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Book Review: Escaping Valentine’s Day

An Italian romance is on the menu, but is she ready to order?

Content creator Rory Hibbert knows Valentine’s Day is only fun for couples and chocolatiers. For singles like her, it’s a day of disappointment. And that’s why her new marketing agency client has arranged a tour of Italy crammed full of activities to distract from the holiday. This trip is a test for Rory—if it goes well, it will jump-start her new social media career.

There’s just one snag: the ex she never got over is also on staff.

Huck Cranshaw walked away from the love of his life for a huge opportunity on a cooking competition show. At least, that’s the excuse he gave Rory at the time—and he’s regretted it for five years. Cooking for tourists was supposed to be a stopgap between restaurant positions. Now it could be much, much more: a chance to fix the past.

But when an Italian prince catches sight of Rory, Huck’s not the only one vying for her heart this time. Can Cupid still steal Rory’s heart when the truth finally comes out?

Each book in the Holiday Hearts series is standalone:

*The Magic of Christmas
*The Christmas Project
*Escaping Valentine’s Day

ARC Book Review:

Started out a bit slow but was great in the middle. Loved the side characters a lot. The conflict was maybe a bit extra drawnout for me. There were many moments they could have spoken and resolved a lot. Ending felt like it came on very abruptly and I would have loved a longer end or at least an epilogue. 4 solid stars tho for me. I liked the story a lot. Clean romance.

Sleigh Bells Ring: A Christmas Romance Novel

“[Thayne’s] books are wonderfully romantic, feel-good reads that end with me sighing over the last pages.” —Debbie Macomber, #1 
New York Times bestselling author

Celebrate the season with this sparkling and heartwarming holiday romance that proves sometimes all you need is a little Christmas magic…

Employed as the live-in caretaker of Angel’s View Ranch, Annelise McCade is just trying to make it through the holidays with both her sanity and her niece’s and nephew’s faith in the magic of Christmas intact. The six-year-old twins recently lost their mother, so Annie tells herself it won’t be a problem to bring them to her workplace. The Sheridans haven’t visited Angel’s View in years, not since the patriarch, Wallace, died. They would never know the twins were there…until Tate Sheridan shows up out of the blue two weeks before Christmas.

But Tate surprises Annie by asking them to stay and help him get the house ready for one last family Christmas before the ranch is put on the market. Annie and Tate have three days to work their magic before the Sheridan clan arrives—and to work through the growing attraction between them. But Annie simply can’t fall for the man who’s about to put her out of a job and a home. Still, the sparkle of the season is impossible to deny…and this Christmas has surprises in store for everyone.

Return to Hope’s Crossing this Christmas in New York Timesbestselling author RaeAnne Thayne’s latest heartwarming story of matchmaking at the holidays, All is Bright!

book review

This is a wonderful Christmas story filled with hope, healing, and love following tragedy. The characters all have endured loss and tragedy of some kind, but they all learn to accept their fate, lean on those around them, and persevere for a better day.

Shielding His Christmas Witness : Book Review


Days away from testifying in a bank robbery and murder case, witness Kari Danville’s safe house is breached, forcing her to run for her life. Scared, alone and pregnant, her only hope for survival rests in the protection of FBI agent Marc Callahan. With everyone in uniform a suspect, Marc goes rogue to keep her alive. Deep in hiding as the holidays approach, the vulnerable mother-to-be proves a dangerous distraction. But Marc can’t lose another witness on his watch. As the Christmastime trial draws near, the killer stalks ever closer. And Marc must find a way to shield Kari—and her unborn baby—long enough for justice to be served.

book review

A suspenseful and inspiring story about finding love while on the run from criminal forces. The Callahan Confidential members of law enforcement are facing the criminals who are responsible for one young woman who is in danger. This was a incredible story about Brotherhood and inspiring hope and faith. Loved every single minute of this story.

This Friday I am Celebrating Christmas with Harlequin! lisa

A Firefighter’s Christmas Gift

This firefighter has the perfect gift for a single mom and her little girl – if they’ll take him.

A holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

All Bradley Ford wants this holiday season is a date or three with sweet Hanna Lane. He’s the new fire chief, recently returned to Heart Falls to help his father after an accident. And while he wasn’t expecting to find someone like Hanna so soon, Brad’s certain that Hanna—and her adorable daughter, Crissy—are perfect for him and his plans to settle down.

