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Book Review: She’s a Sinner 

Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is making his mark as an outstanding kicker. When an opening occurs for a new punter, he is asked his opinion on the skills of Hall-of-Famer Andy Mortenson’s grandchild, Alix Lindstrom. Not only is Alix a superb punter, she is also undeniably a tall, strong woman. For Tom, it’s love the first time she removes her helmet, shakes out her blonde hair and gazes at him with her fjord-blue eyes.

Alix regards herself as an overly big, clunky female jock who must prove her ability to every man on the team. For years, she has adored Tom from afar. Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at flirting or making her desires known. As Tom helps her integrate with the Sinners, her feelings grow.

When Alix proves to be his equal in talent and gets roughed in a few plays, his mentoring and over-protectiveness prove his thoughts are in line with hers. But she doesn’t want to be coddled. Can she establish her own identity between the goal posts while scoring touchdowns with him in private?

About Lynn Shurr

Once a librarian, now a writer of romance, Lynn Shurr grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. She attended a state college and earned a very impractical B.A. in English Literature. Her first job out of school really was working as a cashier in a burger joint. Moving from one humble job to another, she traveled to North Carolina, then Germany, then California where she buckled down and studied for an M.A. in Librarianship.

New degree in hand, she found her first reference job in the Heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, Louisiana. For her, the old saying, “Once you’ve tasted bayou water, you will always stay here” came true. She raised three children not far from the Bayou Teche and lives there still with her astronomer husband and two big-boned, orange cats named Jake and Elwood.

When not writing, Lynn likes to paint, to cheer for the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers, and take long road trips nearly anywhere. Her love of the bayou country, its history and customs, often shows in the background for her books.

You may contact Lynn at or visit her

Book review: She’s a Sinner (A Sinner’s Legacy Book 2) 

I love that this book introduces the first female character into the NFL, a goal that I hope will be achieved in our lifetimes. The character of Alix serves as a strong role model for girls while also being able to show her feminine side. Love the Sinners’ series and glad to see funny, sweet, and sensitive Tom finally find his mate!

Sugar and Salt: A Novel

The New York Times bestselling author of The Lost and Found Bookshop brings readers a can’t-miss tale of friendship, hardship, redemption, and love between a San Francisco baker and a barbecue master from Texas.

Jerome Sugar learned the art of baking in his grandma’s bakery, also called Sugar, on historic Perdita Street in San Francisco. He supplies baked goods to the Lost and Found Bookshop across the street.

When the restaurant that shares his commercial kitchen loses its longtime tenant, a newcomer moves in: Margot Salton, a barbecue master from Texas.

Margot isn’t exactly on the run, but she needs a fresh start. She’s taken care of herself her whole life, pulling herself up by her fingernails to recover from trauma, and her dream has been to open a restaurant somewhere far, far from Texas. The shared kitchen with Jerome’s Sugar bakery is the perfect setup: a state-of-the-art kitchen and a vibrant neighborhood popular with tourists and locals.

Margot instantly takes to Jerome’s mother, the lively, opinionated Ida. The older woman proves to be a good mentor, and Margot is drawn to Jerome. Despite their different backgrounds their attraction is powerful—even though Jerome worries that Margot will simply move on from him once she’s found some peace and stability. But just as she starts to relax into a happy new future, Margot’s past in Texas comes back to haunt her…

book review

This book takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotion through the story of the main character. The way the author deals with the effects of poverty, rape, racism and the criminal justice system will make you want to rush out and volunteer to make a difference in the world. Another wonderful read by this amazing author.

Book Review: An Island Summer:

All that Meghan Gray has left of her beloved Pappy is his cottage on the edge of the shimmering Atlantic Ocean. Longing to feel close to her grandfather, she returns to the golden sands of Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks for the summer, clutching the manilla envelope he gifted her tightly in her hand.

On her first night on the sun-drenched island, she meets brooding Toby Meyers, a local businessman. She might feel lost without Pappy, but looking into Toby’s sparkling blue eyes feels like coming home.

The beach house where she spent her childhood is just how she remembers: a shingled bungalow with two rocking chairs on the porch and shutters on the windows. As Meghan strolls along the sand with Toby, breathing in the salty air, she realizes she is making new memories…

When Meghan opens the envelope, she finds a black-and-white photograph of someone she doesn’t recognize. If she can find out its meaning, and why Pappy gave it to her, she’ll unlock a secret that has been hidden for decades. The truth has the power to change everything Meghan and Toby thought they knew about their lives—and it will either bring them together, or break their hearts…

Book Review:

An Island Summer is a charming story about pursuing your dreams, despite the naysaying voices of others. It’s about taking the time and making the effort to truly get to know someone, not just listening to the rumors about them. And it’s a story demonstrating the heights you can reach and lengths you can go with a faithful friend by your side. This story is easy-to-read, feel-good and perfect for the lazy days of summer. The Perfect Beach Read for everyone.

