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Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More: Practical Projects for Comfort and Care

Sew with a purpose!

  • 14 thoughtful projects including face masks, wheelchair caddies, arm slings, blankets, and more
  • Beginner-friendly guide with simple projects and a walk-through of all the basic sewing skills you will need
  • Step-by-step instructions, coordinating illustrations, and easy-to-follow patterns
  • Learn stitching techniques, how to work with a variety of tools and notions, patchwork, pleating, reverse appliqué, and more
  • Author Angie Herbertson is a leading Etsy shop owner who offers thoughtful scrub cap sewing patterns with various useful features

Anyone can learn how to create these thoughtful projects with a purpose, which can be easily made and then gifted or donated to those who need them most!

Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More features 14 easy and intentional sewing projects that range in difficulty and are thoughtful, practical, and important. From face masks and scrub caps to a wheelchair caddy, arm sling, fidget blanket, adult bib, lap quilt, tab blankie, and so much more, you’ll not only learn how to sew and develop your skills, you’ll create handmade items and crucial accessories that make a difference!

Author Angie Herbertson is the owner and pattern designer behind A Design by Angie where she makes and sells surgical scrub caps, sewing patterns, and tutorials. Her Etsy shop under the same name also offers vitally important sewing patterns and finished products with thousands of happy customers. Her thoughtful scrub cap sewing patterns offer useful features such as being reversible and having multiple ways to wear them.

This helpful guide walks beginners through all the basic sewing skills you’ll need. Get started with essential information on materials, tools, techniques, and tips. You’ll learn stitching techniques, how to work with a variety of tools and notions—such as elastic, interfacing, bias tape, needles, and thread—patchwork, pleating, reverse applique, and more. Clear, step-by-step instructions with coordinating illustrations and helpful tips take you through each project. The included patterns can also be accessed for digital download.

Book Review:

The tutorials and techniques are suited to beginning sewers There are step by step tutorials for 14 projects including scrub hats, fitget mats (for autistic and dementia patients), slings, wheelchair organizer caddies, and more. The projects themselves are attractive and useful. They’re all beginner accessible. This would make a superlative selection for volunteer and charity sewing. Patterns in PDF form can be printed out and used many times. Perfect for anyone wanting to make mask in this New Year… Lisa

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The Diva Spices It Up

After a celebrity ghostwriter dies on the job, Old Town’s favorite entertaining expert and sporadic sleuth, Sophie Winston, whips up an impromptu investigation in the new Domestic Diva mystery from New York Times bestselling author, Krista Davis . . .
Sophie never considered ghostwriting as a side gig, until former actress and aspiring lifestyle guru, Tilly Stratford, trophy wife of Wesley Winthrope, needs someone to write her celebrity cookbook. Sophie agrees, hoping she’ll earn enough bread on this assignment to finish her bathroom renovations. But as it turns out, Sophie isn’t the first foodie to get a taste for recipe ghostwriting, and if the marginalia are any indication, this project could be a killer . . .
Wesley claims professional ghostwriter, Abby Bergeron, suddenly abandoned Tilly’s cookbook with no warning. But Sophie quickly discovers that Abby may be more ghost than writer now . . . and her disappearance was no accident. So Sophie cracks open a fresh investigation, but sifting the seasoned murderer from this sampling of salty suspects won’t be easy. Will Sophie savor another case closed or will the culprit simply melt away?
Includes delicious recipes and entertaining tips!

Net Galley :

Diva Spices It Up” ( book 13 ) by author Krista Davis. Has all the usual characters are present, including the diva Natasha. The plot is clever and Davis pulls the threads together to solve this exciting mystery. This cozy read was the perfect escape these past rainy days. Enjoy it yourself.

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Book Review * Darkness Returns



More powerful than ever, the Guardians of Eternity are facing their greatest challenge yet: a war within their ranks. Their future is in the hands of one rebel vampire, who must choose between loyalty and love . . .

Blessed with an even more compelling allure than most vampires, Chiron has made a fortune in the human world, creating an empire of resorts and casinos. Since the betrayal and imprisonment of his master, he has existed outside the order of the Guardians, trusting no one. But now, the new vampire king has given him a peace offering: a scroll that could free his master. Following the relic’s magic leads him to a demon hotel deep in the Everglades, a lush paradise owned by a mysterious and
mesmerizing woman . . .

