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Book Review: Escaping Valentine’s Day

An Italian romance is on the menu, but is she ready to order?

Content creator Rory Hibbert knows Valentine’s Day is only fun for couples and chocolatiers. For singles like her, it’s a day of disappointment. And that’s why her new marketing agency client has arranged a tour of Italy crammed full of activities to distract from the holiday. This trip is a test for Rory—if it goes well, it will jump-start her new social media career.

There’s just one snag: the ex she never got over is also on staff.

Huck Cranshaw walked away from the love of his life for a huge opportunity on a cooking competition show. At least, that’s the excuse he gave Rory at the time—and he’s regretted it for five years. Cooking for tourists was supposed to be a stopgap between restaurant positions. Now it could be much, much more: a chance to fix the past.

But when an Italian prince catches sight of Rory, Huck’s not the only one vying for her heart this time. Can Cupid still steal Rory’s heart when the truth finally comes out?

Each book in the Holiday Hearts series is standalone:

*The Magic of Christmas
*The Christmas Project
*Escaping Valentine’s Day

ARC Book Review:

Started out a bit slow but was great in the middle. Loved the side characters a lot. The conflict was maybe a bit extra drawnout for me. There were many moments they could have spoken and resolved a lot. Ending felt like it came on very abruptly and I would have loved a longer end or at least an epilogue. 4 solid stars tho for me. I liked the story a lot. Clean romance.

Book Review: One Night Rancher: A Friends to Lovers Western Romance 

When best friends spend the night together, will a forbidden kiss change everything? Find out in the next The Carsons of Lone Rock novel by New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates.

It started with one simple favor

Now one night together has the promise of more…

No one knows tough-as-nails bar owner Cara Thompson better than her best friend, rancher Jace Carson. And when Cara needs someone to stay with her at Lone Rock’s most historic, and possibly haunted, hotel to purchase it, Jace is the man for the job—even when the only furnished room has just one bed. One night shouldn’t be enough to change years of friendship, but a single kiss melts away years of restraint. As the sun rises, Cara might have secured her hotel, but has she ruined her friendship with Jace forever?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of The Carsons of Lone Rock series:

Book 1: Rancher’s Forgotten Rival
Book 2: Best Man Rancher
Book 3: One Night Rancher

ARC Book Review:

Ms. Yates wrote a amazing, intense, emotional and steamy story that should not be missed. She provided a tale rich with soul-searching, angst, characters whose personal stories will tug at your heartstrings, sizzling chemistry, and an amazing cast of secondary characters as Jace and Cara find their happily ever after. I highly recommend One Night Rancher to other readers.

Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn

A brand new standalone novel from the bestselling author of the Hedgehog Hollow and Starfish Cafe series!

Welcome to Bumblebee Barn, home to wonderful animals, stunning views and spectacular sunsets – and resident young farmer, Barney.

While Barney loves his life at Bumblebee Barn – a farm that has been in his family for generations – he’s struggling to find someone to share it with. The early mornings quad biking through muddy fields and the long hours looking after the crops and animals are proving to be a deterrent to finding love.

So when his sister, Fizz – desperate for Barney to find his soulmate – sees an advert for Love on the Farm, a new reality TV show to help farmers find love, he has nothing to lose by applying. After all, he isn’t meeting anyone suitable down the traditional route and surely he won’t be picked anyway…?

Thrown into the chaos of reality TV, Barney could never have expected that his whole life would be turned upside down, with buried secrets to be uncovered and his heart on the line. With his family and friends rooting for him, could the magic of Bumblebee Barn heal his broken heart and help him find love on the farm?

Join top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland for a brand new standalone novel of love, family and second chances.

ARC Book Review: (Kindleunlimited)

This beautiful story of Barney at bumblebee barn is brilliant. Jessica’s writing is always fabulous , time and time again she comes up with these brilliant stories. This book is fun ,enjoyable and everything we love . It very cleverly dips into the lives of previous characters so we have that satisfaction too. It’s definitely a must read and a ten star if only they went that high. Enjoy everyone

Book Review : Ancient Sentinel

He never expected her…

Jaguar shifter Ren never thought he’d fall for anyone again—not after the last woman he opened his heart to tried to cut it out. Literally. But the moment he met Grace he fell hard and fast for the sweet human. Except she’s made it clear she’s only looking for friendship, and he wants it all.

But he’ll do anything to claim her heart.

