even if she did wish the green would turn to white once in a while.

She inhaled the fresh Oregon air. Damnit, she’d done it again—gone apeshit irritable over nothing important, just a stupid man. Stupidly handsome man. She swatted the thought away. Dixie took another deep breath, trying to shake off the stress that her therapist said activated her PTSD. If one believed she had PTSD, which for sure Dixie didn’t. Nope, she wasn’t going there. Not a chance. No way. She’d tried, she really had, but Dixie couldn’t help thinking that all that psychological self-help crap was just mumbo jumbo. What she needed was some good old-fashioned revenge.

Author Bio:

The great-granddaughter of pioneers who walked across the Oregon Trail, Charlotte Rains Dixon considers herself a westerner through and through. Many of her stories are set in her home state of Oregon, where her characters reside in fictional versions of her favorite wine area and coast towns, as well as Portland, where she lives.

When not writing fiction, Charlotte teaches writing in England, the south of France, and around the Pacific Northwest. She also coaches writers privately. She is Director Emeritus and a current mentor at the Writer’s Loft, a certificate-in-writing program at Middle Tennessee State University. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Spalding University and is also the author Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior.

Charlotte lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon, in a multi-generational home that is by turns boisterous and exuberant but seldom quiet. She believes no breakfast is complete without a crossword puzzle to work and no Happy Hour can actually be happy without popcorn. (Wine goes without saying.) Despite frequent stays in France, she regularly fractures the language. She is, however, fluent in Carney.

Charlotte writes stories about places you long to live filled with people you’d love to know.

Learn more about Charlotte at her website, charlotterainsdixonauthor.com and be sure to sign up for her author newsletter here.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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KU Book Review:

Another heartwarming and fun read by Charlotte Rains-Dixon. She masters the art of drop-shipping readers into her landscape and taking them on an adventure through the story she weaves. This book is cozy and would be perfect for the day after Thanksgiving to kick off the holidays. Grab your wine and curl up by the fire for this one.

Release Blitz Stranded with the One By Darby Blake

Title: Stranded with the One Author: Darby Blake Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Christmas Themed Release Date: December 6, 2022 Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Holly Saint and Christian Lane grew up together and were best friends until he fell in love with someone else. Now, years later they find themselves stranded—both trying to get back to their hometown for Christmas, that’s if Jack Frost will allow them.


Tweet: 🎄RELEASE BLITZ🎄Stranded with the One By Darby Blake Grab this Christmas Themed Novella Today @Amazon http://bit.ly/3H2I4kr #BAPpr #ContemporaryRomance #ChristmasNovella

About Darby:

Darby Blake is a pen name for New York Times Bestselling Author Heidi McLaughlin. Darby’s first novel, EVERYTHING WE ARE, co-written with her best friend, is due to be released in June 2022. Learn more about Darby by visiting darbyblake.com

Newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/darbyblakenewsletter Website: https://darbyblake.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darbyblakeauthor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darbyblakeauthor/

Book Review: Whiteout: A Novel

Atlanta is blanketed with snow just before Christmas, but the warmth of young love just might melt the ice in this novel of Black joy, and cozy, sparkling romance—by the same unbeatable team of authors who wrote the New York Times bestseller Blackout!

As the city grinds to a halt, twelve teens band together to help a friend pull off the most epic apology of her life. But will they be able to make it happen, in spite of the storm? 

No one is prepared for this whiteout. But then, we can’t always prepare for the magical moments that change everything.

From the bestselling, award-winning, all-star authors who brought us Blackout—Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, and Nicola Yoon—comes another novel of Black teen love, each relationship within as unique and sparkling as Southern snowflakes. 