Book Review: Colton K-9 Target

Man’s best friend 

…is this cop’s most trusted partner

New to the Grave Gulch Police Department, K-9 detective Brett Shea feels like an outsider among its many Coltons. Even Annalise, his dog’s trainer, is a Colton! But when she’s attacked by a man pretending to be her date, Brett vows to track down the criminal. Though he’s sworn off forever love—which is proving harder by the day—Brett will protect her at any cost.

From Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Danger. Passion. Drama.

Feel the excitement in these uplifting romances, part of The Coltons of Grave Gulch series:

Net Galley Review:

Annalise is a dog trainer who was catfished and was attacked thankfully K-9 Detective Brett Shea is there to help her out. Brett will do everything he can to protect her but also figure out who is the guy pretending to be a doctor/dog lover and prevent this person from attraction someone again.

I really enjoyed this book even though I had not read the other books. I felt Brett pain as being the outsider in the Police force. But it made the story come alive as he found his place with work and a Colton that he falls for. I highly recommend reading this book is you are a fan of this series or just in mood for an uplifting romance. Lisa

While at the Altar by Pamela D. Smith

While at the Altar book coverWhile at the Altar by Pamela D. Smith Genre: Non-fiction/ Christian/ Inspirational
Blurb: Are you ready to become resilient, healed, and whole? It is time to experience abundance in every area of your life by using prayer, forgiveness, repentance, and truth as the foundation for developing spiritual fortitude. Consistent prayer will increase your faith and usher you into a true relationship with God. A true relationship with God yields peace and abundance. If you are ready to release the power of God into your life and circumstances, then this is the book for you. In this book you will learn: to pray fervently to release past hurt and pain, how to pray for your marriage, children, business, finances, attitude, and so much more. After reading this book you will develop spiritual fortitude, live in the freedom of whom Christ called you to be, learn practical steps to release past hurt and pain so that you can heal, boldly walk in your God-given authority, and develop spiritually.
Links:GoodreadsBookbubAmazon Pamela D. Smith author pictureAbout the Author: Pamela D. Smith is an Award-Nominated, Multi-Published Author, Prayer Warrior, Inspirational Speaker, and Mentor who was recently named one of 11 Women in Marketplace Ministry to watch in 2021. Pamela is also a Licensed Minister and Certified Life Coach who has dedicated her diverse pursuits to elevating the lives of women around the world. She uses her literary talent to evangelize and bring others into the saving faith of Jesus Christ. Her mission is to help women deepen their prayer lives and release past hurt and pain and live a life of purpose and abundance. As a Mentor, Pamela is sought out for prayer, inner healing, and guidance into divine purpose. Her mentorship also includes helping self-published Christian authors navigate the publishing process and provides them with tips on how to use their book as a ministry tool. Pamela has graduated from Louisiana Tech University with an Undergraduate Degree in Liberal Arts. She continued her education and received her Master’s in Business Management from AIU University. Pamela speaks at churches, conferences, and to Christian women groups and book clubs. Her transformational speeches and prayers equip women to become resilient, heal, and whole as they learn how to overcome adversity through the power of prayer. Pamela has been featured in several magazines, articles, podcasts, and blogs including Sheen magazine, N’style Atlanta, and Houston Style Magazine. To learn more about Pamela D. Smith visit her website at Author links:WebsiteFacebookInstagram Lola's Blog Tours graphic

Book Review:

I received a copy for review from Lola Blog tours but you can also read with Kindle Unlimited. What a wonderful book on prayer. This book takes you on a beautiful journey through prayer and how it can change your life. It will set you free to live the life you where meant for. Highly recommended! What a fantastic and easy-to-read book, making coming to the Altar and presenting our prayers, a delight! Lisa


Plants are sessile organisms that are unable to move but face the challenge of ever-changing or adverse environments. The study of the development of environmental changes in tolerant plants is fundamental for the maintenance and streamlining of high crop yields and plant adaptation in natural environments. The identification of genes that lead to changes or stress tolerance is urgently needed for the growth and development of plants in their natural environment. The Secret of Plants in the ENVIRONMENT addresses environmental concerns such as the different types of stress situations and plant adaptation to changing environments, including the positive and negative effects of stress on the growth of crops, the beginning stages of plant life cycles, and plant output. This book seeks to discuss the impact of environmental changes or stress on plant life, environmental stress physiology, and adaptation mechanisms. It highlights the impact of environmental stresses on plants and crops under changing environments and gives a comprehensive overview of how plants respond to such environments. In addition, it serves as a helpful guide to the students of BSc, MSc and to all professionals engaged in teaching and research on environmental-related subjects. It dwells on some important aspects of environmental change or stress as the main issue affecting the survival of plants at the early stages of their life cycle. Hence, the author hopes that both early-career scientists and research scholars interested in pursuing environmental science to an advanced stage would also benefit from the important information discussed in this book.