As far as Lilah knows, she’s lived her entire life within the confines of her enchanted estate. Memories of her own past are elusive and cloaked in shadows. Even Chiron can’t figure out exactly what she is, and if her intoxicating beauty is his destiny or an illusion drawing him ever closer to his demise—or perhaps to an even more tormenting choice, between his master and his mate . . .

Net Galley Book Review: 

(Guardians Of Eternity Book 13

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that Alexandra is writing more Guardians Of Eternity books! Darkness Returns has Chiron searching for his master who was taken years ago by the previous Anasso.. And his trip leads him to Lilan his mate. But what is she other than his mate ? If you are a long time fan catch up with the series here and see some old friends and meet some new ones as another Guardian finds answers and love. Not a standalone book – should be read as part of this series…. Lisa

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Saturday Books : Goodreads Challenge


You have read 127 of 240 books in 2019. I am half way through I think I need to increase it !


This  Weeks top reads : Need my review check it out at goodreads are on the side of my blog. Lisa 




Fascinated (Ocean Beach Book 2)



Lea Hart (Goodreads Author)
Not all book boyfriends are created equal.
Read Fascinated and find out why this Navy SEAL belongs in the hall of fame.

Mix one Navy SEAL, a librarian with criminal tendencies, and a squirrel that doesn’t know his place, and what do you get?
One hot and hilarious romantic adventure.
Navy SEAL, Caid Adams is doing his damnedest to get the sassy librarian he’s smitten with interested.
Courtney Walker is doing her best to avoid the Spec Ops warrior with more special sauce than McDonald’s.
Are either one of them going to get what they want?
Absolutely…just not in the way they imagined.
Come see what happens when these two tangle themselves up together and embark on a journey of crashing grace. 



The Big Bad Wolf; Nico’s story (Annalese and the Immortals Book 4)



Annie Buff (Goodreads Author)
Nico Angelov, Alpha and self proclaimed bachelor who prefers a different woman every night, until he rescues Casey. From that moment there is nothing he won’t do to make her his and to keep her safe from a very nasty vampire who wants her for a play toy, or does he? The deeper Nico digs, with a little help from Vlad and company, the more things dont make sense. The only thing to do is capture or kill the rogue. Can they do it, find the rogue vampire and do the deed or will he outsmart them? And just who is this vampire and why does he want Casey so much. One thing is for sure, nobody is safe with him on the loose.

Beast: The Devil’s Guards Mc 6



She thought she was alone to raise her small son alone until the man of her dreams descended on her and took her into his strong arms to keep her safe from the terrors of this world. Little did he know she was a powerhouse all on her own, she just needed the strength to show him and everyone else now in her life.

When I first saw her, I knew she was going to be mine and if that meant I was to take over her life, then so be it. My grandfather always told the kids of our family, that when you find the one for you, don’t ever let them go and to always fight for them. So I do and I come out of it with the best thing in my life, my Emma. 


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Saturday’s Good Reads Challenge Update*

You have read 109 of 240 books in 2019.

1545340332-1545340332_goodreads_misc (1)


It’s Time for my Saturday Reading Update ! What have you been reading this week ? Here’s some of my favorites – you can find my  Review at Good Reads Follow Me


My mother, father, brother, and sister were murdered. And I found them.
My only living relatives were my grandmother and one little sister, Reese.
Then, my grandmother died, leaving me as the only one responsible for my little sister.
My dad was a member of the Blackwings MC.
I always planned on becoming a brother. I just thought my dad would be there when I patched in.
But he wasn’t, and I was slowly drowning in anger and rage.
My club was behind me and did everything they could to help me.
But nothing was working.
Until the night I met her.