Grace officially has a crush on her friend—a quiet jaguar shifter with kind eyes and deadly skills. However, he hasn’t given any indication he wants more than friendship. So she vows to move on—until they’re given an assignment by their Alpha. When they’re stuck together under the same roof, sharing one bed, it becomes impossible to hide her attraction. But then an unknown threat surfaces, putting Grace’s life in danger, and Ren will stop at nothing to protect the woman he knows is his mate.

LENGTH: Novella

ARC Book Review:

After ‘The Fall’ life on Earth has changed immensely. Many died, housing is limited, technology is touch and go. Grace is a human living with her older sister Jo, Jo’s dragon shifter mate Cas, younger sister Luna, and her grandmother. The local alpha, King, is expanding his territory to include an area inhabited by humans who were recently part of an attack. Being a skilled plant geneticist, King asks Grace if she would travel to the new territory to analyze the local flora.This book is a friends to lovers story is a quick, enjoyable read. The story goes from the angst of their trying to hide their feelings to reveling in the love they share. Ren and Grace make perfect partners for each other and they find each other in a story filled with romance, humor and adventure.

Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball

As 1925 ends, spirited flapper Rosamond St. Rochelle encounters two men. Burke Boylan is rich and well-connected in New Orleans. Pierre Landry, a Cajun doctor, plans to return to the bayou backwaters to practice. Both would like to have Rosamond, the newly proclaimed Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball, at their side. But, Roz longs for a career of her own as one of the New Women of the Roaring Twenties.

A fateful encounter on Mardi Gras day changes Roz’s path in life. She must overcome personal tragedy and the forces of nature during the Great Flood of 1927 to discover the right man and the place where she truly belongs.

book review

Lynn’s colorful descriptions of time, place and characters makes this story thoroughly entertaining. As a Louisianan familiar with both Mardi Gras and the Cajun country, I always enjoy reading stories and dialects that so accurately depict our history, culture and language.Her grasp of Crescent City customs, particularly the social swirl surrounding Mardi Gras, is top-notch. Details such as making ‘pain perdu’ and certain characters speaking the patois of South Louisiana are flawless in pegging the culture in which her heroine, Roz St. Rochelle, struggles to find her place in life from the Roaring Twenties forward. Colorfully-written, engaging and often poignant, ‘Queen’ doesn’t let up until Roz gets things settled to her satisfaction. I particularly enjoyed the grace note of an epilogue in which we visit ‘Miz Roz’ near the end of her life.

Book Review: A Cowboy Kind of Thing:Book Review:

A cowboy and a career-focused city girl can’t agree on anything—until they fall into bed in this latest installment in the Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding.

He’s Texas. She’s Hollywood.

…and together they’re playing with fire!

Dionna Reed is in Royal, Texas, to help plan her starlet bestie’s wedding. But when the bride and groom bail, all the planning falls to Dionna…and the too-hot, too-sexy best man who’s convinced Texas can outdo Hollywood for this wedding event of the year. Well, bring it on, cowboy.

Tripp Noble has one week to convince city-slicker Dionna that Royal is the perfect place for his cousin’s wedding—all the while keeping his hands off the gorgeous maid of honor. But cowboys don’t always follow the rules…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding series:

Book 1: A Cowboy Kind of Thing by Reese Ryan
Book 2: Designs on a Rancher by LaQuette
Book 3: Four Weeks to Forever by Karen Booth
Book 4: Make Believe Match by Joanne Rock
Book 5: Oh So Wrong with Mr. Right by Nadine Gonzalez
Book 6: The Man She Loves to Hate by Jessica Lemmon

ARC Book Review:

This is a Steamy Cowboy Romance, and this is the first book in the Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Wedding series . Casting director Dionna is in Texas to help plan her BFF’s wedding. She clashes with best man Tripp, who’s trying to convince her that his small town can produce a glamorous event to rival Hollywood. After meeting there’s a strong spark between Dionna and Tripp from the beginning, but it takes time for them to trust. She’s something of an introvert, while he’s a charmer. They’re both kind, open, and respectful to each other. They expect the affair to be short-term, but come to realize that they fit together better than they expected. It’s a steamy, heartwarming, and uplifting book. A hot opposite attract book that will lead to love? or Will it? Read the book and find out.

Book Review: Valentines for the Rancher

Will two little matchmakers give them a second chance?

