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The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Great Vegetables

“For new and novice gardeners who want a straightforward, unfussy guide to growing their own food.” —Library Journal

You can grow beautiful, healthy, delicious veggies and herbs right from the start—just follow the trustworthy advice found in The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Great Vegetables. Expert gardener Lorene Edwards Forkner shares all the information you need to create a thriving garden, from facts about soil and sun to tips on fertilizing, mulching, and watering. Regional planting charts show what to plant when, and a month-by-month planner takes you from January through December. Profiles of popular edibles explain exactly how to plant, care for, and harvest your bounty. Whether your garden grows in the ground, on a balcony, or in containers on a sunny patio, this is your guide to grow-your-own success. Your backyard bounty awaits!

Net Galley Book:

 Informative book that will help me do more than just grow some tomatoes. You will learn how and when to start planting, how to help your soil, and the monthly actions you should take to make sure your garden will prosper. So read this book and have a bountiful and beautiful garden.

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The Garden in Every Sense and Season: A Year of Insights and Inspiration from My Garden

“Reminds us that the best way to get to know a garden is through our senses. Don’t expect to make it through many pages before you feel an urge to run outdoors to reintroduce yourself to your own landscape.” —Michelle Slatalla, Gardenista

So much of gardening is focused on seasonal to-do lists and daily upkeep. But what about taking time to just enjoy the garden? The Garden in Every Sense and Season urges you to revel in what you’ve created. From the heady fragrance of spring lilacs to the delicious silence of a winter snowfall, writer and lifelong gardener Tovah Martin explores the glories of her garden using the five senses. Her sage advice and gratifying reflections on the rewards of a more mindful way of gardening will inspire you to look closer, breathe deeper, listen harder, and truly savor the gifts of your garden.

Net Galley Book

A great book the reflects all the moments in a garden. To take that moment to stop and smell the flowers . Would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift who someone loves to garden or just outside.

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Dairy Free Meal Prep

Take the guesswork out of dairy free meal prep with 6 weeks of plans and 70 tasty recipes

Whether you want to avoid allergens, save money and time, or eat healthier, preplanned dairy free meals have a multitude of perks. Simplify your daily routine with Dairy-Free Meal Prep, a complete guide and dairy free cookbook with 6 weeks of meal plans and 70 scrumptious recipes.

Helpful info about meal planning, convenient grocery lists, and step-by-step prep directions mean you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time living your life. With simple recipes like Chicken Pasta with Creamy Vodka Sauce, this dairy free cookbook is so easy and enticing, you’ll never miss dairy again.

This dairy free cookbook includes:

  • Why ditch dairy?—Learn the benefits of eliminating dairy, from increased mental clarity to better digestion.
  • Meal prep pointers—Discover a guide to meal prep in this comprehensive dairy free cookbook, including storage tips, must-have kitchen equipment, and tips for thawing and reheating.
  • Dairy free staples—Try your hand at foundational foods like Cashew Milk, Cheese Sauce, Green Goddess Dressing, and beyond.

Keep every meal free from dairy with the nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious recipes in this beginner-friendly dairy free cookbook.

Library Book collection:

Have someone with dairy problems. This book is a good starting point to start your dairy free journey. For health reasons or other reason check out the many recipes and shopping list included in this book.

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Home Office Solutions:

Whether you’ve been working from home for years and want to update your space, or you’re brand new to telecommuting and have a lot of questions, Home Office Solutions holds all the answers and inspiration for making a workspace you’ll love! From a cozy corner to converting a shed or garage, this must-have guide provides tips on home office ideas, space-efficient furniture, lighting, soundproofing, WIFI, organization, and so much more, also included is helpful, detailed advice on how to successfully work from home. Understand both the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a home office in different areas, including the kitchen, spare room, basement, and other creative spaces. With this timely resource, you’ll be inspired to create an efficient and attractive workspace so you can earn your living from home comfortably and affordably.

