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A Captivating Touch by Elsa Winckler blitz with Xpresso Book Tours.

A Captivating Touch: Prequel
Elsa Winckler
(Cavallo Brothers Series, Prequel)
Publication date: March 9th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Discover beautiful South Africa in this sweet, heart-warming Cinderella story about a blogger, a billionaire, and one chance meeting.

When it comes to men, if physiotherapist Caitlin Sutherland didn’t have bad luck, she’d have no luck at all. To help cope, Caitlin blogs about the men she meets and the bad dates she’d gone on.

While on duty during the annual Wines to Whales bicycle race, a gorgeous, sweaty cyclist walks in and sets her hormones dancing. But he is Don Cavallo; one of the four Cavallo brothers — hotel tycoons, famous as much for their business skills as for the number of beauties seen on their arms.

Billionaire Don Cavallo has his own issues with the other sex. He has yet to find one who is interested in him, not his money or hotels. But when this sexy physio puts her hands on his back, she not only touches his body, but also his heart.

They’ve both been burned before, but neither of them can stop themselves from playing with fire.

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“I’m sorry, but I don’t trust a man who shaves his legs,” Caitlin said, cradling the cell phone against her shoulder while flexing her fingers. She’d been massaging cyclists for the better part of thirty minutes.

It was the end of the second day of the grueling annual Wines to Whales cycling race, which had started at Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, situated less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town. She and the other two physiotherapists on duty had not been all that busy the previous day. Only a few cyclists with minor injuries had come to see them but from their experience the previous year, they had known the second day would take its toll on the cyclists.

The physio team had been treating a steady stream of riders with back pain, knee injuries, and hip problems. When Dana phoned, Caitlin had just finished with a patient and for the moment, at least, it was quiet. The other two therapists were busy on the far side of the big tent.

“You, my friend, don’t trust men, period. There is a very good reason cyclists shave their legs; as a physiotherapist who often works on them, you should know that.” Dana giggled over the phone.

“Yes, I know shaved legs are easier to treat when there are wounds, but really? A man should have hair on his legs. It’s just a given.”

“You get to put your hands on gorgeous, virile, sexy cyclists in tight shorts and you want to complain?” Dana sounded exasperated.

“Sexy? Cyclists? Seriously? They all look the same. Underfed, sinewy, and hairless. There is nothing sexy about a man who looks like that. And virile? I don’t know about that. Sitting on a saddle all day—”

Caitlin heard a movement behind her. “Got to go,” she quickly said to Dana and turned around. And blinked. A big, sweaty, sexy, gorgeous-looking cyclist with ink-black hair and chocolate brown eyes was standing just inside the tent, his helmet tucked under his arm. If the frown between his eyes was anything to go by, he was seriously ticked off.

Without consciously thinking about it, she dropped her gaze down to his legs. They were dirty and okay, hairless, but all muscle. Sexy, rippling muscle. He moved slowly toward her, the tight shorts leaving very little to her overactive imagination.

“I’m looking for a physio,” he said brusquely.

She looked up. “I’m a physio. Can I help you?” she asked, trying to sound professional.

“If you’re quite sure you’ve finished with your fascinating phone conversation,” he said.

Swallowing a quick retort, she tried to hold back her rising annoyance. He might be gorgeous to look at, but what a rude man. She ignored the sarcastic comment and motioned him to one of the high beds on which they worked.

“Back?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said and nodded, looking even more irritated.

“Please take off your shirt and lie down on your stomach,” Caitlin said and turned away, looking for the massage oil.

“Any pain in your legs?” she asked as she turned back to him. And nearly dropped the bottle of oil she was holding.

On the same level as her eyes was the most perfect six-pack of steel muscles she had ever seen. And if she hadn’t been holding something in her hand, she would probably have done something stupid like putting out a hand and touching him to make sure his abs really felt as hard as they looked.

Author Bio:

I write love stories because I love reading them. I like the heroines to be feisty, independent and headstrong. And the heroes must be strong but possess a generous amount of sensitivity and should of course, be gorgeous!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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Four Weddings and A Swamp Boat Tour by Erin Nicholas

He can just be her friend and not commit the greatest sin of all…
asking her for forever.

