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Throwback Thursday : Weekend Warriors Sisterhood series

Welcome to my Throwback Thursday where i feature books published from years past. In this case I am spotlighting Book #1 of Fern Michaels Sisterhood series. You can find her newest book here on my blog.

Book #1 : August 15, 2012

First in the New York Times bestselling series featuring fierce female vigilantes—includes a bonus Sisterhood chapter and an interview with Fern Michaels!

Life isn’t fair. Most women know it. But what can you do about it? Plenty . . . if you’re part of the Sisterhood. On the surface, these seven women are as different as can be—but each has had her share of bad luck, from cheating husbands to sexist colleagues to a legal system that often doesn’t do its job. Now, drawn together by tragedy, they’re forging a bond that will help them right the wrongs committed against them and discover an inner strength they didn’t know they had. Growing bolder with each act of justice, the Sisterhood is learning that when bad things happen, you can roll over and play dead . . . or you can get up fighting . . . 

“Readers will enjoy seeing what happens when well-funded, very angry women take the law into their own hands.”—Booklist

This book started off this well loved series. Missed any of this series may are part of KU or Check your local Library ! Try Libby ….

Being the first book is any indication I am going to enjoy this series!
Women who have been hurt, ridiculed, paid for a crime they didn’t commit get together for revenge in a way they each request with the aid of an exMI6 gentleman and a very rich widow!
In this first book revenge is almost beyond belief but has actually happened!
Not going to give away the revenge so grab this book and have at it!

Do you have a favorite book or series ? Leave a Comment here !

A Firefighter’s Christmas Gift

This firefighter has the perfect gift for a single mom and her little girl – if they’ll take him.

A holiday story from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

All Bradley Ford wants this holiday season is a date or three with sweet Hanna Lane. He’s the new fire chief, recently returned to Heart Falls to help his father after an accident. And while he wasn’t expecting to find someone like Hanna so soon, Brad’s certain that Hanna—and her adorable daughter, Crissy—are perfect for him and his plans to settle down.

Hanna’s been taking care of herself since she became a single mom at sixteen. The only pure, honest love she trusts is her little girl’s, but for the first time in eight years, her libido flares to life. Something about Brad draws her like a moth to a flame—which is always a bad idea for the moth.

When a fire leaves Hanna and Crissy homeless, Brad offers them shelter at his family’s homestead. Crissy insists they’ve moved in with Santa. Hanna’s not sure how she keeps ending up under the mistletoe with Brad. And Brad? He’s hoping for the best Christmas gift of all…


Stand alone, feel-good, “Hallmark with heat” stories set in the Heart Falls community for those who want to escape into a happily-ever-after during the holiday season.

A Firefighter’s Christmas Gift
A Soldier’s Christmas Wish
A Hero’s Christmas Hope
A Cowboy’s Christmas List
A Rancher’s Christmas Kiss

Throwback Thursday from 2018 ! With a great Holiday series ,,,,

So I’ve been on trip to Heart Falls, and I enjoyed every minute. On this trip we went to visit Hanna, a single mother with a daughter named Chrissy. The new fire Chief Brad who has come back to  Heart Falls look after his father.
When he first saw Hanna and her beautiful daughter he realised he was looking at his future.
Hanna has had no one, and had been on her own since her parents disowned her when she became pregnant at sixteen. Hanna is nervous of men, so Brad was so patient with her. This is a wonderful love story, and it was a magical Christmas story. It was great to celebrate the holiday with the residents of heart falls. Vivian Arend really knows how to create great community. I just loved Brad with Hanna it was so sweet and it was great meeting some more of the local community.

Book Review: The Cupcake Diaries series :

Taste of Romance : Today’s National Lemon Cupcake Day !

For fans of Debbie Macomber comes Taste of Romance, the third installment in the Cupcake Diaries series

Kimberly Burke has avoided all types of risk since her mother’s deadly plane crash—including risky relationships. Seems like everyone is always leaving her behind: her ex-boyfriend, her mother, and now her sister Andi and best friend Rachel—who have each found the man of her dreams.

Then she meets Nathaniel when she mistakes his backyard for the new community park. He loves her passion, and when he learns of her wistful desire to travel, he takes her up in a hot air balloon, hoping to overcome her fear of flying so that she can accompany him abroad.

