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Book review

I think you might like this book – “Demons: Death by Reaper MC #3” by Esther E. Schmidt.

This is the next book in the series. The twin sisters find mates in the twin Demon president and VP of the Demons club. As excitement builds with them all coming together to battle the darkness. Looking forward to finding more about the half dragon sister next. 

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Dom : Hell squad book 18

I think you might like this book – “Dom: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Hell Squad Book 18)” by Anna Hackett.

The newest book is out in this long running series . Book 18 features Dom the mafia enforcer from squad and Arden. And like the other books it’s hot and exciting with lots of alpha males. So sorry to see this series is down to the last two books. Lisa

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Packs Promise

– “Pack’s Promise (ARC Shifters Book 1)” by Julie Trettel.

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Book Review: Book 1 in a new shifter series set at a shifter college. Made up with all types of shifters and real college drama. This book features a freshman Alaska shifter wolf and a senior wolf shifter that is her true mate. But mating her will bring its own set of problems to these two. 

Interesting look at college shifter style and mating. Looking forward to reading more from this author since this is just the beginning of the series.

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Book Review * His Angel



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I’m not leaving your side, Memphis. You are my home, Angel, so where you are, is where I want to be.”


Creed Stephens lost his heart when his wife died in an accident that also took the life of his unborn child. He threw himself into his job as a trained sniper, no longer caring about anything other than his team. After one disastrous mission, which left him broken and battered, he entered the real world again. Creed lived only for his club and his position as its road captain. Love was something Creed never wanted to feel again. He knew loss and drowned in it every single day—at least, that was until a brown-haired, sweet, and stubborn goddess insisted on reminding him that loss wasn’t a reason to stop living.


Memphis Van Elsen had experienced far too much loss in her young life. She lost her parents, her sister, and her sight. The one person she had left was the only person she loved, the only person she wanted. But how could she compete with a ghost? Did she want to? All she knew was that the deep, aching love she felt for her former brother-in-law made her wish for things she shouldn’t. When a chain of events forced them together, would Memphis be able to make Creed see she can be the one for him, the one to make him smile again? Or would Rogue rip her heart’s desire away from her before she ever got the chance?

FotoJet (70)


The latest book in this amazing series featured  Creed and Memphis. Creed lost his wife and child on the back of his bike and have never been the same. But he has a secret – Memphis his blind sister in law who has now been threaten by Rouge. Who now he must marry and protect : 

This is a moving book – with Creed letting go of his past and moving on with Memphis . Who has been in love with Creed her whole life and been blind since 17 . She has tried to move on but Creed was always her dream even though he married her sister. But with everything going on Creed find himself falling for Memphis and protecting her and the club from Rouge .In this book filled with danger,protection and second chances for all . 

As we see the club comes together over loss and beat Rouge and make a new beginning for everyone. As the next generation is born in peace.   Lisa 







I am in love with love! I don’t write about cheating and l try to stay away from angst. I prefer the word drama. I am Australian, a mum to three beautiful girls. I have a weird sense of humour and like to write my books to music, love songs! I am addicted to Sons of Anarchy and Friends. I read constantly, l even read when l have to stop at traffic lights! I believe that everyone has their happily ever after waiting for them.
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ARC Wolf Rising by Paige Tyler


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Intense action, sizzling romance, and bold writing… Paige Tyler has a new fan in me!”—LARISSA IONENew York Times Bestselling Author, for Wolf Hunger

Just when he’s found The One…he might lose her.

SWAT Officer Jayden Brooks doesn’t believe there’s a soul mate out there for him—The One. But when he saves high school teacher Selena Rosa from a hostage situation, he knows he’s in big trouble. Her scent is irresistible.

Selena finds the big cop irresistible, too. In fact, the buttoned-up teacher gets a little carried away—during a steamy make-out session, she bites him. Turns out, the traumatizing events at the school triggered her werewolf gene. Fangs and claws are appearing and her aggression is out of control. The change is happening, and Selena doesn’t understand.

It’s going to take everything Brooks has to pull her back from the edge…and ultimately win her heart.

FotoJet (70)

From Net galley – I was excited to read this book since I am a long time fan of this series. I would not read this as a stand a lone book -but If you are a fan dont miss this one. 

