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Book Review: The Christmas Cookie Collection

The New York Times Bestselling Author ofThe First Love Cookie Clubreturns to Twilight, Texas,with one brand-new story and three storiesnever before in print!

There’s a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny.

Carrie, Raylene, Christine, and Flynn are all members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Each has a story to tell, and each discovers the miracles of the season and the power of love.

Carrie: Reconnects with her high school sweetheart . . .the only man she’s ever loved.

Raylene: Discovers that the daughter she gave awayat birth is living right in Twilight . . .

Christine: Has given up on love . . . until the man ofher dreams walks through her shop door.

Grace: It’s Christmas Eve and Flynn and Jesse Calloway are thrilled to be expecting a new baby. Then Flynn’s car hits a patchof ice, and Jesse must move earth . . . and heaven . . .to save her and their unborn child.

From the Library Collection:

The small town of Twilight, Texas, has a legend. If you toss a coin into the fountain you will be reunited with your high school sweetheart. Carrie used to believe, but not anymore. Then Mark, her first love, returns to town because of his job. A cute story about second chances, finding what’s really important in your life, true love and a HEA. My only complaint is that the story wasn’t longer. A fun, quick read.

Welcome to Lisa Book Club Cookie Exchange at the Melville Library ! Across my blogs I will feature Books, Cookie recipes and Fun & Games.

Book Review: Santa’s Sweetheart:

The delightful and entertaining new holiday novel from the legendary author of dozens of treasured romances! This Christmas, visit the small town of Branding Iron, Texas, where it’s time for the Cowboy Christmas Ball and one irritable sheriff is about to get in the spirit of the season…and find love along the way.

Sheriff Sam Delaney is shouldering a lot as the lone lawman in the small Texas town of Branding Iron—and the widowed single father of six-year-old Maggie. Especially since Maggie’s determined that what her daddy needs this holiday season is a girlfriend. Suddenly Sam is hustled off to a meeting with Maggie’s schoolteacher—and surprised to discover the demure Grace Chapman is unexpectedly alluring. Then he’s roped into playing Santa at the annual Christmas ball, with the pretty Miss Grace by his side. It’s enough to make Sam even grumpier than usual—if not for the feelings sweet Grace stirs up inside . . .
Grace only wants to heal after her broken engagement. So why is she so charmed by the slow smile—and the surprising tenderness—of the town’s sheriff?  Maybe because Grace is discovering that beneath Sam’s gruff exterior lies a heart as big as Texas, especially when it comes to the women in his life—like little Maggie. And now her… Which only has Grace hoping she’ll be Santa’s sweetheart for many seasons to come . .

The Christmas Tree Ranch series :

A lovely Hallmark Christmas story. Little Maggie is a bright and precocious six year old, who just wants to see her Daddy happy. Her matchmaking is very clever. Lovely character growth.

Book Review: The Unsung Hero 

Suzanne Brockmann’s wildly popular Troubleshooters series showcases this master storyteller’s rare gift for blending intense adventure with sensuous romance. And it all begins with The Unsung Hero, a heart-pounding tale of love that reveals hidden truths and brings two solitary people together against all odds.
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Suzanne Brockmann’s Born to Darkness.

After a near-fatal head injury, Navy SEAL lieutenant Tom Paoletti catches a glimpse of an international terrorist in his New England hometown. When he calls for help, the Navy dismisses the sighting as injury-induced imaginings. In a last-ditch effort to prevent disaster, Tom creates his own makeshift counterterrorism team, assembling his most loyal officers, two elderly war veterans, a couple of misfit teenagers, and Dr. Kelly Ashton. As the town’s infamous bad boy, Tom was always in love with Kelly, a sweet “girl next door” who has grown into a remarkable woman. Now he has one final chance for happiness, one last chance to win her heart, and one desperate chance to save the day.
“Thanks to Suzanne Brockmann’s glorious pen, we all get to revel in heartstopping adventure and blistering romance.”—RT Book Reviews

At the Library :

The story circulates primarily around the protagonists, Kelly and Tom, but also offers you side characters and their stories which, at the time seem annoying and a little irritating, but also have their own relevance as discovered later.
An easy read too, and I particularly enjoyed Tom. For once, it’s the male alpha hero who wants the relationship and the female who needs convincing. I found their yes/no relationship very believable which is an added bonus.

Have a great holiday weekend as we celebrate Veterans Day here in the USA.