ARC Book Review:

This was a wonderful sapphic romance read. This was a follow up to Blackout, which I have not read yet. However, saying that, this could be read as a standalone, I had no issues keeping up. I adored the premise of this book, being caught up in this snowstorm. I loved that this was a collection of some Atlanta teens during the snowstorm, and their respective friendships and relationships, it really set the tone well for the story. The story is narrated in flashbacks and the present, which I appreciated as you got the backstory. I loved the multiple tropes it followed, friends to lovers, second chance romance, and grand gestures; I really love the grand gestures. I loved that this is more than just a romance, it has some queer romance and friendships sprinkled in, a really diverse novel. The characters were fleshed out well with depth, witty banter, chemistry, and so creative. The authors’ writing style was a complex blend of crisp writing that flowed well, was funny, was emotional, and just brilliant.

Book Review: Starlight and the Christmas Dare

She isn’t the only one looking for a fresh start…


Guardian of his teenaged half sister, glassblower Chase Kent is determined to steer his sibling onto the right path. But volunteer counselor Madison Maurer knew that he was missing that path by a long shot. So when Chase is injured in an accident right before Christmas, Madi opens her home to both brother and sister. She finds herself falling for Chase—and hoping he might open his heart, if only to discover the family he didn’t know he was missing…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Welcome to Starlight

Book 1: The Best Intentions
Book 2: The Last Man She Expected
Book 3: His Last-Chance Christmas Family
Book 4: His Secret Starlight Baby
Book 5: Starlight and the Single Dad
Book 6: A Starlight Summer
Book 7: Starlight and the Christmas Dare

ARC Book Review:

I feel like this story was a long time coming and definitely worth the wait. As a tough woman, I couldn’t picture who would be worth Madi’s love. Once I met Chase(and Stella), it just felt right. Overall a great trip back to Starlight!

This can be a stand alone, but really flows with the Starlight series!

Book Review : The Naughty Or Nice Clause

Being Naughty Has Never Been So Nice! 

When Lyla’s father retired as CEO of the toy company which has been in their family for generations, she was meant to receive his shares. Instead, she discovers the company is bankrupt and her father has given her shares to Mason Klaus, an investor known in the corporate world for his cold and callous nature. Much to Lyla’s frustration, her only option is to run the company with him, despite their evident loathing for one another. 

When Mason cancels the annual Christmas party, Lyla throws it anyway – only for the event of the season to result in a terrible fire. With the offices and Lyla’s credibility ruined, Mason offers her a deal: he’ll forget her part in the disaster, but she must join his family for the twelve days of their Christmas holidays. 

Taken to a fantastical winter wonderland, Lyla hopes that she might discover some of the secrets Mr Klaus is hiding, and maybe even a way to get her company back. However, when Mason introduces her to the secret village as his fiancée, she is horrified to realise she has no choice but to go along with the pretence – because the cost of bringing an outsider to their magical land is far too high. 

Can Lyla resist the devilishly handsome Mr Klaus and the enchanting village to win back her company, or will she give into temptation?

ARC Book Review:

Christmas, magic, romantic chemistry on a slow burn that makes you devour the pages with delight. Will they get together? You’ll have to read to find out. Kate’s books are never predictable. Anything could happen. Put up your Christmas tree early, make a hot chocolate and settle down in a comfy chair to read this year’s best Christmas book. It won’t disapoint. It’s the magical escape you need in your life right now.

Book Review: The Duke Alone

For an abandoned lady and a reclusive duke, the winter season brings a swirl of romance—and danger—in a bracing novel by USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.

Lady Myrtle McQuoid has always felt a little forgotten, and this season is no exception. When her boisterous family vacates their London townhouse for the country, Myrtle finds she’s been left behind. But she just needs to stay warm, keep her belly full, and distract herself until her relatives realize their mistake and turn back to collect her. Surely that won’t take long.

Brooding widower Val Bancroft, the Duke of Aragon, has shut himself off from the world. He craves blessed solitude—a loyal dog, a silent house, and his own company are all he requires. Certainly not the nonstop chattering of the joyful, opinionated young woman next door.

But with a potential threat lurking in the winter shadows, Myrtle may need to pluck up the nerve to approach the reclusive duke. And Val is not one to turn his back on a vulnerable lady.

Amid the silent nights of London, beneath a blanket of snow, could the light of a new, warm love be kindling?