Four Weddings And A Swamp Boat Tour, an all-new sweet and sexy Boys of the Bayou series standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas is available now!

She’s been proposed to five times.


She even said yes to one of them.

And then broke his heart when she called it off. Not to mention her mother’s heart. And her grandmother’s. And his mother’s. And…you get the picture.

Paige Asher has now officially sworn off all dating. Diamonds give her hives.
All she wants is to be a yoga-doing, cat-collecting, vegetarian in peace. Away from her marriage-crazy family and all their expectations.

So when her weekend fling turns into a real friend and offers her a place to escape, she finds herself on his doorstep in Louisiana. And right in the middle of not just one family wedding, but three. Of course.

Charming, sexy bayou boy Mitch Landry gets stuff done. Whatever anyone needs. From alligator-sitting to getting a buddy drunk to showing a woman a good time to fixing a swamp boat, he’s the man. No problem. No drama.

But he wants a hell of a lot more from Paige than a temporary friends-with-benefits arrangement. He wants to take care of her. And her five cats. He also really wants other men to stop asking her to marry them.

But if a roommate and a few orgasms are all she wants, that’s what he’ll deliver.

He can just be her friend and not commit the greatest sin of all…asking her for forever.


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About Erin Nicholas

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Erin Nicholas has been writing romances almost as long as she’s been reading them. To date, she’s written over thirty sexy, contemporary novels that have been described as “toe-curling,” “enchanting,” “steamy,” and “fun.” She adores reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines, and happily ever afters.
Erin lives in the Midwest, where she enjoys spending time with her husband (who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books), her kids (who will never read the sex scenes in her books), and her family and friends (who claim to be “shocked” by the sex scenes in her books).

Connect with Erin
Stay up to date with Erin Nicholas by joining her mailing list:

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Love on the Winter Steppes Blog Tour

Today I am excited to share Paris Wynters’ newest offering Love on the Winter Steppes. It’s a sweet contemporary romance that’s perfect to snuggle up with on a chilly winter afternoon.

Amazon | iBooks B&N | Kobo Google Play

Can a magical day at the Ice Festival melt this career-focused woman’s heart?

Marketing consultant Qara Whitaker loves her job, happily putting in endless hours and working through holidays. But when her grandmother asks that she accompany her on a birthday trip to Mongolia to visit their family, Qara can’t say no. Packing up her laptop, Qara boards the plane—never imagining that a shared cab ride with a stranger will change her life forever.

Hoping to push through writer’s block, author Benjamin Lacoy hops on a plane to Mongolia looking for inspiration. A chance meeting with a beautiful and intelligent woman whose smile ignites his heart leads to them playing tourists. Sparks fly and Ben is feeling far more than inspiration, yet each time he and Qara get close, she’s distracted by work.

Ben is torn; he likes Qara, but he always promised himself he’d never let work come before family and friends like his parents did. Opposites clearly attract, but can they learn to balance work with love in order to build a future together?

Enjoy an Excerpt

Ben hung up just as the doors opened. He stepped out and when he turned the corner into the lobby he was met with a chorus of voices as groups of people waited for the buses that would bring them to various outings. He scanned the crowd for a few minutes and finally spotted Qara, who was waving their tickets in the air trying to catch his attention.

He waved back and headed her way. “Hope you’re dressed nice and warm. I’d hate to have to tell your grandmother I let her granddaughter turn into a human Popsicle.”

            She tugged her beanie down. “Don’t worry, I wore layers.”

            “Trust me, I wasn’t worried. In fact, I’d be surprised if you didn’t bring extra layers, just in case.” Ben chuckled when Qara’s gaze dropped to her carryall, where a neatly folded blue sweatshirt peeped out of the top.

“Keep laughing. We’ll see who’s laughing when you fall off your reindeer and are begging me for something that isn’t soaking wet.”

Ben cocked a brow. “Do you really think your sweatshirt would fit me?”

“Um…” Her gaze darted to his chest and then quickly away. She ducked her head, but he could still see the pink flush to her cheeks. Okay. It was official. She was too adorable for words. Although, he’d never tell her that.

“How’s your grandmother doing?”

            Qara made an indignant sound in her throat. “For someone who said she wasn’t feeling that great, she certainly seemed to have a spring to her step as she headed back to the room.”