Book Review:

This book  covers absolutely every idea and question you may have about how to set up a space this book is written for the newbie way with lots of pictures for references. If you are one of the milliohms that work from home-thinking about starting a work from home business … Read this book. And get inspired Lisa

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Paradise Peak: A Riveting and Tender Novel of Romance

A desire for absolution brought ex-con Travis Alden to Paradise Peak. But when he finds honest work, along with a keen sense of belonging, he shelves his plan to unburden his guilty secret, instead working to rehabilitate a ranch—alongside the very people his transgressions hurt the most. With the chance to create a haven for wildfire refugees, Travis seizes the opportunity to do good, to earn the respect his new boss shows him. Only Travis doesn’t count on his feelings for his boss’s beautiful niece.
Hannah Newsome is a woman with a past as bleak as Travis’s—the kind of woman he should protect, not pursue. But once the rugged loner sees her wariness turn to warmth, once he tastes the potent passion between them, all he can think about is having it all right here in Paradise Peak, with Hannah by his side . . 

Book Review:

Janet Dailey continues her New America series with Paradise Peak. A story of a man seeking forgiveness for a past he can’t outrun. A woman whose past has made her leery of starting a new relationship. They’ll need to work together to restore the family ranch and outrun a wildfire. Janet Dailey writes a riveting, emotional story with a touch of danger. 

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Mend It, Wear It, Love It!: Stitch Your Way to a Sustainable Wardrobe

Learn how to use simple sewing and mending techniques to extend the life of the clothes you love.

Have you ever thrown good clothes away simply because you didn’t know how to mend them? Have you got clothes that you can’t bear to part with, but need a fresher look? Then this book is for you. With fast fixes and complete makeovers, Mend It, Wear It, Love It! has everything you need to mend and care for your clothes, and stitch your way to a more sustainable wardrobe.

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Detailed step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions explain how to mend, customize, and care for your clothes in a range of materials. Enjoy your clothes for longer, express your creativity, and live more sustainably.

Out Tuesday ! Early review from Net Galley :

It’s time to makeover your wardrobe. We do it to our houses and our selves why not ourselves and this author tells us how with detailed steps and illustatations . A new way to save money and live better …. Lisa

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The Pescatarian Keto Cookbook:

The fresh, flavorful seafood and veggie cookbook for a fat-burning keto diet

Eating a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet can boost your energy and help your body burn fat—and it doesn’t have to include tons of bacon and butter. Break free from common keto constraints with this pescatarian cookbook. The simple, accessible recipes and meal plan feature fresh vegetables and seafood that taste delicious and help shift your metabolism into fat-burning mode.

Get the basics on adapting a pescatarian diet to achieve ketosis. Discover recipes strategically planned to fit the macro ratio, so you don’t have to calculate all your nutrients. Whether you’re already pescatarian and looking to begin a keto diet, or a keto convert looking for an alternative to typical meat-heavy dishes, this pescatarian cookbook is your answer.

  • Flavorful fish & veggies—Dig in to 100 recipes for breakfasts, snacks, soups, salads, vegetarian and vegan entrees, fish and shellfish entrees, desserts, and more.
  • An easy 12-day meal plan—Kick-start your journey with a two-week, macro-balanced pescatarian meal plan, complete with shopping lists.
  • Healthy fats, keto benefits—Unlock the fat-burning benefits of a keto diet with a higher intake of healthy fats from foods like salmon, trout, nuts, avocado, and olive oil.

Take the next step in your journey to better health with the perfect pescatarian cookbook for a keto diet.

Book Review (kindle unlimited)

From Callisto Publisher’s Club :  This book is filled with vegetarian and seafood recipes that use lots of veggies and healthy fats. That is the perfect way to start your New Year healthy and easy. Lisa

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Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More: Practical Projects for Comfort and Care

Sew with a purpose!