Now that the Hunters are chasing the team the wolves seem too be changing. As they gather around they are finding there  One. And Brooks may just have found his in a school shoot out. Teacher Selena works with trouble youth since she  group up around gangs but when one of the kids go after her and shes rescued by Swat things start to happen. Ad Jayden falls for her he must explain about werewolves and her being his One. But danger is close at home and he must protect her from harm.

Another great couple in this series that is not your regular shifter book,  Lisa



SWAT Series:
Hungry Like the Wolf (Book 1)
Wolf Trouble (Book 2)
In the Company of Wolves (Book 3)
To Love a Wolf (Book 4)
Wolf Unleashed (Book 5)
Wolf Hunt (Book 6)
Wolf Hunger (Book 7)
Wolf Rising (Book 8)

Readers are hungry for Paige Tyler’s SWAT series:
“I don’t think I will ever get enough of Paige Tyler’s Special Wolf Alpha Team.”—Night Owl Reviews Top Pick, 5 Stars
“I love the SWAT series, I love Paige Tyler, and now multiply this tenfold!”—Fresh Fiction
“The chemistry is scorching hot.”—RT Book Reviews

Editorial Reviews


“Tyler provides lots of fast-paced action and twists, and the explosive ending will leave readers panting for her next book.” – Booklist

“This fast-paced procedural brims with heat and action. It’s a fully immersive experience that showcases memorable characters.” – Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Paige Tyler is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy, romantic fiction, including the X-Ops series, the Cowboys series, and the Alaskan Werewolves books. She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their dog.
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Book Review: Pets in Space 3




Pets in Space is back! Join us as we unveil eleven original, never-before-published action-filled romances that will heat your blood and warm your heart! New York Times, USA Today and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, Anna Hackett, Ruby Lionsdrake, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Carol Van Natta, Tiffany Roberts, Alexis Glynn Latner, E D Walker, JC Hay, and Kyndra Hatch combine their love for Science Fiction Romance and pets to bring readers sexy, action-packed romances while helping our favorite charity. Proud supporters of, Pets in Space authors have donated over $4,400 in the past two years to help place specially trained dogs with veterans. Open your hearts and grab your limited release copy of Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 today!

Sarafin Warriors Series
By S.E. Smith
Can love bridge the gap between a wounded alien warrior and the reclusive human woman who holds the future of his species inside her?

Galactic Gladiators Series
By Anna Hackett
Among the desert sands of an alien world, a man with secrets to hide finds himself face to face with the one woman who can bring him to his knees.

Mandrake Company Series
By Ruby Lionsdrake
Alien fur balls, a handsome doctor, and a little white lie create havoc for a young woman who only wanted a job.
The Sectors SF Romance Series
By Veronica Scott
A long-lost princess and her three-eyed cat seek refuge on the Nebula Zephyr only to catch the attention of an inquisitive Security Officer.

Project Enterprise Series
By Pauline Baird Jones
A not quite routine mission to return rescued prisoners to their home worlds turns deadly for unlikely allies, a USMC Sergeant and a raised-by-robots pirate. Is the Sergeant’s unusual pet the wild card that will save or doom them?

A Central Galactic Concordance Novella
by Carol Van Natta
A disgraced military Sub-Captain, a repair technician with secrets, and two special cats must save the day when trouble erupts at an important factory.

The Kraken #3
By Tiffany Roberts
Nearly broke by betrayal, a human discovers solace–and a chance for love–among the creatures he once hunted, but he must overcome prejudice and inhibition to claim the female he desires.

By Alexis Glynn Latner
A lonely interstellar pilot and a passenger’s mistreated consort find each other in an interstellar hotel that offers everything to satisfy its guests’ desires–even desires they didn’t know they had.

By E D Walker
Two ex-lovers, stranded in space, have to save a pair of kittens with hazardous powers before the local drug cartel catches up to them.

By JC Hay
On a world of perpetual night, an aging ranger and a widowed veterinarian need to put aside their past to protect a pack of wolves… and their future.

By Kyndra Hatch
The Invaders took everything worth living for. Could an Invader show him how to live again?