            In the short time he’d spent with Khulan, he’d come to realize she had a playful side. “She does seem a little mischievous.”

            “You have no idea. She and Rose are like two peas in a pod.” While her tone sounded resigned, Ben could see the love for her family in the softening around her eyes and mouth.

            He shrugged to hoist the strap of his bag higher on his shoulder. “Where’d Rose head off to?”

            Qara exhaled, the forced breath pushing a strand of hair from her eyes. “She claims she’s heading back to the puzzle museum. But, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up finding a tavern that had karaoke tucked away deep in the city. You know, maybe Jakob has to beat his reindeer friend in a magical karaoke competition.”

            His heart warmed that Qara had remembered his story. With the way her eyes had closed when he’d been talking about it yesterday, he’d sort of thought she’d dozed off. “Reindeer can’t actually talk. That wouldn’t be believable.”

            Her laugh was magical in and of itself. Bubbly and musical. “So magic portals and telepathic reindeer are totally possible, but singing reindeer aren’t?”

            She bit her lip, trying to maintain a straight face. “Good to know. I promise not to make that mistake again.”

            He nodded. “See that you don’t.” Then he ruined his serious expression with a grin. “Since we have everything all cleared up, shall we?” He nodded at where a bunch of people had started to form a line.

            “Oops, definitely. Sorry, I forgot what we were doing there for a second.” A furrow formed over her nose, like she wasn’t used to forgetting things and wasn’t very pleased that she had.

But he found it sweet she’d been so caught up in teasing him she’d neglected her surroundings. And as they hurried to get in line, Ben couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He had a good feeling about this trip. 

Amazon | iBooks B&N | Kobo Google Play

About the Author

Paris Wynters is an adult romance author repped by Tricia Skinner at Fuse Literary. She lives on Long Island in New York with her family, which includes two psychotic working dogs. Paris is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago. Paris and her son are nationally certified Search and Rescue personnel (she is a canine handler). She is a huge supporter of the military/veteran community. When not writing, Paris enjoys playing XBOX (she is a huge HALO fanatic and also enjoys FORTNITE), watching hockey (Go Islanders), and trying new things like flying planes and taking trapeze classes.

Website | Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Newsletter

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The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match :

Today we have the release day blitz of Nina Crespo’s The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match! Check out this gorgeous new romance and be sure to get your copy today!  

Title: The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match  

Author: Nina Crespo 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

About The Cowgirl’s Surprise Match:  

 A sweet charade takes an unexpected turn!

Dearly beloved, we are (not) gathered together…Maid of honor Zurie Tillbridge has been working secretly with best man Mace Calderone to plan her cousin Tristan’s wedding to a well-known actress. To keep their wedding plans from leaking to the press, Zurie and Mace must pretend they are the ones getting married. Cake tasting and flower arranging seem like harmless fun…until wary workaholic Zurie realizes she’s feeling something real for her fake fiancé…

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

 Amazon | Apple | B&N | Kobo | Google

Free preview

About Nina Crespo:  

Nina Crespo lives in Florida where she indulges in her favorite passions — the beach, a good glass of wine, date night with her own real-life hero and dancing.

Her lifelong addiction to romance began in her teens while on a “borrowing spree” in her older sister’s bedroom where she discovered her first romance novel.

Let Nina’s sensual contemporary stories and steamy paranormal tales feed your own addiction for love, romance, and happily ever after.

Stay connected with Nina on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or through her newsletter.

Connect with Nina:  

Instagram | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Bookbub

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Mace checked in on Zurie again. She was knocked out cold.

Book Excerpt:

An hour later, he had showered, shaved, brushed his teeth and dressed in a casual long-sleeve black pullover, jeans and dark Lugz boots. If Zurie wasn’t alert enough to drive, he could take her home. After dropping her off, he’d still have time to get to the department and change into his uniform before the start of his shift at nine.

In the living room, Zurie snuggled into the pillow and mumbled in her sleep.

From the smile on her face, she was having a really good dream. Too bad he had to wake her. Crashing on his couch for the night while he was at work was an option, but knowing her, she’d refuse.