But before he leaves, they must catch the Cupcake Bandit and replace the money stolen from Creative Cupcakes before the shop is shut down. Will discovering the thief’s identity persuade Kim to take a risk on love . . . or will she stay behind and let Nathaniel fly off without her?

Library Loan : (2013)

Who doesn’t love a mystery with recipes? Well, in this case, recipe, but it’s a short book. This is a warm, cute, puzzle that shows the distinctive traits of all the principal women who co-own the cupcake shop. It was a pleasant way to spend an evening with enough twists and turns to keep you reading. Other books focus on the other women as they find their way to a satisfying career and men to love.

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Book Review: A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau

In a pair of classic Regency-era Christmas romance novels from New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh, the holidays herald the greatest gift of all: unexpected, all-consuming love.
The very wealthy Edgar Downes has promised his aging father to finally take a bride—specifically, to wed a titled lady by Christmas. London is full of pretty, proper, and eligible misses, but it’s the widow Helena, Lady Stapleton, in a shocking red dress, who captures Edgar’s attention. Helena is intrigued by the seductive stranger—but he’s simply not in her class. Marriage, of course, would never do. But in a season of miracles, something wondrous is about to happen.
Not even the warm, forgiving Christmas spirit can stop the Marquess of Denbigh from settling his score with Judith Easton: The beautiful young widow injured Denbigh’s pride years ago by jilting him for another man. Now that Judith is free from a nightmare marriage, the handsome marquess has her in his sights—and wants her in his arms. But to trust the tender words on his lips, Judith must not only see past the hardness of his heart, but learn once again to trust her own heart’s desire.

Throwback Thursday : Book Review

Both stories classic Mary Balogh. beautifully written and full of sadness and hope combined. the first is a widow who cannot forgive herself for something in the past and a wonderfully understanding man who helps her through to find great happiness. the second ,a marquis who was jilted eight years before and now is ex fiancé is a widow and he is bent on revenge. As in all Balogh’s books one has to go through the depths of despair in Christmas bride before it results in happiness for all. Christmas beau is more sparky, both parties , she is in the past, and he in the present time in the story, behave badly. thi story is lightened by her two children from her marriage who the marquis becomes deeply fond of. all is well in the end. Published in Nov 2012

Coming Home to the Comfort Food Café:

Today’s Throwback Thursday ! Is a wonderful series to check out at your local library… Lisa

#Holiday book, Throwback Thursday 2017

A brand new cosy novel from best-selling author Debbie Johnson.

Welcome to the cosy Comfort Food Café, where there’s kindness in every cup of hot chocolate and the menu is sprinkled with love and happiness…

Moving to the little village of Budbury, Zoe hopes the crisp Dorset sea breeze and gentle pace of life will be a fresh start for her and her goddaughter, Martha.

Luckily for them both, the friendly community at the café provide listening ears, sage advice, shoulders to cry on, and some truly excellent carrot cake. And when Martha’s enigmatic, absent father suddenly turns up, confusing not only Martha but Zoe too, the love and support of their new-found friends is the best present they could ask for.

Have Zoe and Martha truly found their home at the Comfort Food Café?

The Comfort Food Cafe (6 book series)

Library Loan : I love this series at the Comfort Food Cafe. This is the third or forth of her books. Characters are quirky, lovable, but real. The stories are believable, but give the sort of happily ever after I’m looking for in a story, without explicit content that I prefer to leave to the imagination. It is a fast read and always points up every individuals value, with just a little encouragement. If this is what you’re after, I think you’ll love it too.

Thanks for checking out my Throwback Thursday at the Library !!!

Book Series : Whiskey Creek

Welcome to Whiskey Creek—Heart of the Gold Country ; 10 book series

When Snow Falls  ( book 2 )

Full of mystery, humor, and oh-so sexy scenes. I couldn’t wait to see if love would win in the end.”—First for Women

After growing up in cheap motels, moving from town to town with her sister and mother, Cheyenne Christensen is grateful to be on her own. She’s grateful, too, for the friends she found once her family settled in California. But she’s troubled by the mystery of her earliest memories, most of which feature a smiling blonde woman. A woman who isn’t her mother.

Although Cheyenne has repeatedly asked for explanations, the people who could help aren’t talking. Cheyenne is set on finding answers, but without so much as a birth certificate, it won’t be easy.

