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Book Review: Murder at Corgi Country Club

An animal-loving sleuth. A puzzling murder. Nikki, Sonia and their lovable pooches must find the murderer before the wrong person gets collared for the crime.

Nikki Green loves volunteering at the local animal shelter. When the shelter is in dire need of funds, she is on a mission to do everything she can to ensure the doors are kept open, and the pets are taken care of. Luckily, her good friend Sonia Whitter has just the solution. A charity auction at the local country club.

But the auction comes to a grinding halt when an acquaintance of Sonia’s is murdered. Nikki and Sonia put on their detective hats and decide to help the investigation along. But Nikki’s hunky boyfriend, Detective Quinn Grant, would prefer they stop sniffing around.

Nikki, Sonia and their adorable, furry companions, dig up a pile of clues, secrets and enemies. Will they save the shelter and find the murderer before the evidence is buried?

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Join Nikki, Sonia and their canine companions for a heartwarming, page-turning cozy mystery that will keep you guessing till the end.

KU Book Review :

This is another huge hit for me in a wonderful cozy mystery series by Cindy Bell. Nikki Green, dog walker, shelter volunteer and amateur sleuth, doesn’t disappoint when murder occurs right in front of her at an auction at the country club to raise funds for the local animal shelter. She teams up with her best friend and client, Sonia, to investigate because the deceased was a good friend of Sonia’s.

I absolutely love the relationship between Nikki and Sonia because it shows that age doesn’t matter when it comes to the people you click with and who become important to you. I think the relationship Nikki has with Quinn, a detective with the local police department, is totally sweet and completely realistic. Ms. Bell had me guessing until the very end with an incredibly woven myster

I celebrating International Corgi Day with this cute mystery!

Book Review: Love Unleashed

   He’s the beloved veterinarian of a traditional medicine practice.

                                   She owns the holistic pet wellness center next door.

                                             They hate everything about each other.

Parisa Hadid needs to find a way to make her pet wellness center a success—fast—or she’ll never be able to prove her Persian parents wrong and build the business of her dreams. But, the constant fighting with her archnemesis, the surly veterinarian next door, is starting to seriously impact her bottom line. When he won’t stop trying to drive her clients away, it means war.

Malakai Dixon has built his successful practice from the ground up and isn’t going to let a feisty holistic vet ruin what he’s worked so hard for. So when Parisa’s wellness events drudge up painful memories and negatively impact his furry patients, he’ll stop at nothing to get rid of her.

There’s only one problem: chemistry is rolling in like waves and threatening to crash both of their plans. When an unexpected accident forces them to work together, they’ll have to face their fears—and their feelings—once and for all.

Love Unleashed is a tantalizing enemies to lovers romance that sizzles with banter, passion, and plenty of hilarious twists as two type-A veterinarians learn to let go of their comfort zones and fight for true love.

KU Book Review:

f you love enemies to lovers in the workplace, you will like this one. The workplace banter and fighting was enjoyable to read. I liked that the main characters didn’t instantly get over their issues and become friends, but this was a very slow burn. I’m not always a fan of slow burns, but the tension, little moments, and romance before they got together were great. I liked reading about a Persian main character and seeing some cultural aspects in this book. Overall this was so fun and quick to read, kudos to the pets that were their own characters lol.

Picnic in Someday Valley: A Heartwarming Texas Love Story

The charming and uplifting new novel from the legendary author of dozens of unforgettable romances! Travel to the small town of Honey Creek where ties run deep and happiness is just around the next river bend…
“Satisfying…It’s the novel’s patchwork of tender, slow-building relationships between quirky, caring characters that keeps the pages turning. Readers will be pleased.”
Publishers Weekly
Marcie Latimer longs to run away from Someday Valley—especially since her ex-boyfriend spun a web of lies that almost led to tragedy in neighboring Honey Creek. Little wonder so many locals have turned their backs on her. But not Brand Rodgers. The quiet cowboy comes to listen every time she sings at Bandit’s Bar, offering a glimpse of safety and calm that Marcie’s rarely known.
After Texas Ranger Colby McBride saved Honey Creek’s mayor, Piper Mackenzie, from a fire, she claimed him with a kiss. That was five months ago, and Colby still isn’t sure where they’re headed. Piper loves her town—but does she love Colby? And is he even ready for what comes next?
Pecos Smith, Honey Creek’s emergency dispatcher, is grateful to have a new bride he adores and a baby on the way—even if one vital piece of the puzzle is missing. But as trouble comes stalking through the valley, lives will cross surprising paths. And Marcie, who’s always felt that a forever love was out of reach, might discover that Someday is the perfect place to find it . . .
“Compelling and beautifully written.”
—Debbie Macomber on 
Ransom Canyon

Today is National Picnic Day!

Jodi Thomas is a good author. I was hooked on the first of pages. The characters were real and the support from the town citizens was caring and supportive to the story. There was a little too much pre-marital relationship for my taste but it wasn’t graphic so I am recommending the book.