Jillian Adams and Miles Montgomery grew up the best of friends and eventually became lovers—until Jillian got a breakup speech instead of a proposal! Jillian left town, and Miles married—and divorced. Then a chance reunion in Aspen Creek brings them face-to-face, along with their children. As their kids become inseparable, Miles and Jillian struggle to overcome the mistakes of their past. And when Miles asks Jillian to be his valentine—for real—she’ll have to decide whether she can trust her love and her daughter with the man who had stolen her heart so long ago…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Aspen Creek Bachelors

Book 1: Valentines for the Rancher
Book 2: The Rancher’s Baby

ARC Book Review:

Good second chance love story. Jillian and Miles had been best friends as children, then high school and college sweethearts. But instead of the proposal that Jillian expected, Miles wanted them to see other people. But that didnt work out so well Jillian is Now divorced and Miles is a single father but both find themselves back in this small town and get a second chance at love. I loved the characters in this book. Jillian and Miles are a charming couple, and their kids are adorable. It’s a heartwarming, emotional read.

Book Review : Honolulu Cold Homicide 

His latest case is a link to the past
And a cold case that’s all too personal…

When a new case carries echoes of his sister’s cold case murder, Detective Sergeant Lance Warner is visited by another ghost from the past. Caroline Yashima isn’t only the CJD specialist assigned to work alongside him, she’s also the ex he regrets walking away from. He’s not sure if he can expect a second chance—or just a chance for closure. But when Caroline becomes a target, he knows that he doesn’t want to live without her.

From Harlequin Intrigue: Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Discover more action-packed stories in the Hawaii CI series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings but were published in the following order:

Book 1: The Big Island Killer
Book 2: Captured on Kauai
Book 3: Honolulu Cold Homicide
Book 4: Danger on Maui

ARC Book Review:

This is the first book by this author that I have read and I have to admit, he has a way of telling a story that had me hooked. I couldn’t wait to see who the killer was and I couldn’t wait to see how Lance and Caroline would find their way back to each other. I will definitely be checking out the earlier books in this series by this author ,

Book Review : Cinderella’s Forbidden Prince

 Will this Cinderella be willing to cross the line in order to claim her prince? Find out what happens in the latest Harlequin Romance by Ruby Basu.

The man Cinderella wants…

…is the prince she can’t have!

As conservator Priya starts her first day at the palace on Adysara, the excitement of landing her dream project still hasn’t faded! But it’s Prince Rohan’s unexpected offer to be her tour guide that truly has her heart racing. While visiting the island’s caves and murals, she can’t ignore how he makes her feel… Yet Rohan is duty bound to “marry well.” Is a forbidden fling with the off-limits prince a line she’s willing to cross?

From Harlequin Romance: Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

Friday Book Review :

Priya and Prince Rohan connect over mutual interest and a love blooms. Full of emotion with a breathtaking setting, these characters were a joy to read on page. Their romance along with this story was well pace and Priya and her prince chemistry was amazing. It’s very easy to recommend Cinderella’s Forbidden Prince, great read

Book Review: Sweeter Than Chocolate 

Soon to be a Hallmark Channel original movie!

Do the “Cupid chocolates” from Lucy’s shop
really help people meet their One True Love?
Dean, a TV reporter, has his doubts…

Lucy’s chocolate shop, How Sweet It Is, has been in her family for generations…along with the secret recipe for Cupid chocolates. Rumor has it that if you eat one on February 14, you’ll meet your soulmate. Lucy herself isn’t sure if it’s magic or just romantic optimism, but a family legend is at stake. Besides, with her grandmother to support and a rival bakery opening up across the street, it certainly doesn’t hurt to believe.

Dean, an ambitious and skeptical TV reporter, doesn’t like the idea of a business taking advantage of romantic desperation. He doesn’t count on Lucy joining him as he tracks down and interviews couples supposedly brought together by the chocolates. Together, they find that the truth can be complicated…especially when it comes to their own hearts.

ARC Book Review

Super sweet read heading into Valentine’s Day. Lucy owns/manages her family’s small-town chocolate shop, which is struggling. The shop has a small reputation for bringing couples together through its “cupid” chocolates. People who eat one of these chocolates on Valentine’s Day allegedly have a better chance of finding love. Thanks to a friend, the cupids legend goes viral.

Lovers of the grumpy-sunshine trope will adore this book. Dean and Lucy have great chemistry together. As Dean works with her and the two have discussions over opening your heart and taking chances, they learn more about one another as well as themselves. This is a sweet, Hallmark-style romance that includes all the fun things you would expect: a small-town setting, a cute family-run shop, shared romantic glances, and fun side characters. I really enjoyed this one. It would be a great mood-lifter all year, but reading this in the time leading up to Valentine’s Day was perfect. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sweet escape.