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Book Review : The Christmas Competition:

An uplifting story of friendship blossoming into love that will warm your heart.

Ruby always knew her best friend’s older brother was handsome, but she’s caught off guard when a holiday competition ignites unexpected feelings for Connor that has her longing for more than a new sweater for Christmas.

Book Review:

This is a fun best friend’s brother/friends to lovers story. Connor has always been part of Ruby’s life. He even has an annoying nickname for her. He shows up to help her out of all kinds of scrapes and difficulties. But now they are competition for a building in town that they both need for their businesses. Their relationship is definitely changing but in which direction? I really liked the interactions between Connor and Ruby and getting to see some old friends from previous books again. A fun Christmas read

Book Review: Lady Briar Weds the Scot 

From the USA Today bestselling author Fenna Edgewood comes an enchanting and passionate story about a mismatched young lady and a stubborn laird who surrender their hearts to one another despite their best endeavors…

Beautiful and eligible, Briar Blakeley is the beloved youngest sister of a duke. Eschewing the London marriage mart, she has no plans to wed anytime soon… until she’s abducted alongside her family’s handsome Scottish gardener and cast into a web of intrigue and secrets.

Swept Away to Scotland…

Wren Spencer returned from the wars with the French to find a bitter feud has split him from his clan—and his birthright. Putting the rejection behind him, he takes up a quiet life at Blakeley Manor tending shrubbery as the gardner. Three years later, a group of loyal Highlanders are determined to bring Wren home—whether he wishes to go or not. The other problem? They’ve mistaken Briar for his wife and kidnapped her along with him.

Forced to Wed…

Now that Briar has been compromised and carried off to Scotland, she must wed one of two men. The only question is who will she choose? When Wren proposes a marriage of convenience, he tells himself honor drives him—not the ripe lips and bright spirit of the young woman who has resurrected his heart with something he thought he would never feel again. A rare and passionate love. But when dark deeds threaten his new bride, the Scottish laird finds himself caught up in a dangerous game and must risk his legacy and even his life to save the woman who has become most precious to him.

An unforgettable journey to the Highlands, in a tale replete with romance, mystery, and laughter.

Historical Romance review:

This book introduces us to an interesting cast of characters, some of whom I hope we see make cameos in the upcoming books in the series or who might someday get their own book. Angus and Esme are two who come to mind. I also appreciated that while Lady Briar and Wren get their Happily Ever After, there is some tragedy in the book as well. A word of caution for those who may be triggered by references to sexual assault or domestic abuse, instances are referenced, but they are not explicitly in the story.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the Blakely Manor Series!

Book Review : The Cowboy Cookie Challenge:

New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde returns to Twilight, Texas, with a delicious love story about a sexy cowboy and a love-shy nurse determined to win the Christmas Cookie Bake-off challenge. 

He’s sexy, single, and he can bake!

Roan Sullivan is the answer to Jazzy Walker’s prayers. The doting single dad is also fresh off his win on a popular cooking show and a whiz at campfire cooking, so who better to help her win this year’s annual cookie bake-off? With his help, Jazzy is sure she can finally take first prize right out the grasping hands of Andi Browning, the gal who stole her fiancé right from under her nose.

A widower with a four-year-old daughter, Roan tells himself there’s a million reasons not to help Jazzy. She’s too kind, too optimistic, and could do so much better than hitching up with a curmudgeon like him. But every time she draws near, he can’t help but wonder if he could open his heart and love again.

As the holidays come closer, the magic of Twilight starts to weave its spell…and soon it’s not just the competition that’s heating up, it’s the hot sizzle between Roan and Jazzy. 

book review :

It’s always a treat to return to this Twilight, TX, world because I know I’m in for a sweet, funny, heartfelt, phenomenal read. This one, my reader friend, is no different and has all the makings of a Hallmark Christmas movie. I adore Wilde’s small Texas town and her charming, loveable characters, and this story is everything I expected but so much more!If you are a fan of this series grab this newsiest holiday book.

Book Review : Secrets in the Stacks

After an ominous Tarot reading, Sedona bookstore owner Rarity Cole must find a killer to keep her friend safe from harm—even if the cards are stacked against her . . .