“If you want sexy, hot, alpha bikers who not only love their club but their brotherhood with a loyalty that runs deep through their veins, then look no further than the Blackwings MC. It’s got all that and then some. Carbon brings it all to the table in this book when he falls hard for Harper, who just happens to be Duke’s sister. With a past that some people don’t come back from, Harper puts one foot in front of the other and tries her hardest to not only pick up the pieces of a shattered childhood but go on in life to help those in need by becoming a counselor to help kids pick up their own shattered lives and help them to fulfill their own dreams. Do yourselves a favor and buy this book. You will not be disappointed. Five flaming gold stars from me.” – Slam Dunk’s Luscious Reads



Once Upon A Time…

Cecilia Marks was bullied.

Bullied her entire life because of an accident she had no control over, Cecilia began college hoping for a fresh start. To her dismay, she’s been faced with the same bullies only with crueler taunts and words that can slice deeper than the sharpest of knives.
A short run-in with a stunning man had her world turning upside down in ways she never expected.

Landon Powers was possessed.

Walking back into college ten years after he left, Landon hadn’t expected to fall for the gorgeous brunette he ran into. But there she was, soft-spoken, unassuming, and the strongest woman he’d ever met. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Including making it known, she wasn’t to be bullied.

Newly covered, rewritten, revised, and freshly edited, bullied has been transformed into ONCE UPON A TIME.

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2019 Reading Challenge Update :

It’s time for my Saturday update time :

I have read 67 of 67 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

Last week Picks : some of my favorites 



What do you do when your husband, an ex-NFL running back, is trying to have you murdered?

You get kidnapped, run, dance in questionable strip clubs, and stay under the radar while trying to survive.

That is exactly the path that I took, only in the end, it lead me to a motorcycle club in the Dakotas and to a family I never knew I had. I don’t know if they can keep me safe or sane, especially after meeting their VP – Rage. I do know it’s time to stop running, and to start living again.

*Meant for adult readers, strong language, violence, and sexual situations.
Over 70K word, full length, stand alone novel with an HEA.


I have read the whole series : start with book #1 – Finding Ali 



Protecting Fable: Stone Knights MC Book 6

Megan Fall (Goodreads Author)
Tripp was in love once, but she left him, and it broke something inside him. Now Tripp’s a detective, but he can’t stand dealing with all the red tape. He wants to take down the bad guys, but most of the time the law gets in his way.Fable had the kind of love people only dreamed about. But when her mother remarried, she gained a stepbrother from hell. He turned her world upside down and forced her to break up with Tripp.What happens when Tripp discovers someone forced Fable to break up with him and she’s in trouble? Will the law stop him from protecting what was once his, or will he ignore the law, and follow the bikers that may just have the right idea about how to dish out vengeance!
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Book Review * Cross Breed by Lora Leigh

Welcome to Saturday Morning ! 

This week released a ton of great book but one that everyone has been excised about hit the stand, The Newest  book in the Breeds series.

*My Review  below has some spoilers . But Read on :



Book link

Fans of #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh’s scorching Breed series first met Cassie as a little girl in Elizabeth’s Wolf. Now Cassie has finally come into her own as a young woman, and she’s about to discover the one she is destined for—but it is unclear whether her fate is to be mated for life, or marked for death…

The Breeds are humans altered before conception with the DNA of the predators of Earth. But although they all carry the genetic material of beasts within them, Cassandra Sinclair stands apart. A unique mix of wolf, coyote and human, she is revered by many—but preyed upon by others. She is fiercely protected by her community…but no one manages to stop her when she slips away one day to offer her body in exchange for her sister’s safety.

The man she succumbs to surprises her by unleashing her inner animal in ways she never dreamed possible—and provokes her deep, furious rage. To Cassie’s shock, he is the mate she has long awaited. She may never be able to forgive his deception. Still, as dangerous enemies track her, and as the threat of all-out war between Breeds and the humans who despise them hovers in the air, they must join forces and hold fast to each other.

But the passionate union between them holds a potential that could change the world—and some will do anything to stop it…

First to answer some questions ? 

  • No it’s not a standalone – but you don’t have had too have read all the books.
  • I would read – Elizabeth’s Wolf first – its Cassies Mom book and  its introduce you to Cassie.
  • Is it worth the $12.99  price tag – Depends if you can wait for it. My library has it but you might have to wait awhile ( 23 in line)

My Net Galley Review :  So Cassie’s mate is Dog ( Council Coyote ) -no big surprise.  But it’s the mating that’s the story. Because nothing is easy when it comes to Breeds, Breed politics  and these two strong people. I am not going to give anything away -so read the book because there lots of up and downs and intrigue going on just like the other books. It’s a perfect blend of the old and the new in this long running book series that will not disappoint any fan.  