Things get even more complicated when her closest friend is attracted to the man Cheyenne has secretly loved for years. For Eve’s sake, she decides to step aside—which lands her right in the arms of Dylan Amos, oldest and baddest of the hell-raising Amos brothers. He’s the kind of guy she’s sworn to avoid. She can’t afford to make a mistake, not when she finally has a chance to learn who she really is and change her life for the better. But…maybe there’s more to Dylan than she thought. Maybe letting him go would be a bigger mistake.

book review

A sweet, tragic romance. You’ll fall in love with the characters very quickly and as usual the storyline makes it difficult to put the book down. I’m addicted to Brenda’s writing. Thankfully there are a whole lot more in this series alone.

Thanks for going me for Throwback Thursday for another great spotlight book post from this series. Lisa

A Paramour Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery

#Throwback Thursday 2018, Paranormal cozy mystery

USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne switches creative gears and brings you a cozy paranormal mystery that will have you wishing these unique and comical characters could spring to life with a twitch of your nose…

An inherited tea shop, a quaint little Connecticut town, and its quirky residents have Raven Marigold believing her luck is about to change for the better. Of course, that was before she and her best friend found a dead body in the back of the charming store. Things go from bad to worse when Raven begins to hear a talking cat spouting on and on about magic and mayhem.

Once Raven accepts that she’s not losing her mind, she finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation while discovering her family’s unusual lineage—the Marigolds are bona fide witches!

‘Tis the season to be scared and delighted…this wickedly charming tale includes magical tea blends, an enchanting spell book, and an eerie cottage on the edge of town that contains a special surprise you won’t want to miss!

KU Book series:

This was really good & refreshing especially following the chaotic mess by another author I was unable to finish. Good story, likeable characters. I hope the others in the series will be offered on sale, I will definitely get them. This wasn’t plagued by the myriad of errors that so many of these Cozy Mysteries contain, which was wonderful. She did say ‘purposefully’ a couple of times when I think she meant ‘purposely’ but it was nice not to have to wade thru a bunch of stuff simple proofreading should have caught but didn’t. Definitely worth reading!

Throwback Thursday !

I decided to join this meme with others -highlighting some older books picks to read. But my twist is that my picks will be from the Library collection. Our book budget is very limited budget so many of our books are donated from fellow readers. So enjy!

Trial By Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five published 2008.

Meet Lieutenant Howard “Six-Pack” Paxton–one of the handsome, hard-bodied firefighters of Station Five. Four-alarm blazes have nothing on him…

Lieutenant Howard Six-Pack Paxton may love being a firefighter and riding his Harley, but there’s nothing he values more than his bachelorhood–until a feisty, curvaceous teacher named Kat McKenna falls into his arms at the scene of a fire and melts the six-foot-six tower of bronze muscle.

But just as passion ignites between them and they explore new heights of ecstasy, a ruthless arsonist with a deadly secret and a thirst for vengeance becomes their worst nightmare.

5 book series

My Thursday Pick:

Great book. Sweet romance with a hunk of a man (nicknamed six-pack 😉 ). My perfect book hot yummy man, normal girl, characters in 30s s not too young not too old, plenty of angst, hot sex an good plot what more could you want from a book. . This book is part of an amazing series and you will enjoy them all. Happy Reading at the Library….

October is Fire Presentation Month ! So let;s Heat it up with some romance….. Be sure to leave a comment and a link for your Thursday Throwback book picks.. Lisa

Throwback Thursday

Today I am doing a Throwback Thursday post – as I am thinking about the last years books and reviews. So here’s what I was reading last year at this time;

A Promise for Christmas (Spinster Mail-Order Brides Book 29)

After a decade serving as a governess for a wealthy Chicago family, lively Fiona Carthage is ousted from her job and their house. She turns to the Matrimonial News and responds to an ad from a Colorado storeowner. Anson Lorentz, a man who prizes routine and a quiet life, sees the happiness a mail-order bride brought his friend and takes a chance on bringing a bride to Gunnison City. Fiona works to make his house into a real home. Her arrival sets his household upside down, which causes friction for this new couple.
Will Anson stand by his promise to provide Fiona a secure home, or will his newly discovered family ties sway his allegiance?

From Kindle Unlimited – and the count is Now #35:

Thanks for stopping in this Thursday ! Lisa