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Lisa Book Krewe : Pam

Introducing my friend : Pam : Wife, Mom and Boy Scott den Mom. And loves spending time researching family gemology.

My favorite reads: historical romance (Scottish/ Highland ), Time travel, paranormal but i will read anything.

My latest read :

For fans of Outlander, New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ newest installment of the Highland Brides series brings us a sweeping tale of passion as a laird’s swim in a loch leads to the love of a lifetime.

An invigorating swim in the loch was exactly what Calan Campbell, Laird of Kilcairn, needed after defeating his enemies in battle. What he didn’t need was a thief running away with his plaid while he swam. Calan gave chase and managed to catch the lad, only the lad turned out to be a lass, and obviously a lady. Having hit her head when he’d tackled her to the ground, the woman was now unconscious and couldn’t explain how she had ended up bruised and naked in his woods. He’d have to take her back to his castle and tend her wounds to learn that.

Kidnapped and forced to wed her clan’s enemy, Allissaid MacFarlane had risked death to escape. But after a struggle over a plaid she tried to “borrow,” she awakens in a strange bed with a strange man seated in a chair beside her. Unsure if he is friend or foe, she claims not to remember her own name or how she’d come to be in the clearing. However, the more time she spends with Calan, the more she falls for this strong, honorable laird. She soon decides she can trust him with her life. . . but can she trust him with her heart?

Why My pick and review;

More, Ms. Sands, more!! Your romances ring all the bells and then some. You just don’t write them fast enough for me. Laugh, cry, swoon, angst…all there. A master of dialogue, adventure, and the alpha men who know what they are about. Keep ‘em coming!

Yuletide Kisses: A Medieval Christmas Romance Anthology

Grab some hot cocoa and snuggle under the covers this season with four all-new medieval romances by best-selling and award-winning authors. From friends to lovers to a marriage of convenience, hidden identities and his best friend’s sister, you’ll be swept away to the magic of Christmas in Scotland where braw heroes will do anything for the women they’ve come to love.

Keep the Yule Fire Burning by Allison Butler
Finley Blalock has always loved Mor Forester. But when her brother Liam confronts him, he can’t reveal the truth. After losing his mother, he refuses to ever tell someone he loves them. When Liam’s quest to find a husband for Mor pushes Fin to breaking point, a fight ensues. As punishment, they are challenged to keep the Yule fire burning for twelve days. If they fail, the tension between them will be dealt with using swords instead of fists. With his love for Mor and friendship with Liam at risk, Fin will need Yuletide wishes and the magic of mistletoe to find the courage to tell the woman he loves how much she means to him before he loses her – and his best friend – forever.

His Christmas Angel by Aurrora St. James
Reclusive Laird Dougal de Giffard knows that no woman will have him. Thanks to his infamous father, rumors of black magic have overshadowed his life until even strong men avoid him. When he’s ambushed and left for dead just days before Christmas, he’s rescued by his neighbor’s feisty daughter. Slaine de Morham might be enticing, and raising every one of his protective instincts, but he intends to keep her at a distance. That is, until she’s threatened. Suddenly, Dougal finds himself with an unexpected wife, new enemies, and an assassin drawing near. The more time he spends with Slaine, the more he wants to protect her, and love her. But it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to keep her. Who could ever love the devil of Goblin Hall?

A Gift from the Sea by Nancy Lee Badger
A shipwrecked son of a clan chieftain, Monroe hides his full identity from the young lass who saves him from the waves, and her brothers. An attack by seafaring warriors puts all their lives in danger and the resulting deaths place a shadow over the upcoming Christmas Festivities. Leading Gwyn and her family toward his home far from the coast of Scotland’s North Sea could be a mistake, yet be the only way to keep them all alive.

Celtic Nollaig Moon by Ria Cantrell
Devon MacDougall never expected to find himself in the midst of an assassination attempt on the king. Surrounded by enemies and not knowing who to trust, he vows to find the would-be assassin before a second attempt is made. But when the lovely daughter of the MacCollum laird becomes involved, he’s torn between protecting her and finding the culprit.

Ku Holiday Book:

This is one Yuletide anthology you sure will love to read ,each story from the first author to the last is an amazing story that will get your heart thumping ,if you want four fabulous reads during Christmas be sure to pick up this anthology you will not be disappointed ,love each of the author’s writing and characters ,loved it so much i plan to read it again durning the holidays ,loved it .

Once Upon a Midnight Kiss: A Regency Historical Romance Holiday Novella 

Escape into the enchantment of wintry Scotland in this short holiday novella featuring characters from two of Elisa Braden’s Amazon-bestselling series—Rescued from Ruin and Midnight in Scotland.