PS this is not the end. We see a glimpse of the next book and it looks like another winner,   Lisa 

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Defending Allye *Review





Love is a life-and-death risk for the Mountain Mercenaries in New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker’s explosive series of alpha heroes, hot action, and hard passion…

Ever since his rescue op off the Pacific Coast, Mountain Mercenary Gray Rogers hasn’t been able to forget his latest “job”—Allye Martin. Any other woman would have panicked during a rescue, but the wily dancer kept her cool—even after being kidnapped by an elusive human trafficker. And Gray couldn’t be happier when a grateful Allye follows him home to Colorado Springs…

For Allye, finding sanctuary in the arms—and bed—of the former Navy SEAL is only temporary. People are disappearing off the streets of San Francisco, victims of the same underground trade that targeted her, and Allye could be the key to dismantling the entire operation. She’s willing to do anything to bring them down. Gray isn’t—for good reason. But you don’t say no to a tough girl like Allye who refuses to play it safe.

Now Gray is risking more than ever before. The Mountain Mercenaries have his back. But is it enough to keep the woman he loves out of harm’s way?

About the Author

Susan Stoker is a New York TimesUSA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author whose series include Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, SEAL of Protection, and Delta Force Heroes. Married to a retired army noncommissioned officer, Stoker has lived all over the country—from Missouri to California to Colorado—and currently lives under the big skies of Texas. A true believer in the happily ever after, Stoker enjoys writing novels in which romance turns to love. To learn more about the author and her work, visit her website,, or find her on Facebook at

Net Galley Review : Book 1 of a new series and a great addition to her other series. Mountain Mercenaries are ex soldiers righting the wrong in the world. And kidnapped Allye is the latest job for Gray .But Allye has information that might keep her safe and help the team so she contact them for help. And drain back to Gray, 

As in Susan other books the alpha hero saves the girl and then the real story happens.  As two people find themselves while battling an evil man after Allye.  But even if the story is basically the same it’s well written with good characters and interesting story well worth your time spent .    Differently  worth reading if you are a fan  & Free to borrow with Kindle unlimited if you have never read this author,  Lisa 


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Saturday * Author List

Hello Saturday ! 

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite books &  indie authors – In no order so hopefully you will find something mew to read.

Check Out – Lisa Book (Facebook Page)    Face book link                              for more great book post. 


Writes shifter/paranormal books ( Bitten Series /KU)

Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Long running King series !!!

Paranormal books

Mc Romance

MC  Romance

Contemporary Romance

MC Romance

Contemporary Romance

And so many more to read — Lisa 




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Saturday Morning Update *

New. New Release card isolated on white background
New. New Release card isolated on white background

What are you reading this Holiday Weekend ? 


book link

This is the complete series for the Kane family.
The Kanes follows Rachael and Richard Kane before they had Spencer, Ryan, Matt, and Danielle.

The eighties were well before technology became life. Dating wasn’t a swipe left kind of thing. It was chance encounters, exchanged numbers on pieces of paper, and waiting by the telephone so you didn’t miss a call.
And yet…Richard Kane still found his forever in Rachael and didn’t let her go.

Come see how the Kane boys and the one Kane princess came to be.

This is a great holiday bundle -if you haven’t read them. Free with Kindle Unlimited to borrow,    Lisa 



Treat yourSELF for the holidays! With BOOKS!

Kristen Ashley, The Hookup:
Author Harper Sloan, Cowboy Up:
Meghan March, Sinful Empire:
Amy Jarecki, The Highland Guardian:
Christie Adams, Winter’s Fire:
Xavier Neal, Public:
Alexa Riley, Home for Christmas:
Team Player Anthology, Kennedy Kendall Ryan, Meghan Quinn Author, Rochelle Paige, Sara Ney et al, :
Penelope Sky, Buttons & Grace:

I just finished Team Player and if you love sports romances buy his book.