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Tuesday Book Club

Book fans , bloggers or authors Sign up Now for 2021 Book Club chats. Let’s share and have fun at the Book Club. Lisa

Looking for guest to chat about :

Book recommendations , what you are reading. New Year goals

Your latest book or what you are working on. Favorite character or setting.

Favorite thing to eat or drink while writing or reading.

Please drop me a comment- and will get it set up… Lisa

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Thursday Library Update :

Today we are back at the Library stacking shelves with new books and having a fun Book discussion- Come join us and Chat….

My November Shelf :

Some Thanksgiving favorites

Book Club Chat : traveling for the holidays?

Planning a holiday Road Trip. Do you Read in the Car on road trips ? Or listen to audio books?

Why is it hard to read in the car? Motion sickness in general is caused when your inner ear and your eyes disagree about whether you’re moving. When you read in a car, your visual field stays still but your inner ear detects the twists and turns.

From the Library Collection: (audio book)

rom the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours comes a new historical novel: the dramatic story of three young women searching for family amid the destruction of the post–Civil War South, and of a modern-day teacher who learns of their story and its vital connection to her students’ lives.

Stacking the Shelves :

Holiday Books are here!

For fans of Little WomenThe Chronicles of NarniaA Christmas CarolAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and more, a literature-inspired cookbook for voracious readers during the festive holiday season.

A regimented ex-Army man drives an irresistible wedding planner  from Cupid to Twilight in the next Twilight, Texas, novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde.

You are cordially invited to a Twilight, Texas, Christmas Wedding! The town is decorated, the cookies are made, and the stage is set . . . for love.

In the town of Silver Bells, there’s always a feeling of Christmas in the air… Let love—and RaeAnne Thayne—melt your heart this holiday season!

This New Year will bring widowed nurse Abigail Powell a fresh start in a different city. Excited about the chance to create an unforgettable Christmas for her young son in picturesque Silver Bells, Colorado,

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Tuesday Book updates

Today’s post is usually what going on at the Library. But we are closed due to no power from Delta. Today is the 4th day they are saying Friday. So here’s a quick week book update:

My book date:

This is an older book I had in a pile of donated books. Great author and takes place in a scrapbook store in New Orleans.

Tuesday Book discussion:

Home libraries? What’s in yours ?

I found out I didn’t have much since going electronic.

Top Ten Tuesday

My hubby and son

Fugitive ,Takedown,Gone,Broken Prey,Survivor in Death.

All books where in a bag to be donated to our local library but my family is enjoy reading them. While the power is out. Lisa

Ps . If I was scheduled for a book tour with you. I am sorry for missing it … Lisa

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At the Library

Today I am at the Library and thats a good thing since I am still without internet at home. A perfect time to pick up a book to read or watch a DVD from the Library collection.

Have you joined our Tuesday book club:

Low drama and free. You read what you want and how you want. And then we sit around and talk books.

Today’s discussion: New Releases for October. Have anything you are excited to read? Share

Today’s library find:

Book published in 2006

This author is always a good read even if its 14 years old. Our library is filled with donated books , tapes and DVD and you can always find a gem… Lisa

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Book Club Discussions

Today’s discussion is all about banned books. Join the Book Club discussion by leaving a comment….. Lisa

What is your opinion on banning books? Have you read any of them ? Why do you thinks certain books are banned?

Join our Book Club Challenge :

A Farewell to Arms :

The best American novel to emerge from World War I, A Farewell to Arms is the unforgettable story of an American ambulance driver on the Italian front and his passion for a beautiful English nurse.

The best American novel to emerge from World War I, A Farewell to Arms is the unforgettable story of an American ambulance driver on the Italian front and his passion for a beautiful English nurse. Hemingway’s frank portrayal of the love between Lieutenant Henry and Catherine Barkley, caught in the inexorable sweep of war, glows with an intensity unrivaled in modern literature, while his description of the German attack on Caporetto—of lines of fired men marching in the rain, hungry, weary, and demoralized—is one of the greatest moments in literary history. A story of love and pain, of loyalty and desertion, A Farewell to Arms, written when he was thirty years old, represents a new romanticism for Hemingway.

Book thoughts :

Like most of the books I write about, I read this book as part of my AP English Literature and Composition class in twelfth grade. … When I read this, I admired that Hemingway’s style of writing made the book really easy to read.

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Sunday Post

Thanks for joining me this Sunday.

We missed another hurricane but hurricane season last till November. Hopefully October will be kind to us. Ready for Tea ?

Book updates:

In this charming new cozy mystery series from nationally bestselling author, Vicki Delany, a New York City expat-turned-Cape Cod tea shop owner must solve the murder of a local real estate developer to help her feisty grandmother out of a jam . . .
As the proud proprietor and head pastry chef of Tea by the Sea, a traditional English tearoom on the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod, Roberts has her hands full, often literally. But nothing keeps her busier than steering her sassy grandmother, Rose, away from trouble. Rose operates the grand old Victorian B & B adjacent to Lily’s tea shop . . . for now. An aggressive real estate developer, Jack Ford, is pushing hard to rezone nearby land, with an eye toward building a sprawling golf resort, which would drive Rose and Lily out of business.
Tempers are already steaming, but things really get sticky when Ford is found dead at the foot of Rose’s property and the police think she had something to do with his dramatic demise. Lily can’t let her grandmother get burned by a false murder charge. So she starts her own investigation and discovers Ford’s been brewing bad blood all over town, from his jilted lover to his trophy wife to his shady business partners. Now, it’s down to Lily to stir up some clues, sift through the suspects, and uncover the real killer before Rose is left holding the tea bag.