  • 14 thoughtful projects including face masks, wheelchair caddies, arm slings, blankets, and more
  • Beginner-friendly guide with simple projects and a walk-through of all the basic sewing skills you will need
  • Step-by-step instructions, coordinating illustrations, and easy-to-follow patterns
  • Learn stitching techniques, how to work with a variety of tools and notions, patchwork, pleating, reverse appliqué, and more
  • Author Angie Herbertson is a leading Etsy shop owner who offers thoughtful scrub cap sewing patterns with various useful features

Anyone can learn how to create these thoughtful projects with a purpose, which can be easily made and then gifted or donated to those who need them most!

Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More features 14 easy and intentional sewing projects that range in difficulty and are thoughtful, practical, and important. From face masks and scrub caps to a wheelchair caddy, arm sling, fidget blanket, adult bib, lap quilt, tab blankie, and so much more, you’ll not only learn how to sew and develop your skills, you’ll create handmade items and crucial accessories that make a difference!

Author Angie Herbertson is the owner and pattern designer behind A Design by Angie where she makes and sells surgical scrub caps, sewing patterns, and tutorials. Her Etsy shop under the same name also offers vitally important sewing patterns and finished products with thousands of happy customers. Her thoughtful scrub cap sewing patterns offer useful features such as being reversible and having multiple ways to wear them.

This helpful guide walks beginners through all the basic sewing skills you’ll need. Get started with essential information on materials, tools, techniques, and tips. You’ll learn stitching techniques, how to work with a variety of tools and notions—such as elastic, interfacing, bias tape, needles, and thread—patchwork, pleating, reverse applique, and more. Clear, step-by-step instructions with coordinating illustrations and helpful tips take you through each project. The included patterns can also be accessed for digital download.

Book Review:

The tutorials and techniques are suited to beginning sewers There are step by step tutorials for 14 projects including scrub hats, fitget mats (for autistic and dementia patients), slings, wheelchair organizer caddies, and more. The projects themselves are attractive and useful. They’re all beginner accessible. This would make a superlative selection for volunteer and charity sewing. Patterns in PDF form can be printed out and used many times. Perfect for anyone wanting to make mask in this New Year… Lisa

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Her Marine Next Door

My next door neighbor Parker Jax is not my type. He’s covered in tats, rides a motorcycle, and his parties keep me up all night. The fact he’s sexy as sin doesn’t change the fact we are oil and water.

I’m a quiet artist. He’s a rowdy marine. I’ve got a broken heart. I’m convinced he doesn’t have a heart at all.

Thankfully, my bad-boy neighbor is on leave from the Marines for only thirty days. But then the jerk has to go and show me that he has a soft side beneath all those hard muscles. He actually leaves his own party to help me, and he didn’t even have to.

Fantastic. Now I owe him.

I’m not worried, though. What are the chances he’ll need me to do anything before the month is up?

But when a woman shows up with a kid at her side, knocking on Parker’s door, it turns out those chances are pretty good…

Net Galley Book:

This was a sure pick to read after seeing the cover and reading the blurb. But Skylar and her Marine might be opposite but they are great together once they realize that. The perfect mix of quirky artist and bad boy to make this book a winner. Read and reviewed from Net Galley books.

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At the :library : Cookie Decorating Class

Dozens of Decorating Ideas for a Sweet Holiday by Valerie Peterson
Janice Fryer

Take your holiday cookie decorating to impressive new heights! Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer will have you sprinkling powdered snowflakes onto cheery snowmen and adding a sugary glimmer to multicolored strands of licorice lights. With more than 60 fabulous designs for Christmas cookies, plus festive delights for New Year’s and Hanukkah, Cookie Craft Christmas gives you the inspiration and simple instructions you need for batch after batch of deliciously show-stopping holiday cheer.

Library Loan Book:

 Lots of great tips on decorating holiday cookies with lots of great photos. What’s really nice is the designs and finished cookies are not over-the-top out of reach for even an amateur such as myself would be afraid to try.

Library Cookie Decorating Class :

Need Decorating help