Hanna’s been taking care of herself since she became a single mom at sixteen. The only pure, honest love she trusts is her little girl’s, but for the first time in eight years, her libido flares to life. Something about Brad draws her like a moth to a flame—which is always a bad idea for the moth.

When a fire leaves Hanna and Crissy homeless, Brad offers them shelter at his family’s homestead. Crissy insists they’ve moved in with Santa. Hanna’s not sure how she keeps ending up under the mistletoe with Brad. And Brad? He’s hoping for the best Christmas gift of all…


Stand alone, feel-good, “Hallmark with heat” stories set in the Heart Falls community for those who want to escape into a happily-ever-after during the holiday season.

A Firefighter’s Christmas Gift
A Soldier’s Christmas Wish
A Hero’s Christmas Hope
A Cowboy’s Christmas List
A Rancher’s Christmas Kiss

Throwback Thursday from 2018 ! With a great Holiday series ,,,,

So I’ve been on trip to Heart Falls, and I enjoyed every minute. On this trip we went to visit Hanna, a single mother with a daughter named Chrissy. The new fire Chief Brad who has come back to  Heart Falls look after his father.
When he first saw Hanna and her beautiful daughter he realised he was looking at his future.
Hanna has had no one, and had been on her own since her parents disowned her when she became pregnant at sixteen. Hanna is nervous of men, so Brad was so patient with her. This is a wonderful love story, and it was a magical Christmas story. It was great to celebrate the holiday with the residents of heart falls. Vivian Arend really knows how to create great community. I just loved Brad with Hanna it was so sweet and it was great meeting some more of the local community.

Book Review : Christmas Wishlist

Kat Harmon did not believe in Santa Claus. And she wasn’t sure her kids should, either; it would only set them up for disappointment. Her twins had visions that St. Nick would bring them kittens, dogs—and a daddy. How could she tell her children that their Christmas dreams weren’t going to magically come true?

And Gabe Housley wasn’t making things easier for Kat. The twins had hired Gabe to find the real Santa Claus—and he was humoring them! But as Gabe slowly worked his way into their family, Kat began to wonder if he had his own brand of Christmas magic, the kind that made even the hardest heart believe in happy Christmases ever after…

Library Loan : Holiday Book

Katherine is raising her children, Abby and Andy, with total honesty. She tells them about how she conceived them with help from the the sperm bank and that there is no Santa. At school their classmates taunt them and tell them their mother is now too old to believe. So Andy and Abby hire gabe houser to track down the real Santa and prove to their mother that he does exist. Excellent story that hooked me from the very beginning and kept me tuning the pages.

Book Review : Holidays on the Ranch:

A long-standing feud, an unlikely love story, and New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s Texas twang make for a lively Christmas romance at the ranch! Perfect for fans looking for their next Christmas classic:

  • Romance between old friends
  • Lots of hot cowboy lovin’
  • Characters that jump off the page
  • Wacky, small-town neighbors
  • Authentic Southern voice and inimitable sass

Out of the army and looking for some peace and quiet this Christmas, former sniper Finn O’Donnell heads to the sleepy town of Burnt Boot, Texas. But Finn hasn’t spent even one night at his new ranch when an army SUV pulls into the driveway and a familiar figure steps out. Finn doesn’t want to revisit the past, but he owes Callie Brewster his life… Whatever she needs, he will be there for her.

Maybe it’s the empty house, now full; maybe it’s the holiday season. But despite the chaos, Finn and Callie have never felt more at home.

Previously published as Cowboy Boots for Christmas.

Praise for Carolyn Brown:

“A delightful journey of hope and healing.”—Woman’s World for The Empty Nesters

#WesternRomance KU Holiday Book Review:

Sometimes we just need the sweet and electrifying good story. My research deals with housing the homeless and refugees. When I need to get away and have a nap, I reach for a Carolyn Brown. The holidays had just ended but this story kept the season alive. I would recommend it for any time of the year .

Release Blitz Faking it for the Holidays By Soraya Bancroft

Title: Faking it for the Holidays Author: Soraya Bancroft Genre: Holiday Romance Release Date: December 14, 2022 Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Marley Fitzpatrick needs a decoy to stop her mother from trying to marry her off to every eligible bachelor she can back in her hometown this Christmas. Alex Foster, the hottest employee she’s ever hired has no plans this holiday season and agrees to be her fake boyfriend.

As luck would have it, they get stranded in a snowstorm, and the strict no fraternization policy Marley lives by is shoveled aside when Alex turns out to be the lumberjack she’s been waiting for.