Mace leaned down and shook her gently by the shoulder, but she didn’t wake up. Not wanting to startle her, he spoke softly. “Hey, Zurie.”

Blinking sleepily up at him, she laid her palm to his chest, and her warmth seeped into him. Her full lips parted with a sigh. “Mace…” Zurie raised her head, curved her hand to his nape and kissed him.

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When Hope Ends; Life Begins By Freya Barker

Title: When Hope Ends; Life Begins Author: Freya Barker Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 21, 2020 Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

It’s the best day of his life—the worst of hers. She left her soul behind in the dead silence of a hospital room. He is bright with hope after being so close to losing faith. One moment in time leaves their paths unavoidably entwined. An invisible connection held by one heart beating between them.

*Originally published in the Then There Was You box set.


Tweet: When hope Ends; life Begins by @freya_barker is #Live on all platforms #Books2Read RomanceReads2020 #FreyaBarker #BAPpr @buoniamicipress

Healthy loving father and daughter playing together at the beach at sunset Happy fun smiling lifestyle

Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Driven to make her books about ‘real’ people; with characters who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills, and their own slice of happy. A recipient of the RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for best first book, “Slim To None”, and Finalist for the Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, Freya has not slowed down. She continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

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Lost in LA

Lost in L.A. by Amy Craig

Heat Rating: Simmering Sexometer: 2 Word Count: 91,876 Book Length: SUPER NOVEL Pages: 353 Genres: CONTEMPORARY, CHICK LIT, EROTIC ROMANCE

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Book Description

She agreed to a fake relationship to shield her feelings, but their rules don’t address his secrets or the magnitude of what they can build together. Wylie’s beachside yoga classes feel like the California dream, but when an eviction notice sends her scrambling for a new place to live, she realizes that life on the streets isn’t for the faint of heart. She strikes a promotion deal with a food truck vendor named Nolan, but an impromptu kiss proves she wants more than a side of fries from the man. He asks her out, but she demurs, knowing she can’t handle a relationship right now. When her SUV gets towed, Nolan helps her recover the vehicle and proves his heart of gold by renting her a room in the plush compound he calls home. Faced with a bevy of overachieving new roommates, Wylie tries her best to impress the neighborhood elites. When an elderly couple stops by unannounced, she takes her act a step too far and pretends she’s Nolan’s girlfriend. When he asks her to play along to help him close the deal on a commercial kitchen, she agrees to mask her feelings, but their rules don’t address his secrets or the magnitude of what they can build together. Reader advisory: This book deals with homelessness. There is a scene of attempted mugging, a gunshot injury, references to suicide, an implied abusive relationship and a brief scene of sexual harassment.