Following her recovery from breast cancer, Rarity has embraced a life of healing and service in her Sedona, Arizona, community. She welcomes the opportunity to participate in the annual summer healing fair with her fittingly named new-age bookstore, The Next Chapter. The members of the Tuesday Night Survivors’ Book Club are also volunteering, maintaining a cooling station for overheated festivalgoers, and hosting a Tarot card reader for entertainment.
But one member, Darby, is anything but entertained when the Tarot reader pulls a Death card. With a mammogram coming up, she’s freaked out and goes home—only to walk into a crime scene where someone near and dear to her has been murdered. Despite the objections of Detective Drew Anderson, Rarity is determined to help her friend and protect her from being the killer’s next victim .

Book Review:

What’s not to love about a book about books? This cozy mystery kept me engaged, and I enjoyed sleuthing along with the characters. This is the second in the Survivors’ Book Club series, but it can be read as a standalone novel.

The characters are enjoyable and varied. They work well together. I look forward to more books in the series.

Book Review : At Home on Marigold Lane

True love deserves a second chance.

For family and marriage therapist Brianna MacLeod, moving back home to Highland Falls after a disastrous divorce feels downright embarrassing. Bri blames herself for missing the red flags in her relationship and worries she’s no longer qualified to do the job she loves. But helping others is second nature to Bri, and she soon finds herself counseling her roommate and her neighbor’s daughter. Bri just wasn’t expecting them to reunite her with her first love . . .

Caleb Scott knows his failed marriage has been tough on his stepdaughter, so he’s grateful she’s found someone to confide in . . . even if it’s Bri MacLeod. Seeing Bri brings up feelings he’d thought were long buried. He knows it’s not the right time for either of them to be rekindling a relationship, but being with Bri feels right—like coming home. He’ll just have to convince her that risking her heart again might give them exactly what they both need . . . a second chance.

Book review:

In At Home on Marigold Lane, Book 5 in the Highland Falls series is a sweet and engaging, second chance romance. I enjoyed Bri and Cal’s story. It proved that you never forget your first love‼️Mason continues the story of Brianna MacLeod that began in book four, The Inn on Mirror Lake. While this new book stands well on its own, for a complete understanding of what Brianna has suffered, as well as the tumultuous relationships within her family, I recommend reading the two books in order.

Only Rakes Would Dare 

In this sizzling opposites-attract Regency romance by Charlie Lane, a lady of passion and an earl of logic commit to a fake courtship as rakish as it is daring.

Lady Edith knows the sting of unrequited love, and now she wants only one thing—to marry a man who desires her or to never marry. But at the Season’s end, her father threatens to provide a husband if she cannot secure one herself. When a family friend saves her from the unwanted advances of one of their suitors, she falls a little bit in love. With his auburn hair and radical ideas about women, Griffin Paxton, the Earl of Eastern, is perfect. Except he doesn’t want her back.

Griffin will not be distracted by Lady Edith’s diamond-eyed beauty. He needs a wife to fulfill his dying father’s wish, and he needs her to be a model of propriety to repair the family reputation his rakish father sullied. When Lady Edith calls herself a rake, he knows she’ll never do. He’ll have to guard his attraction to her fiery spirit and open heart behind thick ice walls and look elsewhere.

But when Edith suggests they forge a fake engagement to appease both their fathers, Griffin can’t refuse. She needs his help, and he never ignores a damsel in distress. Will a fake courtship bring out their rakish desires, or will it offer a home to two hurting hearts?

Book Review:

This is the 5th installment of the Dare Series by Charlie Lane but can be read as a stand alone book I love an opposites-attract romance and this did not disappoint. Passion and logic intertwine to bring about a wonderful romance filled with passion and hope. Griffin and Edith are perfect for each other, and both are strong minded and intelligent. I was caught up in the this fake engagement, very engaging and even better happily ever after.

Book Review: One Beat of a Heart

One Beat of a Heart, is all it takes to change a life forever.

Edwardian London 1902

Clara Fitzroy, spoiled and entitled, refuses to conform to convention. Her reckless behaviour has devastating consequences and an ill-judged liaison threatens to destroy everything she’s hoped for.Daisy Carter, the hotel housekeeper, has problems of her own. A family relationship brings grief and heartache and a well meaning action ends in disaster. When tragedy strikes at The Fitzroy Hotel on the day of Edward VII’s Coronation their lives are thrown into turmoil. As the drama unfolds, stretching out like ripples in a pond, no one escapes the consequences..

A life-changing moment, a heartbreaking choice. Can Clara find the courage to follow her heart and find the happiness she craves? Can Daisy keep her family together when fate is pulling them apart? Clara and Daisy are bonded by the secrets they keep. Can they rely on each other when their futures depend on it?

Follow the fortunes of Clara and Daisy in One Beat of a Heart from the bestselling author of The Hope Series.