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At the Library : Susan Mallery Christmas Books

Today I am spotlighting two great Holiday books from the amazing Susan Mallery that is part of our Library collection . Happy Reading….. Lisa

Susan Mallery, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool’s Gold romances, proves there’s no place like Happily Inc for the holidays…

There’s no place like Happily Inc for the holidays…

Wynn Beauchene has a thriving business, a great kid and a mildly embarrassing crush on the guy next door—local cop Garrick McCabe. She’s a strong, independent woman who can’t help dreaming what-if about a man she barely knows. Until he needs her help…

Garrick’s pregnant daughter will be home for Christmas, and his house needs a woman’s touch. Garrick and his little girl were tight once and he’s hoping a small-town Christmas will bring her back to him. But thawing his daughter’s frosty attitude will take more than a few twinkle lights. Maybe sharing the holiday with Wynn and her son will remind her of the joy of family.

As the season works its magic on these wounded souls, Wynn realizes it’s time to stop punishing herself for a painful secret, while Garrick remains haunted by the ghosts of past mistakes. Will he allow Wynn to open the only gift she truly wants—his heart?

Don’t miss Home Sweet Christmas, a witty and heartfelt story of two friends who unexpectedly find the person-and the place in which-they belong this Christmas by #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery!

From my Local Library :

Hapily This Christmas

I thoroughly enjoy a book which has characters from previous stories in them and Susan Mallery never disappoints. Her characters are all believable, likeable characters who could be my neighbors or people I meet in the street. I can’t wait for the next book to be out.

Home Sweet Christmas

Camryn and Jake start off awkward, but they both have fears that almost end them. River and Dylan, have a less awkward start, but they have their own different fears! There is humor in watching them grow past their fears, as well as sadness they will fail! In the end, each pair fights for the love they have found, and that was sweet to see! Enjoy reading all the twists yourself, like I did!

Book Review: The Christmas She Married the Playboy

Scandal leads to wedding bells in this uplifting, emotional marriage-of-convenience romance by Louise Fuller!

The one thing not on her Christmas list?
A convenient winter wedding!

Louis Albemarle has tried to bury the pain and guilt of his father’s death with his playboy antics. So when a photo of his stolen moment with figure skater Santina Somerville proves one scandal too many for his company’s shareholders, Louis must contemplate the unimaginable: marriage!

Marrying Louis is the only way to save Santa’s pristine image. But after a past betrayal, it’s not the gossip she really fears. It’s the burning attraction between her and Louis that might just make resisting her convenient husband impossible…

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.  Read all the Christmas with a Billionaire books:

Book 1: Unwrapped by Her Italian Boss by Michelle Smart
Book 2: The Christmas She Married the Playboy by Louise Fuller

ARC Book Review:

Louise Fuller’s The Christmas She Married The Playboy is a sensuous, poignant and highly engrossing contemporary romance with a fantastic heroine and a gorgeous brooding hero who who will certainly get temperatures rising – regardless of the weather.

The Christmas She Married The Playboy is an enjoyable marriage of convenience romance that aims straight for the heart readers will not want to miss this book.

Book Review: Snowbound with the Brooding Billionaire

Her Plan: A Christmas Escape
Her Unexpected Surprise: Him!
Chalet chef Sophie Harris is in Italy for a fresh start, not a new romance. But her resolve starts to disappear when she meets a sexy stranger on the slopes—only to discover he’s her new ski instructor, former ski-racing champion Josh Cavendish! But after they find themselves snowbound in a remote cottage, enigmatic Josh has Sophie daring to believe in love again. Until she learns he has a life-changing secret…
“Oh, I really enjoyed this one. Kate Hardy is such a fabulous author. She created credible, likeable characters, a well-developed plot, and some emotional depth. It was a very satisfying read.”
Goodreads on Surprise Heir for the Princess
“I seldom give 5 star ratings, but this lovely tale certainly deserves it. I highly recommend this charming book. You will be uplifted….”
Harlequin Junkie on A Will, a Wish, a Wedding

ARC Book Review:

After her con man fiancé leaves her penniless, chef Sophie gets a temporary job at a resort in the Italian Dolomites. There, she meets ski instructor Josh, who’s recovering from his own failed career and failed romance. The attraction between them is strong, and their professional relationship turns personal. Until secrets threaten to tear them apart.But they find there way back to make an amazing couple. You will enjoy reading about.

It’s Harliquin Friday! Enjoy!