Wylie stood in the shadowed hallway of the two-bedroom apartment, her fist clenched as she brainstormed ways to fight an eviction notice. Dottie, her roommate, was texting her from the security of the bathroom. Couldn’t she face me? After four months of cohabitation, Wylie knew very little about the woman. She mostly found it funny when the overpaid nanny confiscated candy from her sugar-restricted charges, retreated to the bathroom and savored the contraband where no one could see her. Today, Wylie struggled to find humor in the situation. Breathing through her frustration, she released her fist and sank to the floor. “The wrappers in the trashcan give you away,” she whispered. “We both know what you’re doing in there.” She looked down the hallway and focused on the living room couch where Dottie’s orange-and-white cat luxuriated on the corduroy fabric, as smug as its owner. White mini-blinds cast stripes of sunlight on the room’s beige carpet, valance drapes and dusty brass fixtures. As a native of Santa Monica, Wylie understood that the furnished apartment on Montana Avenue and Fifth Street relied on its location to attract tenants. The nineteen-hundred dollars a month sublease let her walk to the beach where she taught yoga, but the cat paid nothing for his sunlit pleasure. Maybe I’ll take you with me. I could hold you for ransom until Dottie adds me to the lease. The cat yawned. You’re right. You’re not worth the trouble. Steam seeped beneath the bathroom door, as nebulous as her counterarguments and self-doubts. Ignoring the tacky feel of the semi-gloss paint, she leaned against the bathroom door and pulled her fingers through her long blonde hair. This is what I get for being too trusting and naïve. I should have put my name on the lease. I should have known better than to get myself into this mess. I could find Dottie a boyfriend. A girlfriend. Whatever. Threaten to reveal her undocumented cat. Light her bed on fire. She laughed and released her hair to cover her mouth. Shit, that wasn’t appropriate. She rapped on the bathroom door. “Dottie! Let’s talk about this situation like grown women. I’m this close to finishing two-hundred hours of professional certification and landing a full-time job with benefits. What am I supposed to do now? Live on the streets?” Her ostensible roommate remained silent. “There has to be another alternative.” The faucet ran as Dottie added hot water to her tub, ignoring their shared utility costs and the environmental impacts of her two-hour bath. “What’s done is done. Cousin’s in and you’re out.” Wylie exhaled, finding it impossible to reason with a woman who lacked the courage to face her. “This isn’t right. Don’t you have to give me some notice or something? Don’t you even feel bad about what you’re doing?” “Not really.” She hung her head. It doesn’t matter if she stays in that bathtub until the floor caves in. Her name’s on the lease and she calls the shots. “I know I promised you a year—” Wylie’s hope soared. “But we all thought my cousin would fail her semester at UC and have to repeat it. Maybe, like, twice. Now that she’s graduated, she’s decided to come to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.” The plastic snap of a toiletry bottle echoed in the tiled room. “My aunt called and told me this morning. What am I supposed to do?” “Tell your mom you already have a roommate? One who’s never been late paying rent?” She considered kicking down the door and upending the bubble bath all over Dottie’s head. “A roommate who changes the litter box for the cat you’re not even supposed to have in the apartment!” “Leave Snickerdoodle alone.” Wylie eyed the cat. “I love animals.” The cat stood, repositioned himself and presented his ass to Wylie. Wylie stared at the bathroom door. “This is bad karma!” “Sorry, kid.” “Your cousin will never make it to her auditions on time.” Her words sped up and she stood, hoping her hard-won native logic could override the aspirations of a wannabe actress. “Your cousin needs to live in one of the San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. The Central and Eastside neighborhoods would be even better if she’s looking for a deal.” “She’s a trust-fund kid.” “She might decide this apartment isn’t a good fit. I don’t want you to end up with zero roommates. Maybe she could sleep on the couch for a while.” Water sloshed on the other side of the door and Wylie crossed her fingers, hoping her magnanimous offer cloaked her desperation. “That’s the thing. My cousin wants the second bedroom. My aunt already wired me six months of rent.” Of course she did. Wylie bit her lip and decided to play her final card. “I guess I could take the couch.” The bathwater stilled. Wylie clung to a moment of hope. “You’d still have to pay me the same rent.” The counteroffer hit Wylie like a rogue wave. Her eyes widened and she slapped the door in disbelief. “You can’t charge me the same amount you’re charging for a bedroom.” “Why not? My name’s on the lease. We’re not friends, Wylie. Take it or leave it.” She opened her mouth to accept a month on Dottie’s fur-strewn couch. The other woman pulled the plug on the bathwater. “You know what? Scratch that. I don’t want to put up with three women sharing one tiny bathroom. It’s not like we’re desperate.” Tears streamed down Wylie’s cheeks as she hung her head and let her hair shield her face. The draining water sucked away the last bit of her hope. Right now, I’m the definition of desperate. She cleared her throat, determined to retain her pride. “How long do I have until your cousin shows up? Like, a week?” “She’ll be here in the morning.” Wylie stared at the bathroom door. “Are you serious?” “Honestly, I thought you’d be gone by now.” She wiped away her tears. “Funny. I’m still here.” “You should probably leave tonight and make a clean break.” Laughter bubbled up in Wylie’s throat, displacing her desperation. “This is not helping me out. This is, like, the definition of not helping me out.” “I guess you can stay the night. I’ll use your deposit to pay for a cleaning service.” “You’re funny, Dottie. Fucking hilarious.” The woman remained silent for a minute. “Sorry, kid.” Wylie retreated to a bedroom full of mismatched furniture and cursed her stupidity. She shoved her clothes into her duffel bag, folded a set of sheets and crammed them on top of her clothes. People have done more with less. Dottie emerged from the bathroom wearing a towel and a hair turban straight from the archives of the home shopping channel. She tossed an envelope of cash on the bare mattress. “Here’s your deposit. I hope everything works out.” Wylie stared at the clumsy script bearing her name, Wylie Winidad. The sight of the familiar envelope brought tears to her eyes and she shook her head, realizing Dottie had never felt the need to deposit her hard-earned cash. “Thanks, I guess.” The woman nodded and retreated without saying another word. Wylie picked up the envelope of money and shoved it into her purse while she considered her predicament. Why do bad things happen to good people? I’ve done everything right since my parents left town. How am I going to scrape together the money I need for a deposit on my own place? I need to figure out a way to take care of myself, but there’s no wau I’m calling my parents. Most of the people I know have moved away and like…grown up. She thought of her mom and dad ensconced in an Oregon complex full of California refugees. ‘They’ll be the hardest years of your life,’ her mother had said, boxing up a lifetime of dishes and serving pieces. ‘You’re only twenty-six years old. Instead of fending for yourself, why don’t you tag along with us?’ ‘Because I belong here.’ ‘Oh, honey, you’ll always belong with us.’ Wylie blinked away the sting of tears. ‘Thanks, Mom.’ The next day, her parents had driven up the coast in a rental truck full of furniture and left her in Santa Monica with a wardrobe of frayed designer jeans, a jumble of high-priced loungewear and the athletic gear she needed to host her beachside classes. She’d gotten drunk with Natalia to celebrate her independence. Clinking glasses, they’d toasted having everything they needed. Most of their sporadic interactions involved yoga classes and cocktails, but Wylie knew her best friend would let her crash for a few days if she happened to be in town. Unfortunately, the spunky yoga enthusiast worked as a studio scout and her social media feed showed her scouting battle sites on the Horn of Africa. Who would let me in? Nobody. I have nobody left in this town. She wheezed as the reality of her situation set in. The muscles in her airways tightened and stress impeded her breathing. Now is not the time for an asthma attack. She focused on calming her rapid inhalations, but the muscles in her neck and chest tightened as panic set in. The pain of the clenching muscles echoed through her body. Doubling over, she scrambled for the rescue inhaler in her purse and dumped out the contents of the bag. The metallic inhaler caught her eyes. She pumped the cartridge, slumped to the floor and waited for the rush of the short-acting bronchodilator to relieve her systems. What would I do without my medicine? Twenty minutes later, her breathing slowed and she wondered when the misery of this day would end. Trusting her heart rate to remain stable, she struggled to her feet and hefted her duffel bag, testing her strength against an upset stomach and shaky limbs. I can do this. Dottie sat on the couch in a pair of pajamas, her turban in place while she watched a cooking show with the cat. I’m surprised she’s not hiding in her room. The cooking show went to commercials. Dottie looked up. “Do you need any help with your stuff?” Oh, so now you’re helpful? Wylie shook her head, dropped the first duffel bag by the front door and returned to the bedroom to grab the second one. She straightened her spine as she walked between her former roommate and a television chef demonstrating how to make pasta. “Adios, Snickerdoodle. It’s been swell.” The cat’s eyes remained closed.