Book Review : Kiss My Cupcake 

#womenromance2020, #vanialliacupcakeday

As two neighborhood shop owners battle for business, they prove opposites attract in this “deliciously sweet and savory new romantic comedy” (USA Today bestselling author Abby Jimenez). Blaire Calloway has planned every Instagram-worthy moment of her cupcake and cocktails shop launch down to the tiniest detail. What she didn’t plan on? Ronan Knight and his old-school sports bar next door opening on the very same day. He may be super swoony, but Blaire hasn’t spent years obsessing over buttercream and bourbon to have him ruin her chance at success. From axe throwing (his place) to frosting contests (hers), Blaire and Ronan are constantly trying to one-up each other in a battle to win new customers. But with every clash, there’s also an undeniable chemistry. When an even bigger threat to their business comes to town, they’re forced to call a temporary time-out on their own war and work together. And the more time Blaire spends getting to know the real Ronan, the more she wonders if it’s possible to have her cupcake and eat it too. Kiss My Cupcake is a laugh-out-loud romance full of charm, wit and magic. Ronan and Blaire will have you fall in love with their story from their very first encounter. A thoroughly delicious read.” –LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling author “With a sweet, sassy heroine and a deliciously sexy hero, Kiss My Cupcake is romantic comedy perfection!” — Melanie Harlow, USA Today bestselling author

Library Loan Day :

As always with a Helena story this story is not only beautifully written it has a huge amount of craziness and banter thrown in along the way.
Blaire is setting up her own cupcake and cocktail shop and is determined to do it all by herself without her overbearing crazy family getting involved when it’s all thrown into turmoil when the bar next door opens up playing loud music and causing general havoc.
Spit fire Blaire head round to give em hell but when she sets her eyes on hot hunk Ronan she nearly loses her tongue! Cue weeks of pranks.. jokes.. and intense chemistry from them both leaving you begging for a HEA for them.
Devoured this story so quickly as didn’t want to put it down! Check this book out at your local Library ! Lisa

Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day ! Need a recipe

Book Review : Her Christmas Cowboy 

From New York Times bestselling author Jessica Clare comes a Christmas Western filled with holiday cheer.

Caleb Watson has been crushing on elementary school teacher Amy Mckinney ever since he saw her. She’s oblivious to his feelings–probably because he’s never said a word to her. But when he learns Amy’s going to be Mrs. Claus in the local Christmas celebration, he volunteers to be Santa so he’ll finally have the chance to introduce himself. Even more than that, he’ll use this opportunity to shower her with presents.

Amy’s been receiving all kinds of Secret Santa gifts at work — and she has no idea who her secret admirer is. She wishes he’d make himself known so they can go on a date, though, because being a newcomer in close-knit Painted Barrel, Wyoming, is pretty lonely. When her flaky landlord claims he’s the gift giver…it’s not quite the bachelor Amy had in mind. However, she’s doubly shocked when gruff newcomer Caleb Watson crashes her date and insists he’s really the one leaving her presents.
Amy’s not sure what to think. Caleb’s never indicated that he likes her, much less wants to date. Can he prove to Amy he’s not just the perfect Santa to her Mrs. Claus, but the man of her dreams?

Western Wednesday from the Library :

This was a really sweet holiday love story. A tongue tied cowboy in love with a newly independent school teacher in a small town. The two MC’s were endearing and I enjoyed watching their story unfold. The descriptive writing made the settings very visual and real. The perfect holiday romance to read by a cozy fire with a cup of cocoa. Enjoy !

Check out this series and more at your local Library !!! Lisa

Book Review: Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

A city bookshop owner heads to the English countryside for a holiday reunion— only to face her childhood enemy.

Elinor Noel—Nory for short—is quite content running her secondhand bookshop in London. Forever torn between her working-class upbringing and her classmates’ extravagant lifestyles at the posh private school she attended on scholarship, Nory has finally figured out how to keep both at equal distance. So when two of her oldest friends invite their whole gang to spend the time leading up to their wedding together at the castle near their old school, Nory must prepare herself for an emotionally complicated few days.
The reunion brings back fond memories, but also requires Nory to dodge an ill-advised former fling. When she falls quite literally into the arms of Isaac, the castle’s head gardener, who has nothing but contempt for the “snobby prep school kids,” the attraction between them is undeniable. And as Nory spends more time with Isaac during the wedding festivities, she finds herself falling hard for the boy she used to consider an enemy. Nory and Isaac explore their common ground, but pressures mount on all sides, and Nory must decide what kind of life she wants to live and what sort of love is worth the risk .

Library Book Review:

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe is the second book I’ve read by Jenny Bayliss. Like The Twelve Dates of Christmas, it was a delight to read.

MMUM brings a group of friends together for a wedding at an old castle in Nory’s hometown. Nory, the proprietor of a book store in London is a woman who grew up in and around the old castle where her parents worked. Bridging the gap between her well-off friends she made at a high-end boarding school and her working class family, she teetered between the two worlds, though was welcomed by both.The romance is a slow burn but worth the wait. Mistletoe was a great story of family, friendship, and love, and the ending left me with happy tears in my eyes.

Book Series : Dark Hunters Novels

Today’s Halloween series is one of my favorites and set in my home state . Stay tune for my Lagniappe addition for New Orleans Haunts and fun!

The Dark-Hunters are ancient warriors who have sworn to protect mankind and the fate of the world is in their hands. . .

