While at the Altar by Pamela D. Smith

While at the Altar by Pamela D. Smith Genre: Non-fiction/ Christian/ Inspirational Blurb: Are you ready to become resilient, healed, and whole? It is time to experience abundance in every area of your life by using prayer, forgiveness, repentance, and truth as the foundation for developing spiritual fortitude. Consistent prayer will increase your faith and … Continue reading While at the Altar by Pamela D. Smith


https://www.amazon.com/dp/1648509207 Plants are sessile organisms that are unable to move but face the challenge of ever-changing or adverse environments. The study of the development of environmental changes in tolerant plants is fundamental for the maintenance and streamlining of high crop yields and plant adaptation in natural environments. The identification of genes that lead to changes … Continue reading THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine:

Beautiful Loaves and Flatbreads from All Over the World - Includes Loaves Made Start-to-Finish in the ... Start in the Machine and Finish in the Oven  Delicious, comforting, and authentic artisan breads are expensive to buy at your grocery store or local bakery. Now you can use your bread machine to make them at home for a … Continue reading Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine:

Friday Favourite

Today's favorite is from a long time favorite author : Nora Roberts. And I picked up this copy of the book at the Library. Her 200 th book is a winner. Published in 2012 The Witness is a suspenful romance novel : The book is a moving tale about Liz/ Abigail 's early life with … Continue reading Friday Favourite

At the Library

Today I am working at the Library ! Top check out book is The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!THE USA TODAY BESTSELLER! The hardscrabble folks of Troublesome Creek have to scrap for everything—everything except books, that is. Thanks to Roosevelt's Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project, Troublesome's got its very own … Continue reading At the Library

The Somerset Girls: A Novel

No one knows you quite like a sister… Summer in Sunset, Kentucky, means long, hot days—and sometimes surprising new beginnings. Through it all, the ties of sisterhood will be thee, guiding Autumn and Ember to the lives, and loves, they need… When they’re running the animal-rescue farm they inherited from their grandparents, Autumn and Ember … Continue reading The Somerset Girls: A Novel

Claimed by a Steele: A Sexy Contemporary Billionaire Romance

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson brings you a brand-new story in the Forged of Steele series. Perfect for fans of the popular Westmoreland series and readers of passionate contemporary romances! This Steele man is always in the driver’s seat…But is this playboy ready for the wildest ride of his life? Agreeing a PR stunt would be good for … Continue reading Claimed by a Steele: A Sexy Contemporary Billionaire Romance

Library Fan Pick

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA young woman is caught up in a dangerous double life on behalf of her country during World War II in Danielle Steel's thrilling new novel. At eighteen, Alexandra Wickham is presented to King George V and Queen Mary in an exquisite white lace and satin dress her mother has ordered from Paris. … Continue reading Library Fan Pick

The Sunday Potluck Club

recipe for living . . .New friends can be found in unexpected places. For Bridget and Amy, that place was the cancer ward of an Anchorage hospital. Now, as each struggles to overcome loss, they lean on each other for support—sharing suppers, laughter and tears. Bridget and Amy aren’t about to let hardship knock them down—Bridget … Continue reading The Sunday Potluck Club