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About the Author

Amy Craig

Amy Craig lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA with her family and a small menagerie of pets. She writes women’s fiction and contemporary romances with intelligent and empathetic heroines. She can’t always vouch for the men. She has worked as an engineer, project manager, and incompetent waitress. In her spare time, she plays tennis and expands her husband’s honey-do list. Find Amy at her website, on Amazon and follow her at BookBub.


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Amy Craig’s Lost in L.A.

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Love On the Winter Steppes

Today we have the release day blitz of Paris Wynters’s Love On the Winter Steppes! Check out this gorgeous new romance and be sure to get your copy today!

Title: Love On the Winter Steppes

Author: Paris Wynters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Love On the Winter Steppes:

Can a magical day at the Ice Festival melt this career-focused woman’s heart?   Marketing consultant Qara Whitaker loves her job, happily putting in endless hours and working through holidays. But when her grandmother asks that she accompany her on a birthday trip to Mongolia to visit their family, Qara can’t say no. Packing up her laptop, Qara boards the plane—never imagining that a shared cab ride with a stranger will change her life forever.   Hoping to push through writer’s block, author Benjamin Lacoy hops on a plane to Mongolia looking for inspiration. A chance meeting with a beautiful and intelligent woman whose smile ignites his heart leads to them playing tourists. Sparks fly and Ben is feeling far more than inspiration, yet each time he and Qara get close, she’s distracted by work.   Ben is torn; he likes Qara, but he always promised himself he’d never let work come before family and friends like his parents did. Opposites clearly attract, but can they learn to balance work with love in order to build a future together?  