He is solitude. He is darkness. He is the ruler of the night. Yet Kyrian of Thrace has just woken up handcuffed to his worst nightmare: An accountant. Worse, she’s being hunted by one of the most lethal vampires out there. And if Amanda Devereaux goes down, then he does too. But it’s not just their lives that are hanging in the balance. Kyrian and Amanda are all that stands between humanity and oblivion. Let’s hope they win.

Library Loan book: 22 book series

What can you say about a series like this. Great characters and supporting characters, interesting storyline plenty of heat. It’s unique ended keeps you turning pages.

Book Review : All I Want for Halloween

Dressed up and anonymous, Sadie Liberato feels powerful, sexy and free. Where better to lose herself than a masked party?

Gear Blackstone’s cheating ex and scheming best friend have managed to spin his life into a serious downward spiral. At least with a mask on he can cut loose for one night. And cut loose he does—with the sexiest, snarkiest chick he’s ever met.

After a scorching-hot encounter, Sadie and Gear are desperate to find each other in real life. But can the heat last when the masks come off?

What People Are Saying:
“Anyone who loves a good romance will love this book!”—Night Owl Romance 5/5 Stars, Top Pick! for A Sure Thing
“Test Drive is high octane chemistry that keeps the pages turning and your engine revving!”—GINA L. MAXWELL New York Times USA Today

Library Pick : Book Review

I’d not read a book from Ms Harte for a while and when I got this one thought I’ll read and delete. I’d so forgotten this woman’s gift of storytelling and the characters are so much larger than life. Plus they have no filters and sometimes come over as crass, Ill mannered or jerks. Omg I just loved these two and then the added bonus of characters I’d read of in another series of hers. I’m such a fan I need another fix so now going for the warren brothers. Needless to say this book will not be deleted but treasured to be read again. Highly recommend.

Book Review: A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas

#holidaybook, #westernromance

Warm up this Christmas with a sexy cowboy firefighter who knows how to ignite flames as well as put them out…

He’s hotter than a wildfire
Trey Duval is a rancher, proud as can be of his Wildcat Ranch. He’s also the top volunteer firefighter of Wildcat Bluff, Texas, the town that pulls out all the stops for its Christmas festivities.

City girl Misty Reynolds comes to Wildcat Bluff just in time to help Trey put out a suspicious fire, leading him to dub her his “Christmas angel.” Unfortunately, Misty’s past has left her with terrible memories of fire, and of Christmastime.

As the two are thrown together again and again, Trey finds himself wanting Misty more and more, and Misty feels stronger and braver when Trey is around. Though their trust grows slowly, their passion for each other is burning hot…

Library Book Review:

A Cowboy Firefighter For Christmas by Kim Redford is a fantastic read any time of the year. Ms. Redford has delivered a book that is well written and filled it with amazing characters. Misty is a professional troubleshooter and has been hired by Texas Timber to find out if the fires around Wildcat Bluff are arson or if someone burned their tree farm. Trey is a rancher and volunteer firefighter. Misty and Trey’s story is packed, cover to cover, with action, drama, humor, suspense and more than one kind of heat. I enjoyed reading A Cowboy Firefighter For Christmas and look forward to reading more from Kim Redford in the future. A Cowboy Firefighter For Christmas is book 1 of the Smokin’ Hot Cowboys Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

Book Review: Ramón and Julieta

National Hispanic Heritage Month

As seen in People en Español!

One of NPR’s “Books We Love”

A PopSugar and BookBub Most Anticipated Romance of 2022!

When fate and tacos bring Ramón and Julieta together on the Day of the Dead, the star-crossed pair must make a choice: accept the bitter food rivalry that drives them apart or surrender to a love that consumes them—perfect for fans of Jane the Virgin!

Ramón Montez always achieves his goals. Whether that means collecting Ivy League degrees or growing his father’s fast-food empire, nothing sets Ramón off course. So when the sexy señorita who kissed him on the Day of the Dead runs off into the night with his heart, he determines to do whatever it takes to find her again. 
Celebrity chef Julieta Campos has sacrificed everything to save her sea-to-table taqueria from closing. To her horror, she discovers that her new landlord is none other than the magnetic mariachi she hooked up with on Dia de los Muertos. Even worse, it was his father who stole her mother’s taco recipe decades ago. Julieta has no choice but to work with Ramón, the man who destroyed her life’s work—and the one man who tempts and inspires her. 
As San Diego’s outraged community protests against the Taco King takeover and the divide between their families grows, Ramón and Julieta struggle to balance the rising tensions. But Ramón knows that true love is priceless and despite all of his successes, this is the one battle he refuses to lose.

Book Review (library)

 Ramón and Julieta is a story of love despite the rift between families, yes, but also the story of a community coming together and the opportunity to right wrongs. Recommended for readers who appreciate retold classics, Chicano culture, examinations of real issues through fiction, and the idea that true love can pierce even the toughest walls built of grudges, hate, bad blood, and old wrongs.