About the author: 

Rishikesh Upadhyay, PhD, also known R K Upadhyay was born and grew up in a small Nepalis’ hamlet, Bhanjang Basti, just a few kilometres of Haflong, the district headquarters of North Cachar Hills, India, Rishikesh Upadhyay is an Assistant Professor, researcher, and author. He loves learning and teaching to expand his horizons and ideas. Dr. Upadhyay believes in and writes about Plants and its environment. Much of his work is confined to teaching and researching physio-biochemical and environmental stress responses in plants. 

You can also find him on –

Twitter :

Goodreads :

Title: The Secret of Plants in the ENVIRONMENT

Author: Rishikesh Upadhyay, PhD

Publisher: Self Published on 2nd April, 2020

Genera: Non-fiction, Environment, Ecology, Nature, Botany

Format: Paperback, Kindle

Pages: 204 pages


Barnes & Noble


My Book Review”

I read and reviewed this book after being contacted by the author. But my review is my own thoughts and options. As a gardener and homeschool teacher I always enjoyed sharing my garden and plants knowledge with my students. This book is written by a teacher and researcher that delivers a wealth of knowledge in between the pages of this book. With great pictures this book is readable to everyone who cares about the environment. . I will be using this book in my science class and recommend this book to others who enjoy the science and plants. Lisa

5 minute stress relief

75 exercise to quiet your mind and calm your body.

Book reviews:

I got this book from the publisher.  I was interested in what 5 minutes could do to relieve stress. Some examples in the book under the Home section was : Hug your pet, spend time playing, light candle and even regular household chores can relieve stress. This is a fun book something we all can do for 5 minutes and be less stressful in life. Lisa

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine:

Beautiful Loaves and Flatbreads from All Over the World – Includes Loaves Made Start-to-Finish in the … Start in the Machine and Finish in the Oven 

Delicious, comforting, and authentic artisan breads are expensive to buy at your grocery store or local bakery. Now you can use your bread machine to make them at home for a fraction of what store-bought breads cost.

Veteran chef, baker, and food writer Michelle Anderson has put dozens of models and sizes of bread machines through their paces and knows better than anyone what a bread machine can do. Would you like a boule or a baguette with your next picnic or brunch? Would the delectable aroma of a just-made ciabatta or focaccia create the perfect atmosphere for your next pasta supper? Michelle shows you the fastest and easiest ways to make these and many other rustic and comforting breads. Her recipes include breads made from start to finish in the bread machine and others that, because of their shape, are started in the bread machine and finished in a regular oven—the latter still a much easier method than starting from scratch on a counter-top.

Rugbrod (Danish rye bread), Irish Soda Bread, San Francisco Sourdough, German Peasant Bread, Pane Siciliano…there’s a wide and wondrous world of amazing breads to discover in the pages of this book. You’ll even find chapters on cheese breads and herb breads, and an especially delicious one on sweet breads to have for dessert or with your morning coffee.

Millions of people are rediscovering the simple, soul-warming pleasures of freshly made, home-cooked bread. It’s not a lot of work at all—if you own a bread machine and have a copy of this incredibly inventive and eminently reliable cookbook.

Net Galley Book review:

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine includes a comprehensive look into how a bread machine works before listing 100 recipes you can try at home. The recipes found within the book look and sound tasty. I am somewhat disappointed that only about 25% are made entirely in the bread machine. But I understand to get a certain look to a crust the oven is the only way to go. If you have a bread maker ( or on Christmas list) check this book out and enjoy these tasty bread….. Lisa

Friday Favourite

Today’s favorite is from a long time favorite author : Nora Roberts.

And I picked up this copy of the book at the Library.

Her 200 th book is a winner. Published in 2012 The Witness is a suspenful romance novel :

The book is a moving tale about Liz/ Abigail ‘s early life with her Mom and her surving and hiding from danger after witnessing a murder. This is a book of hope as she does finds a new life and love in a small town with the local sheriff that she learns to trust.

Have a favorite book ? A book you re read that you would like to share .. leave a comment. Lisa

At the Library

Today I am working at the Library ! Top check out book is The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek


The hardscrabble folks of Troublesome Creek have to scrap for everything—everything except books, that is. Thanks to Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project, Troublesome’s got its very own traveling librarian, Cussy Mary Carter.

Cussy’s not only a book woman, however, she’s also the last of her kind, her skin a shade of blue unlike most anyone else. Not everyone is keen on Cussy’s family or the Library Project, and a Blue is often blamed for any whiff of trouble. If Cussy wants to bring the joy of books to the hill folks, she’s going to have to confront prejudice as old as the Appalachias and suspicion as deep as the holler.

Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman’s belief that books can carry us anywhere—even back home.Fans of historical fiction will fall in love with this bestselling novel’s:Strong research and vivid depictions of AppalachiaInspiration from the real blue-skinned people of KentuckyCharacters who are both relatable and fascinatingEmphasis on the importance of books (perfect for books clubs or as a gift for the librarian in your life)

Check out Now:

This wonderful book is filled with emotions. And a look back at a simpler time in our lives. In an area of the country that is hard working and usually very poor. But this librarian makes each life richer with her job. So if you are fan of books and history. This one is highly recommended read-so check it out or put it on your wait list……Lisa