Book Review : A Postcard from Italy:

‘Be whisked away in this sunny, heartwarming read’ Woman’s Own

‘I adored it’ Milly Johnson

‘Enchanting and wonderfully romantic’ Cathy Bramley

‘I adored it. The perfect summer read!’ Lesley Pearse

Grace Quinn loves her job at Cohen’s Convenient Storage Company, finding occasional treasure in the forgotten units that customers have abandoned. Her inquisitive nature is piqued when a valuable art collection and a bundle of letters and diaries are found that date back to the 1930s.

Delving deeper, Grace uncovers the story of a young English woman, Connie Levine, who follows her heart to Italy at the end of the Second World war. The contents also offer up the hope of a new beginning for Grace, battling a broken heart and caring for her controlling mother.

Embarking on her own voyage of discovery, Grace’s search takes her to a powder pink villa on the cliff tops overlooking the Italian Riviera, but will she unravel the family secrets and betrayals that Connie tried so hard to overcome, and find love for herself?

KU Book Review:

This book had me hooked from the very start, really hard to put down. The main characters are wonderful and I could really imagine all of them. There are a few twists which are great keeps you guessing and it’s a sign of a good book if it can make you laugh,cry get angry etc . This is the first book I’ve read by this author pretty sure it won’t be the last one!

Easter in Edinburgh: The Holiday Adventure Club

The Holiday Adventure Club is ready to take on Edinburgh for Easter. They land in Scotland at the crossroads of the Edinburgh Science Festival and a Comic Con event, and find themselves sandwiched between scientists and superheroes as they wander the historic streets of Edinburgh.

Lucy’s got her hands full this time as she shepherds a trio of girls about to graduate from high school, a man who truly believes he is a superhero, and a couple who’ve come to Scotland as a last-ditch attempt to save their floundering marriage.

But she’s got her own problems to deal with: her mom is in need of more care than Lucy can give at a distance, and her budding relationship with her next-door work neighbor has hit a snag. Can she juggle her personal life with the dynamics of a new group of people?

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Book Review:

The characters and plot are good but, as with the previous books in this series, I wish there was more about the location and the holiday. I was expecting chocolate bunnies in the windows as they strolled down the Royal Mile while cute redheaded children giggled in their Easter bonnets and kilts.

Summer Nights at The Starfish Café: 

Welcome back to The Starfish Café for a glorious summer, but with a few dark clouds on the horizon…

A new beginning…

As her summer wedding to Jake approaches, Hollie is excited for their new beginning as a family. But when some unexpected news threatens the future she and Jake had hoped for, Hollie will need to find the strength to overcome heartache once more.

A fragile heart….

Single mum, Kerry, loves her job at The Starfish Café, but behind the brave smiles and laughter with customers there is a sadness deep within. So when someone from her past re-appears in her life, Kerry can either hide away or face her demons and try to finally move on from her heartbreak.

A summer to remember…

For Hollie and Kerry it promises to be an emotional rollercoaster of a summer, but the community at The Starfish Café will always be there to help them through – after all, with courage nothing is impossible…

Join top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland for a wonderful summer at the seaside, full of love, friendship and community spirit.

Boldwood Books are proud to support the RNLI. Boldwood Books have pledged a donation to the RNLI in 2023 as part of our support for the work they do saving lives at sea.

ARC/ KU Book Review

Another good story about a tight community, good friends and realistic romance and family connections, with all of their complications and occasional heartbreak. This last story in the Starfish Cafe series (sad to say goodbye) focuses on two women: Holly, the newly married owner of the Starfish Cafe, and single mother of four Kerry, a waitress at the cafe. . Holly’s customers and staff and the rescue lifeboat crew constantly meander in and out of the narrative. They give this book a tight community feel: one of the reasons I so enjoy Redland’s books .Making this a cozy and warm ending for this great series.

Book Review: Coming Home to the Highlands:

Sometimes life is full of surprises, especially when you least expect them…

Born into the Scottish Clan MacBain and the 17th century ancestral home, Drumblair Castle, Liv MacBain has always dreamt of leaving the ancient homestead and becoming her own person in the world of fashion.
From a young age, she worshipped the trailblazing designs of the haute couture glitterati, hoping one day to join them.
With older brother Kerr, the rightful heir, Liv has been free to spread her wings.
Fast forward. Liv, is now 28 years old, working at a high-end fashion house and living her dream life in New York. She’s never been happier.
Until everything changes with one devastating phone call from her brother, Kerr, that brings her rushing back to Scotland.
Old friends and adversaries resurface and Liv faces a difficult decision that could mean her dream future can no longer be a reality.
Or can you have your castle and your career?

KU Book Review

Olivia has been living her dream life in New York. She receives a phone call from her brother saying their Mum has died. She heads to Scotland, not looking forward to all that’s ahead.
This was a nice easy to read book. It does deal with some domestic abuse. There’s some rivalry between Olivia and her brother. There’s plenty of romance too. It might be the perfect beach read

Book Review : The Heiress at Sea

A seafaring journey is the second chance for a lady and the last chance for a marquess in a thrilling novel about rebellious love, secrets, and danger by 
USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.