Charming antiquities dealer Andrew Farrington relies on his clumsy-but-capable private secretary, Euphemia Sinclair, to be by his side when he needs her. And for three years, they’ve rarely spent more than a day apart. Then, Euphemia travels to the wintry north of Scotland in search of a family heirloom that only a married woman can claim. And Andrew realizes the only way to keep this indispensable woman by his side is to follow her, find her, and marry her before she marries someone else.

But first, he must convince her that sometimes, the most priceless treasures are the ones closest to home.

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(Note: This story was first published as part of the Dragonblade Publishing Boxed set Star of Wonder, November 2021)

KU Holiday Book Review :

What a wonderful story! Really loved it! It would be lovely to explore re writing it in a full story not just a novella! The chemistry and the way Andrew and Euphemia (shoo what a name!) was so in sync with each other! They really completed each other so perfectly. Always carrying on completing what the half didn’t. Knowing each other that well

The Unsolved Case of The Secret Christmas Baby Blitz

The Unsolved Case of The Secret Christmas Baby
Hannah Byron
Publication date: December 6th 2022
Genres: Adult, Historical, Mystery

A presumed dead baby who’s just turned fifty, a grieving widow on a mission, a female haberdasher hiding a scandalous secret

The Cotswolds, England, December 1895

Fifty-year-old Imogene Lynch has recently moved to the tight-knit community of Dartmond after her husband passed away.

In the decades of her husband’s job as chief constable of the neighboring Landdulton, the childless Imogene often assisted him in solving seemingly unsolvable crimes. On his deathbed Thaddeus Lynch has one last request to his wife: solve the secret Christmas baby’s mystery.

Overcome by grief, but with the promise as a stamp on her heart, Imogene sets out in her roundabout way to unearth Sir Finley Lowther’s mysterious origins. The first trace leads to Miss Eloise Platt, a well-respected Dartmond shopkeeper.

But when a baby’s skull is dredged up from the bottom of Tiverstock Lake and Miss Eloise confesses to the murder, Mrs Imogene Lynch faces a stalemate. While the Dartmonders squabble over Miss Platt’s fate, the widow-turned-detective worries she’ll never fulfil her promise.

To break through her impasse, she pays a visit to the elderly Lady Lowther in Ridgeview Asylum with far-reaching consequences. For Imogene, the mystery is now solved, but getting Miss Platt to tell the truth is another matter.

With her characteristic quirky style, Mrs Lynch confides in the most unlikely candidate in her arsenal, her landlord, Mr Richard Hopewell. If the mute bookkeeper can shed light on what he witnessed on that fateful Christmas Day in 1845, she has the ally she needs to confront Miss Platt.

After fifty-one years, Constable Thaddeus Lynch’s brown file on the Secret Christmas Baby can be closed for good. With Finley’s adoption mystery solved and Miss Platt redeemed, all Dartmond joins in the merry 1896 Christmas celebrations.

This first book in the Victorian Cozy Mystery Series introduces Mrs Imogene Lynch, a willy-nilly detective who talks too much and eats too little.

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“Now stop whining, Gertie, and just walk slowly down the stairs. Jasper isn’t even 2 stone. You carry heavier sacks of potatoes up the stairs.”

“But I carry the teddies up the stairs, Ma’am, not down. The dog is heavier than a three-year-old babber.”

A three-year-old baby? Have you ever heard of such an exaggeration? One day soon, that maid’s going to do me in. She shuffles down the stairs so slowly, I’m almost losing my balance, and mind you, these stairs are as narrow as a rabbit hole.

“Just hold him steady, will you, or you’ll scare him, and you know what happens then!”

But it’s too late. Jasper whimpers once, and the damage is done.

“Ma’am, he’s wee-weeing all over me dress.”

“Poor darling Jasper, we’ll sort you out downstairs. Don’t squeeze him so tight, Gertie, I told you a dozen times before. It frightens him. And keep moving now. You can change your dress in a minute.”

Dear Lord in Heaven, what is it with this maid? I can’t go through this every time with her and the dog.

When we finally land in one piece on the mat in the tight hallway near the glass-panelled front door, she puts poor Jasper on all fours. He looks up at me with those large, guilt-ridden eyes, but the stricken soul can’t help this. Enough is enough.

“It’s all right, Jasper dear. Gertie, I’ll ask if Neil Fritter wants to earn a little extra pocket money and carry Jasper up and down, all right? We can’t have you change dresses three times a day.”

“That’s gurt lush, Ma’am.”

“Nice of me? Well, it’s all right, Gertie. Now change and wash that dress. I’ll pop into Donald’s fish shop on my way back and see if Neil is available.”

“And I’m sorry for the mess, Ma’am.”

Don’t think that I miss the flicker of hope in Gertie’s grey eyes. Yes, Neil Fritter is a bit of a looker, so she won’t mind seeing him upstairs. I’ll make sure he delivers Jasper at my front door and doesn’t come in. I’m not against romancing, but I’ll not encourage it either in un-betrothed people. That’s not my style.