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Kindle Book Review:

My book review –  The next collection of books about pets who live in space. And these author’s do an amazing job in these stoi. S E Smith has a new book and we find a sexy  alien cat shape shifter  looking for a lost gem. Each book takes us to space to enjoy the relationship between animal and person. Lisa

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Book Review : Accident Happen by Sharon Karaa



book link

A wonderfully funny and sweet romance…”
“Witty turns of phrase and enjoyable twists of plot…”
“Great cast of characters with a great story line!”
Reader Reviews

Tabitha was a true survivor – until she wasn’t. One week before her loveless marriage to a wealthy man, a freak accident causes her soul to trade places with a womanising lush paying penance for his sins as a soul collector. While she waits for Death to unravel the bureaucratic red-tape and return her to her life, she’s forced to take on Mort’s duties, accompanied by the sexiest but rudest man she’s ever met.

Cooper was a bank manager until his demise, and he’s got a lot of making up to do. He’s determined to be the best damn soul collector heav…he…Death has ever seen. Saddled with baby-sitting the soul of a selfish, amoral airhead, he’s determined to teach her a lesson.

Can Tabitha convince Death to switch her back before her wedding and her reputation are ruined? Will Cooper make her see the error of her ways? Or will Fate have the last laugh and teach them all a lesson in love?


Lisa’s Book Review :


My Book Review : Borrowed from Kindle unlimited : 

I had the author contact me to write this revy. Always happy to help and I downloaded with kindle unlimited. It was a fun book with great characters and a pleasure to read. After Tabith helps out at an accident her soul is merged with a soul collected Mort by accident. She’s introduced to Death and the other soul collectors as they work out her problem. But Tabitha has a bigger problem she’s getting married or is she? In this tale of mistakes and accidents that leads to a happy ending. Lisa

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Book Review * Billionaire Wolf for Christmas by Terry Spear

Just in time for Christmas another great book in this series     Lisa 


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When the wolves’ own blood betrays them, they risk their lives to find a miracle.

Wolf shifter Dr. Aidan Denali has been working day and night to find a cure for werewolves’ alarmingly sudden decline in lifespan. The key to the problem eludes him. But when Aidan grudgingly leaves his work to do some holiday shopping, he meets a remarkable she-wolf whose mysterious pack could bring him one step closer to the answer.

Dr. Holly Gray is thrilled to meet the wolf who’s been working so hard to help others. Now, it’s her turn to help him. But while their attraction is sizzling, the packs are at odds, and the danger is increasing. It’s going to take a holiday miracle for Holly and Aidan to get themselves—and their loved ones—out of this alive…

Billionaire Wolf series:
Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing (Book 1)
A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas (Book 2)

What People Are Saying About Terry Spear’s Wolf Shifters:
“Packed with adventure… Magnificently entertaining.”—RT Book Reviews TOP PICK for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, 4 ½ Stars
“Spear has become a master storyteller.”—RT Book Reviews for Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply, 4 Stars
“Nobody does werewolf romances like Terry Spear. The romance sizzles, the mystery intrigues, and the characters shine.”—The Royal Re


“The hustle and bustle of the weeks before Christmas come alive as does many of the issues we frequently hear about. But don’t let any of that make you think that this is anything except a paranormal story. The pack rules and problems are uniquely wolf.
” – Night Owl Reviews

“Spear leaves the possibility for sequels
tantalizingly open” – Booklist

“A satisfying shape-shifter romantic adventure.
” – Kirkus

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over sixty paranormal and medieval Highland romances. In 2008, Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. She has received a PNR Top Pick, a Best Book of the Month nomination by Long and Short Reviews, numerous Night Owl Romance Top Picks, and 2 Paranormal Excellence Awards for Romantic Literature (Finalist & Honorable Mention). In 2016, Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing was an RT Book Reviews top pick. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world, helps out with her grandbaby, and she is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Spring, Texas.


Lisa’s Book Review (Library book)

 If you are a fan of this series make sure you don’t miss this one. It’s Christmas time but Aiden is still hard at work at his research. But when he is sent to help a friend he comes across a wolf pack they  may have the answer. 

Another winner in this series as Aiden finds his perfect mate another doctor she wolf and helps him work on his problems. No instant love of quick mating. These two take time and fall in love and mate.

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Ocean Light

I think you might like this book – “Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity)” by Nalini Singh.

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In this latest book in this series it’s all about water,Black Sea shifter and love. In this story of fighting your fear for the one you love in this newest book. I waited on a library copy but it was worth the wait .