KU Historical Romance:

A story that could be likened for Beauty and the Beast (and some villainous scenes from the movie Home Alone). On!y the Beast was an embittered Duke whose love for his dead wife made him morose and cynical; and a Lady inadvertently left by her family- Home Alone.
In all seriousness this was a story of learning to love again after a deep and heart wrenching loss. A loss that occurred at Christmastide. This made me cry buckets; a pure romantic story that is rated PG, well-written without the steamy sex to keep the reader engaged.

Book Review: The Christmas Cookie Collection

The New York Times Bestselling Author ofThe First Love Cookie Clubreturns to Twilight, Texas,with one brand-new story and three storiesnever before in print!

There’s a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.

Carrie, Raylene, Christine, and Flynn are all members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Each has a story to tell, and each discovers the miracles of the season and the power of love.

Carrie: Reconnects with her high school sweetheart . . .the only man she’s ever loved.

Raylene: Discovers that the daughter she gave awayat birth is living right in Twilight . . .

Christine: Has given up on love . . . until the man ofher dreams walks through her shop door.

Grace: It’s Christmas Eve and Flynn and Jesse Calloway are thrilled to be expecting a new baby. Then Flynn’s car hits a patchof ice, and Jesse must move earth . . . and heaven . . .to save her and their unborn child.

From the Library Collection:

The small town of Twilight, Texas, has a legend. If you toss a coin into the fountain you will be reunited with your high school sweetheart. Carrie used to believe, but not anymore. Then Mark, her first love, returns to town because of his job. A cute story about second chances, finding what’s really important in your life, true love and a HEA. My only complaint is that the story wasn’t longer. A fun, quick read.

Welcome to Lisa Book Club Cookie Exchange at the Melville Library ! Across my blogs I will feature Books, Cookie recipes and Fun & Games.

Book Review: Santa’s Sweetheart:

The delightful and entertaining new holiday novel from the legendary author of dozens of treasured romances! This Christmas, visit the small town of Branding Iron, Texas, where it’s time for the Cowboy Christmas Ball and one irritable sheriff is about to get in the spirit of the season…and find love along the way.

Sheriff Sam Delaney is shouldering a lot as the lone lawman in the small Texas town of Branding Iron—and the widowed single father of six-year-old Maggie. Especially since Maggie’s determined that what her daddy needs this holiday season is a girlfriend. Suddenly Sam is hustled off to a meeting with Maggie’s schoolteacher—and surprised to discover the demure Grace Chapman is unexpectedly alluring. Then he’s roped into playing Santa at the annual Christmas ball, with the pretty Miss Grace by his side. It’s enough to make Sam even grumpier than usual—if not for the feelings sweet Grace stirs up inside . . .
Grace only wants to heal after her broken engagement. So why is she so charmed by the slow smile—and the surprising tenderness—of the town’s sheriff?  Maybe because Grace is discovering that beneath Sam’s gruff exterior lies a heart as big as Texas, especially when it comes to the women in his life—like little Maggie. And now her… Which only has Grace hoping she’ll be Santa’s sweetheart for many seasons to come . .

The Christmas Tree Ranch series :

A lovely Hallmark Christmas story. Little Maggie is a bright and precocious six year old, who just wants to see her Daddy happy. Her matchmaking is very clever. Lovely character growth.

RELEASE BLITZ – The Christmas Agreement by Sharon Woods 

Title: The Christmas Agreement
Author: Sharon Woods
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Billionaire/Single Dad/Age Gap
Release Date: November 23, 2022


I didn’t know he was a billionaire and a single dad the night he was stranded with me and only one bed.

Marc has been in my bar a few times before. We often exchanged a few words, but this time was different. His flight was delayed and then cancelled, so I joined him for a drink after closing and got to know him… really well.

As good as he looked in suits, nothing prepared me for Marc without one. Or the way he held me afterwards, despite me telling him I never do that.

Whatever. What’s one night of rule breaking? I’d never see him again anyway.

Except, when I finally land a prestigious architecture trainee position in New York, I find myself on his doorstep.