Iced Spice Tea :

4 tea bags

1 quart boiling water

1 stick Cinnamon

1/2 tsp whole cloves

1 c sugar

Juice of 3 lemon

1 quart cold water

Fresh mint to garnish.

Make tea and add Cinnamon and cloves . Let seep for 4 minutes and remove tea bags and strain. Serve over ice and fresh mint leaves for garnish.

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At the Library : Book Discussion

My book club is discussing next door neighbor romances !

From bestselling author Veronica Paige, comes Book Two of the Small-Town Romance Series. This short romance about next-door neighbors is as steamy and sweet as cherry pie.


Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

Raised in the small town of Perris, Louisiana, my momma taught me to be kind and hospitable to my neighbors. So when someone moves in next door to the old Pritchard place, I quickly grab a cherry pie from the fridge and head over to welcome the newcomers and make introductions. Little do I know, the man who moved in just across my back yard is the infamous Ben Faircloth. High school basketball legend. Highly regarded doctor. Panty melter.

I stumble awkwardly to find the appropriate words to say before I walk away cursing my stupidity under my breath.
That is, until he shows up at the bakery where I work and asks to come over to my place. Maybe I made a lasting impression after all…


Maggie Granger is about as adorable as they come. She caught my eye as a quirky freshman when I was a senior at Perris High ten years ago, and I’ve never forgotten her. But when I walk outside onto my front porch the morning after she comes over to introduce herself, and I see her sponging down her red sports car in a string bikini that reveals curves you could sink your teeth into, I know she’s even more than I bargained for. It won’t take me long to realize she’s the total package, and I’m in way over my head here.

Only she can pull me up for air again. And when she does, she just might steal my heart.

Would you date your next door neighbor ?

I actually dont have one but when I lived in an apartment I always questioned it. Maybe too close to comfort unless you where sure it would work out…. Lisa

Favorite Next door neighbor book?

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At the Library

Today Iam volunteer at the Library. Doing some clean up from the storm and setting up September bulletin boards and events.

Since Louisiana is still at phase 2 I do story time online for the kids . Today’s book is a great one !

Today’s book

My pick:

I grab this book from the library collection because I am in the middle of moving and redoing my parents house. Lots of great ideas here in this book.

At the Library

September reading 📚

Book shelves
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Of Literature and Lattes

The Book Club is in Session:

Return to the cozy and delightful town of Winsome, where two people discover the grace of letting go and the joy found in unexpected change.

After fleeing her hometown three years earlier, Alyssa Harrison never planned to return. Then the Silicon Valley start-up she worked for collapsed and turned her world upside down. She is broke, under FBI investigation, and without a place to go. Having exhausted every option, she comes home to Winsome, Illinois, to regroup and move on as quickly as possible. Yet, as friends and family welcome her back, Alyssa begins to see a place for herself in this small Midwestern community.

Jeremy Mitchell moved from Seattle to Winsome to be near his daughter and to open the coffee shop he’s been dreaming of for years. Problem is, the business is bleeding money—and he’s not quite sure why. When he meets Alyssa, he senses an immediate connection, but what he needs most is someone to help him save his floundering business. After asking for her help, he wonders if something might grow between them—but forces beyond their control soon complicate their already complex lives, and the future they both hoped for is not at all what they anticipated.

With the help of Winsome’s small-town charm and quirky residents, Alyssa and Jeremy discover the beauty and romance of second chances.

  • Sweet and thoughtful contemporary read
  • Stand-alone novel featuring characters from The Printed Letter Bookshop
  • Book length: 86,000 words
  • Includes discussion questions for book clubs

New at The Library :

This month’s Book Club reads. From a library favorite who wrote : The Printed Letter Bookshop. Return to this quaint town of Winsome for the second time for good coffee, friends and a romance . So grab your library card and get reading…… Lisa

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Friday Night Read * Wolf”s Hour

Welcome to my November  Friday Night Read !

Let’s get started with the fun -with my Read from last night. First if you have not read the True Mate series from Lisa start here Lisa Amazon page.  This book is written in that world where snifters are looking for there True mates who are angel hybrid making them very special women. This author has a great new look at that concept and you will enjoy the book even if you have never read the other books.  With a great story & characters this book will make for a great night of reading.




Book Link


Cam Watson is no one special. A bakery owner with an uncanny sense of timing, she has no idea why some idiot kids have decided to make her shop the object of harassment. As the problems escalate, she needs to face facts. There’s no avoiding the cops any longer. And when she meets Dom, she wouldn’t mind spending some time in the back of his squad car. But she has no idea that he is part of a supernatural world that she never knew existed, even though her fate is linked closely with its survival.

Dom Soto is a shifter cop, on a force of all shifter cops. But even wolf shifters need to take on the simple and boring cases. When he gets a whiff of Cam, thoughts of boring go right out the window. He’s heard of the One True Mates, the women sired by an angel and destined for other shiften. Never did he think that he’d find one meant for him.

Even though it can’t be true, Dom can’t stay away from Cam. He’ll defy his boss, his friends, and destiny to keep her, but first he needs to keep her safe. And she has secrets of her own that may tear them apart. Can Cam learn to trust a man who turns into a wolf? Or will the clock tick to zero, leaving her out of time?

This & More can be found on my Pinerest Boards !


My November party board : November Board