Get Your Copy!

Amazon | B&N | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | Tule Publishing

About Paris Wynters:

I’m a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, canine, and exercise. When I’m not writing, I’m at the hockey rink cheering on my son, playing HALO on Xbox, or breaking a sweat in the gym. live in New York with my family and my two lovable and psychotic working dogs. I also run numerous 5k races in the New York area that raise funds to support the military/veteran community.  

Connect with Paris:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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Bride on the Run

Bride on the Run
Butterfly Harbor Stories Book 9
by Anna J. Stewart
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance
Finding true love…
In the unlikeliest places!
Sienna Fairchild never imagined she’d be a runaway bride. Or that she’d stow away on a worn-down boat belonging to handsome tour operator Monty Bettencourt. Monty’s used to navigating rough seas, but Sienna might overturn his whole life, and avoiding drama is tough in such close quarters! If Sienna’s sure she doesn’t know what she wants, then why does running away feel so much like coming home?
USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J Stewart writes sweet to sexy romances for Harlequin and ARC Manor’s Caezik Romance. Her sweet Heartwarming books include the Butterfly Harbor series as well as the ongoing Blackwell saga. She also writes the Honor Bound series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense and contributes to the bestselling Coltons. A former Golden Heart, Daphne, and National Reader’s Choice finalist, Anna loves writing big community stories where family found is always the theme. Since her first published novella with Harlequin in 2014, Anna has released more than forty novels and novellas and hopes to branch out even more thanks to Caezik Romance. Anna lives in Northern California where (at the best times) she loves going to the movies, attending fan conventions, and heading to Disneyland, her favorite place on earth. When she’s not writing, she is usually binge-watching her newest TV addiction, re-watching her all-time favorite show, Supernatural, and wrangling two monstrous cats named Rosie and Sherlock. You can read more about Anna at her website,
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Dirty Wedding Dress


The Dirty Past


Date Published: February 19, 2020

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Company

Don’t get drug through the mud to end up at the altar in a dirty wedding dress”

I swear, every day of my life, not a day goes by where there isn’t a relationship crises that I am pulled into. It doesn’t matter where I go; someone is talking about relationships and marriages. Hell, love and relationships are the top talking points at my gynecologist office, geesh!

Both men and women aspire to attain a traditional “happily ever after” in their relationships/marriages, it seems. However, it’s looking more and more as if the tradition of marriage is being discarded and strewn to the wayside in our fast-paced society.

Too many relationships are plagued with infidelity, abuse, financial woes, and an absence of a spiritual foundation. With that recipe, how can a relationship survive and thrive?

After countless lessons in my life and simply observing others, I’ve witnessed and learned a lot. If marriage or a committed relationship is what you desire, complaining to others will most likely not yield a positive result.

There are some things you must never forget! Some things are good. Some things are bad. Others are simply a lesson you’re meant to learn.

You are about to experience an immersive lesson on relationships and what it all means in this real world, and it’s guaranteed to be a lesson you will never forget!

Her white dress and white veil signifies her innocence, which is glowingly visible on her face. Meanwhile, her side smile tells the entire story of her tainted love affair.”

Some of our behaviors were quite nefarious. Behind the “good girl” public image, there lived a fun girl to the 100th power!”

But through it all, your father always professed his love for me. He swore he’d never leave me. He said he didn’t know why he beat me, but he was so sorry…always sorry.”

I thought if I could just hold on and gain the title of being his wife, all the wrongdoings would somehow instantaneously be made right.”

He would come by our house to see my mother for a few hours, here and there. He never once stayed overnight.”

Barely able to speak, she said, “I can’t do this anymore.”


Dirty Wedding Dress

The Dirty Cheater”

The Novel

The Day I Met Oprah”

About the Author

I am a published Author of a 5- star rated romance novel. Go figure!