Marc’s full of surprises.

He never mentioned he had a daughter.

This is a complication I don’t know if I’m ready for. It was supposed to be one night of harmless fun, but now he won’t let me go.

And I don’t know if I want him to.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


An author of Contemporary Romance. I enjoy writing love stories with a HEA. Born and living in Melbourne, Australia. With my beautiful husband and two children. Lover of romance books, coffee and chocolate. I started reading romance during my maternity leave. And then, I wanted to write my own stories and in lockdown took a shot. And it’s been the best decision.


Christmas Spirits by Dakota Star blitz

Christmas Spirits
Dakota Star
Publication date: November 15th 2022
Genres: Adult, Holiday, Romance, Thriller

Ash has always felt at home in the small town of Humble, Connecticut, especially for the holidays. After her husband’s death, she never thought she’d love again, but then Cole Whelan arrived. His good looks and haunted hazel eyes were impossible to ignore, and their passion put an end to her simple, ordered life. This year, she can’t wait to celebrate with hot chocolate, a tree to decorate, and presents, lots of presents.

But when Ash stumbles into a cave and a corpse during a run, Christmas turns into crisis. There’s a killer on the hunt, and she’s his next target. With the snow falling, Ash hosting for the holidays, and another mysterious murder, will all hope of holiday cheer be trashed like old wrapping paper?

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Only 99¢ for a limited time!


She jogged, warming up along the start of the trail, and then increased the tempo. Maple, beech, and birch lined the singletrack, the rough texture and bark color the only indication of the different species of deciduous trees.

Ash sped up, tightening her ponytail in the elastic; a few long, wayward curls drooped down her back. She felt the heat build under her thermal top and vest as her arms and legs pumped. Rambo kept pace.

I need this run. Breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth. In and out. Repeat.

The exercise opened her lungs and stretched lean, athletic limbs until the energy flowing became liquid fire. Invigorated, she picked up the pace again.

Ash saw the cave, her two-mile marker and turnabout point. Surveying the rocky landscape, she gulped air before the return trip. She wiped the sweat from her brow and then ran her damp hands along her black spandex leggings.

Turning back, Rambo refused to follow. He barked and pulled on the leash. His small body was stiff, the fur on his back straight up. He pulled her toward the cave.

“Come on Rambo, let’s go home.” Ash shivered and pulled on the leash.

The dog refused to yield.
“Fine.” She stumbled, realizing her shoe hated her and even with a double knot had come untied again. She bent to retie the laces, double knotting the strings, pulling them tight with vengeance. Standing, Ash hiked the rocky precipice, the dog pulling ahead. The final steps to the cave coalesced along a dirt and twig laden path. The cliff adjacent to her was a high point on the trail, but she had no plans to scale it.

Large rock outcrops created a dark cave entrance shaped like a mouth mid scream. Rambo barked and lunged.

Ash had heard stories of people living in or visiting these caves, from historic figures to modern day squatters. She found it easy to envision a camper coming to one before dark, starting a small fire with kindling, preparing a meal, and enjoying the quiet of nature. At least it was possible to imagine during the warmer months. No one would want to be out here in winter, even if the daytime temperature had topped forty degrees.

Rambo pulled her inside the cave. Instantly claustrophobic, the interior narrowed to a pinpoint at the end. Ash ducked as she made her way under the formation’s schist and gneiss slabs. Cold engulfed her. Rich, dark rock mosaics greeted her from the recesses. Crouching slightly, she scurried forward. “What the heck?” A horrid stench stung her nose A lump rose from the ground and in her throat. Something had died here. Ash pulled out her phone, turned on the flashlight, aimed toward the misshapen entity, and gasped. In the far corner—a body.

Author Bio:

Dakota Star lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters. Both her daughters have finished college and moved away so her dogs, cats, and retired horse now keep her busy. When not outside hiking or horseback riding, she loves to read and travel.

She has worked as an editor, a freelance writer for local newspapers, and an educator at local environmental non-profits like aquariums and The National Audubon Society.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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