Perpetually unattached Lady Cassia McQuoid has accepted her fate as a spinster. But how can she be expected to lead a life confined to drawing rooms and royal balls when there’s a vast, exciting world to explore? Cassia can find but one solution: she masquerades as a thrill-seeking lad and stows away on a ship bound for open waters. Adventure awaits. So does notorious privateer Nathaniel Ellsby.

Nathaniel doesn’t want to be the Duke of Roxburghe. Instead, the second-born son relishes his freedom to do as he pleases: pursuing enemy ships in service of the war effort. But when his older brother dies, Nathaniel embarks on one last mission before he fulfills his ducal duties with an arranged marriage. That’s the intention, at least—until he discovers that his woefully green deckhand is a fetching but vulnerable woman in disguise.

Nathaniel’s new mission is to protect Cassia from the perils of the sea, both above and below the water, by sharing the close confines of the captain’s quarters. As roiling emotions turn to love, Nathaniel and Cassia realize the greatest risks—to the Crown, to their futures, and to the heart—still lie ahead.

book review

Cassie is the overlooked eldest sister who longs for adventure. She stows aboard the wrong ship and that’s the start of the adventure of her life! Believing Cassie to be a useless young dandy Captain Nathanial is not impressed with her painting skills but on discovering her secret, he is inexplicably annoyed and intrigued by Cassie. A throughly enjoyable romance on the high seas, great fun and extremely satisfying HEA!!

Book Review: Farm Cove Bliss: A Small Town Sweet Romance

She’s relearning to trust. He’s healing his heartache. Can Crystal and Derek fix the farmhouse and mend their fractured hearts?

Crystal Whitman is determined to redefine herself. Pulling double shifts to break free from a cheating ex, the single mom worries her life can’t get any more chaotic until her own mother dies. The city gal returns to her painfully rural hometown in the hopes of flipping her vacant ancestral farmhouse fast, but she never expected her hunky hired hand would make her want to slow down and enjoy the view.

Derek Fischer can’t shake his grief. Twelve years after losing his wife, the devoted dad’s broken heart beats only for his daughter, until a sexy school teacher sparks a different kind of love. But with a dying home improvement business to keep afloat, the contractor fears muddling the line between business and pleasure could only end in financial ruin.

When Crystal hires Derek to fix the old farmhouse, so she can sell it and return to her frenzied life, she moves in for the summer to save some money and give him a hand. Fighting their growing attraction, she wonders if she’s destined to be alone and he wonders if his wife will ever forgive him for moving on. When a vivacious blonde sinks her claws into Derek, Crystal relives her ex-husbands betrayal, and her reaction could sabotage their growing relationship.

Can these two shattered souls piece together their future and find a happily ever after?

Farm Cove Bliss is a small town sweet romance. If you like small town settings, relatable characters, and mid-life love, you’ll adore E.D. Hackett’s Farm Cove Bliss.

KU Book Review:

This book had me intrigued by the blurb. I love a small town setting and a single parent romance. This one took me a bit to get into at first. I’m from the Rochester area so that was pretty cool to see in a book. There is a lot of healing for both characters. Life puts us on the path we are meant to be on. I will say I wish Crystal’s son was in the book more. He was cute and I liked him getting to know Derek. This book shows how important communication is because if you don’t have the whole story hurt feelings most likely result. It was a very therapeutic experience for Crystal renovating her parents house. It was also a healing process for Derek too because he is finally feeling alive again and not going through the motions. It’s a beautiful story that touched my heart.

Book Review: The Duke’s Secret Cinderella

Charlotte Browne could just kick herself. What on earth possessed her to tell the Duke of Rockford that she is a lady? But something about the duke’s handsomeness and kind intelligence makes Charlotte blurt out the teeniest, tiniest falsehood. Now it’s too late to admit she’s just plain Charlotte of no particular importance—with cinder-stained hands, a wretched stepfather, and no prospects for marriage…

Rafe Dorchester, Duke of Rockford, has done what every self-respecting duke must do—avoid marriage at all costs. But the only thing stronger than the duke is his mother. When she lays down the highest ultimatum, he’ll need to find a duchess. Immediately. Only, when he calls on a potential bride, he instead finds the pert, fresh-faced Lady Charlotte. Rafe was warned to never mix the business of marriage with pleasure, but when it comes to her…oh, business would be a splendid pleasure.

One passionate, illicit kiss sends Charlotte fleeing, leaving only a delicate blue ribbon behind. For Rafe can never discover her secret, or it will ruin her beloved sister’s chance at marriage. But the duke knows that when you’ve found the one person that ignites you, body and soul, nothing can keep you away.

Each book in the Never a Wallflower series is STANDALONE:
* The Spinster and the Rake
* Much Ado About Dukes
* The Duke’s Secret Cinderella

KU Book Review:

Again another triumph of love and justice! Full of love and so happy for Charlotte and Rafe. Please tell us more about Francesca and George… Also Matt! Great characters, lovely and well written. A must read!