Most of us have unrealized dreams and aspirations, right? In many cases some never reach their full potential because the biggest obstacle in stagnation is self. You’ve heard the saying “ Get out of your own way!”

Since writing Dirty Wedding Dress : The Dirty Past, I’ve been asked by other aspiring Authors the exact same question; How did you do it?

Well, I remember when my journey began. It was over 35 years ago! Yes, that is how long this process has been in the works for me.

At around age 16, I began having a recurring dream. In the dream, I found myself speaking before an incalculable audience of people.

For many years afterwards, I questioned God. I sought answers to the who, what, when and where. “God, why am I having the same dream but more importantly what in the world am I talking about that people are interested in hearing?”

As with most things, when I didn’t receive immediate clarification, I simply continued living. Life goes on was my thinking,

In 2014, I had another dream. But, in this dream, I saw the words Dirty Wedding Dress. I mumbled under my voice, “hmmm, interesting.” I vaguely remember writing on that subject, but then I stopped. I mean we all know how life can be. Too busy to add another line item to my overcrowded To Do List, right?

I continued on about my busy life. Until one night in 2019, I had another dream. The same as before. The words Dirty Wedding Dress. I paused.

In my past, I was not what I considered to be a “serial dater.” I never married. I enjoyed being a free spirit. I guess that is the Aquarius in me. The social butterfly.

Ironically, at this exact same time, I was in a relationship and let me tell you, that is an entirely different novel of its own! Dating these days is nothing like I remember, I will just leave it there for now.

But getting back to the dream and the words Dirty Wedding Dress. I felt different about the dream this time. It felt like a “charge” a demand even. I quickly began doing what most do when we do not want to comply with something. I began making excuses.

I told myself I was busy. I was tired. I was sick. I tried everything. But I could not shake the “charge.”

Once I accepted that I would complete writing the book Dirty Wedding Dress, I began researching. I had been an owner of an Independent Record Label during the 2000’s. I knew I would need a Publisher.

I called my current Publisher, Dorrance Publishing. I remember asking the agent a very straight forward question, “how do I write a book?” We both chuckled! Little did he know, I was profoundly serious because I had only read 2 books in my entire life. PS I love you and the King James Bible (which I have been working on half of my life and it is still pending)

I did not know the first thing about writing a book. But the agent’s response somehow calmed my fears. He said, “if you can tell a good story, you can write a book.”

Later that night, I prayed about writing the book Dirty Wedding Dress. When I awoke, I knew that I had been writing this book my entire life. When I sat down at my computer the words seemingly attached themselves to paper, effortlessly.

To all who aspire to write a book or whatever that nagging voice is telling you to do, I say stop making excuses and do it! It may just change your life as it has changed mine️.

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The Rancher

Title: The Rancher
Series: Dynasties: Mesa Falls #5
Author: Joanne Rock
Publishers: Harlequin Desire/Mills & Boon/
HarperCollins AU
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 1, 2021


A wealthy rancher’s secrets will be revealed as passion takes over…from USA TODAY bestselling author Joanne Rock! 

His secrets are safe with no one, 

especially the woman who sets him on fire… 

Ranching tycoon Miles Rivera has always kept the secrets of Mesa Falls Ranch under wraps—until desire trumps good sense. Because when he catches social media star Chiara Campagna snooping during a charity gala, he doesn’t kick her out—he sleeps with her! Can he trust the stunning influencer as the tangled web of desire and deception ensnares them both? 

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.




Four-time RITA nominee Joanne Rock has never met a romance sub-genre she didn’t like. The author of over eighty books enjoys writing a wide range of stories, most recently focusing on sexy contemporaries and small town family sagas. An optimist by nature and perpetual seeker of silver linings, Joanne finds romance fits her life outlook perfectly–love is worth fighting for. A frequent speaker at regional and national writing conferences she enjoys giving back to the writing community that nurtured and inspired her early career. She has a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Louisville but credits her fiction writing skills to her intensive study with friend and fellow author Catherine Mann. When she’s not writing, Joanne enjoys travel, especially to see her favorite sports teams play with her former sports editor husband and three athletic-minded sons.