Iy Happened in Tuscany

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Book Details:

Book Title: It Happened in Tuscany by Gail Mencini
Category Adult Fiction (18+), 408 pages
Genre Mainstream Fiction, Historical Fiction
Publisher Capriole Group
Release date Feb 18 2020
Content Rating: PG-13. The novel includes violence in war scenes and non-explicit sex scenes, but not f-words, religious profanities, or crude terms as described. 

Book Description:

From the multiple-award-winning author of To Tuscany with Love comes a captivating story of the epic tug of war between honor and duty, the irrepressible power of love, and the concept of family.

In 1945, Will Mills and his fellow soldiers in the 10th Mountain Division scaled Italy’s treacherous Riva Ridge in the frigid night to break through the nearly impenetrable German line of defense. Severely wounded, Will was rescued by Italian partisans and one, a beautiful girl, tended his injuries until he had the strength to rejoin the U.S. troops.

Tormented and haunted by his decisions and actions during wartime, Will knows he has unfinished missions in Italy to complete. The passage of time and years of carrying this unfulfilled need have molded Will into a bitter, angry man.

Seventy-five years later, Will’s spunky thirty-two-year-old neighbor, Sophie Sparke, faces disaster in her life. Everything is going wrong—her job, her love life, even her dog. Part of the problem is that confident and fiercely independent Sophie lets her quick mouth get her into trouble.

Grouchy, mean-spirited Will finagles Sophie into traveling with him to Tuscany to find the partisan who saved his life. Will also secretly hopes to confront the demons his wartime actions created. Sophie and Will comb enchanting Tuscan hill towns on an improbable and unfolding mission with few clues to aid them. Will’s passionate tenacity drives their quest and in the process exposes their darkest secrets. The journey alters the course of their lives, and Will and Sophie find more than they had imagined in the hills of Tuscany.

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Meet the Author:

Gail Mencini is the acclaimed author of It Happened in Tuscany and To Tuscany with Love, both of which are Denver Post #1 bestsellers and award winners. Gail grew up in DeWitt, Nebraska, graduated from Wartburg College with a BA in Accounting and Economics, and earned a master of taxation degree from the University of Denver. A frequent visitor to Tuscany and a homegrown gourmet cook, Gail has toured Italy by car, train, bus, Vespa, and foot. She lives in Colorado with her husband.

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A Peek at My Writing Life

By Gail Mencini

Thank you for letting me write a guest post for your great blog!

One question I frequently receive when I visit book clubs is: Where do you write?

I use a MAC laptop to write as I love the flexibility of it. I have taken it with me to libraries when I do research and when I tag along on my husband’s business trips. At home, it goes with me wherever I’m writing at the moment—in my office, at the kitchen table, or on the back porch.

Going for a walk outdoors is a great way for me to brainstorm, examine character motivations, and work out sticky issues with the plot. Weather permitting, I love to start my writing day by walking our dog along a nature trail in the city. When I sit down at the computer, if I am not outdoors, a light-filled room and a window in front me is important for my creativity.

I am fortunate to have a lovely little retreat area to write in that is all my own. Here’s a photograph of my writing desk, before I hung pictures on the walls. My laptop is hidden in the drawer.

A computer on a desk

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While we were building our current home, we rented a house not far away. It was temporary, and we wanted to save money for the construction. Here are pictures of my desk in our rental house.

A picture containing text, table, computer, indoor

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A computer on a desk

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It’s messy, and if you look carefully, you will notice the moving boxes in the corner put into service as end tables during our time here. Not an inspirational space in which to write.

On a brighter note, at a conference my husband attended in 2019, when we could travel, I wrote outside until it was too hot. As you will note, my writing surroundings were spectacular.

A computer on a table

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I look forward to the spring and summer days ahead when I can return to our covered back porch to write with our new puppy resting nearby. Benjamin will be much bigger by then!

A black and white dog

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Thank you for joining my virtual book tour and inviting me to be a guest blogger!

You can learn more about my novels at www.gailmencini.com, on Facebook: @GailMencini.Author, and Instagram: @gailmencini.

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