A powerfully written saga from a master storyteller. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs.

Net Galley Book review:

A lovely well written entertaining read, as you can always rely on from Kay Seeley. A five star read for me. The characters all come alive in the story. Hopefully there will be another story of The Fitzroy Hotel. Hotel

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Show Me the Bunny : Book Review

Melanie Travis is gifted at raising prize-winning Standard Poodles, not standing in as the Easter Bunny. But when March in Connecticut brings daffodils and dead bodies, she’ll need to hop into action—and fast . . .
Aunt Rose already has a strike against her for not being too fond of dogs—or Aunt Peg. But Melanie still agrees to organize Easter festivities at Gallagher House, the new women’s shelter opened by the stern former nun, even if it takes all the jellybeans in Greenwich to sweeten the arrangement. No sooner does Melanie arrive to dye multicolor eggs and stuff baskets, than she learns devasting news about Beatrice Gallagher, the respected benefactor of the estate. Beatrice has fallen to her death, and the circumstances are shocking . . .  
No one can say why or how charitable Beatrice got pushed into an early grave. Yet for a supposedly warm and generous philanthropist, rumors have her pinned as an overbearing manipulator who used money to control the unfortunate few trapped in her inner circle. Facing an uncertain future as danger lurks around Gallagher House, Melanie and Aunt Rose must tolerate each other’s company long enough to discover the truth about Beatrice’s true nature and identify a vengeful killer—before another person’s idyllic spring break becomes a serious

Book Review

. Do you like books with dogs, interesting, true-to-life characters that could be neighbors or family, and watchin ? Melanie navigate it all in this book – with her usual flair. And she makes this holiday one to remember. Lisa

Book Review: Texas Homecoming

The bestselling Queen of Cowboy Romance delivers a heartwarming novel where a doctor and veterinarian get a second chance at true love when a storm traps them together.

After traveling the world, Dr. Cody Ryan has finally come home to his foster family’s ranch in Honey Grove, Texas. But all his time in Doctors Without Borders couldn’t have prepared him for the sudden blizzard that forces him to take shelter in an old barn—or for the shock of watching Stephanie O’Dell yank open that same barn door minutes later. He’s barely seen the gorgeous veterinarian since he returned, so why is she icier than the wind outside?

Stephanie—better known as Dr. Stevie around Sunflower Ranch—has been treating the cattle there for years…and not one of them is as bullheaded as Cody. He’s completely forgotten how he broke her heart, back when she was a teenager smitten by his easy charm and sharp wit. But as the blizzard rages on, trapping Cody and Stevie together, it’s clear that the fire they’ve built to keep warm isn’t the only source of sparks in that barn. Once the storm passes, will Stevie and Cody discover that they’ve fallen in love …and will either of them ever admit it?

Ner Galley Book Review”

I love Carolyn Browns stories. They never disappoint. The strong women attract strong men.
Twenty years after their high school breakup these two end up stranded together and reigniting their love story. A second chance romance at its best-from this amazing author, I highly recommend this book and series.

Book Review: Savage Road

#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan explores uncharted territory in the new Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club novel.

When Savin “Savage” Pajari and Seychelle Dubois first met, their connection was instant, their attraction undeniable. Their relationship has been full throttle since day one.  Even though months have passed, the passion and love between them has only increased.

Savage completely owns what he is: a sadist in the bedroom who can only get off on his partner’s pain. He believes he’s not a good man, but he loves Seychelle with a fierceness that shocks him. He wants all of her, but only if she gives herself freely with eyes wide open.

Seychelle never imagined the lure of mixing pain with pleasure, or how much she’d crave Savage’s darkness. She’s been shaken to her core, but Seychelle is committed to Savage and their life together—even though he’s keeping a piece of himself back. And to truly make their relationship work, he has to give her everything that he is, just as she is doing for him.

Savage knows that what he really needs could break his woman if she isn’t ready. She agreed to come into his world, and he’s not about to give her up. He has to find a way to let her see the monster inside without pushing her away. But the real Savage might be more than Seychelle can bear…and he knows he wouldn’t survive losing her.

Net Galley Book Review:

This is the 7th book in this series. And for anyone who loves Torpedo Ink or who loves MC romance we get to see more of the actual club. And Savage and Seychelle’s is thrust in the middle of it. And will there love survive the test when things go wrong ? Read the book and find out the details.
This story has all the feels and all the action. I highly recommend it.
That said, this is intense. If you are easily triggered this may not be for you. Luckily, the author does talk about this at the front of the book.