Author Bio:

“Ever since I could hold a pen, I’ve written stories and poems, and I’ll write till my dying day.”

Historical fiction author Hannah Byron’s crib stood near the Seine in Paris, but she was raised in the south of Holland by Anglo-Dutch parents. In her bestselling WW2 historical fiction series, The Resistance Girl Series, Hannah’s heroines also traipse from one European country to the next, very much like their creator.

Now a retired university lecturer and translator, the European traveler and avid researcher is about to cross a new border and settle down south of Dublin.

What started as curiosity about her family’s connection to D-Day, evolved into an out-of-controlish study into WW2 history. To blame, or thank, must be Uncle Tom Naylor. If he’d not landed on the beaches of Normandy and help liberate Holland, her British mother would never have met her Dutch Dad after the war.

Strong women are at the core of her clean and wholesome romance novels. Every book is a tribute to the generations who started the women’s lib movement, got dirty in overalls, flew planes, and did intelligence work. Today’s girl bosses can but stand on the shoulders of these amazons.

Side-by-side with their male counterparts, Byron’s heroines fight for freedom, equality and… love.

In December 2022, Byron will launch her first Historical Mysteries. The Mrs Imogene Lynch Series stars the kind but opinionated Victorian widow of Constable Thaddeus Lynch.

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The Woodcarver’s Snow-kissed Christmas

Reed Archer is a man with a past. His new-found faith in God will not be believed by those who know his history.

Ann Wright is a woman who wants to control her future. Her skill as an artist drives her need to be independent in a time when women usually must rely on the men in their lives to make decisions for them.

Can a risky proposition at Christmastide make them see each other in new light and bring a happily-ever-after for both of them?

KU Book Review :

I enjoyed this story about Christmas and the question whether a person can really change. A person might put on a good front while courting, but will they fall back on evil or brutal actions once there is a marriage and the victim can no longer easily escape? Will a person fall back on destructive behavior s once they resume associating with the same people or circumstances that led to the same destructive in the past? This was a sweet romance with a strong Christian theme.

Book Review: Lady Briar Weds the Scot 

From the USA Today bestselling author Fenna Edgewood comes an enchanting and passionate story about a mismatched young lady and a stubborn laird who surrender their hearts to one another despite their best endeavors…

Beautiful and eligible, Briar Blakeley is the beloved youngest sister of a duke. Eschewing the London marriage mart, she has no plans to wed anytime soon… until she’s abducted alongside her family’s handsome Scottish gardener and cast into a web of intrigue and secrets.

Swept Away to Scotland…

Wren Spencer returned from the wars with the French to find a bitter feud has split him from his clan—and his birthright. Putting the rejection behind him, he takes up a quiet life at Blakeley Manor tending shrubbery as the gardner. Three years later, a group of loyal Highlanders are determined to bring Wren home—whether he wishes to go or not. The other problem? They’ve mistaken Briar for his wife and kidnapped her along with him.

Forced to Wed…

Now that Briar has been compromised and carried off to Scotland, she must wed one of two men. The only question is who will she choose? When Wren proposes a marriage of convenience, he tells himself honor drives him—not the ripe lips and bright spirit of the young woman who has resurrected his heart with something he thought he would never feel again. A rare and passionate love. But when dark deeds threaten his new bride, the Scottish laird finds himself caught up in a dangerous game and must risk his legacy and even his life to save the woman who has become most precious to him.

An unforgettable journey to the Highlands, in a tale replete with romance, mystery, and laughter.

Historical Romance review:

This book introduces us to an interesting cast of characters, some of whom I hope we see make cameos in the upcoming books in the series or who might someday get their own book. Angus and Esme are two who come to mind. I also appreciated that while Lady Briar and Wren get their Happily Ever After, there is some tragedy in the book as well. A word of caution for those who may be triggered by references to sexual assault or domestic abuse, instances are referenced, but they are not explicitly in the story.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the Blakely Manor Series!

Book Review : Impeccable 

Society’s most exclusive invitation…

Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances.

Former courtesan and pretend widow Evangeline Renshaw is happy with her reinvented life as a patroness of the Phoenix Club. She doesn’t need or want a husband or a lover…until she meets the devastatingly charming and surprisingly virtuous Lord Gregory Blakemore. He’d like to court her, but he’ll have to settle for a short, thrilling affair instead.

After the death of his father and the marriage of his older brother, Lord Gregory can finally focus on what he wants: a government appointment. However, the enchanting Evie makes him desire intimacy for the first time, and now he wants her most of all. Their entanglement is supposed to be temporary, but he can’t let her go.

As Gregory reveals himself to Evie, she wonders if she might finally share the truth of her past. Unfortunately, there are those who seek to ruin her carefully crafted second chance. To protect Gregory’s dreams, she must sacrifice the only love she’s ever known.

Book Review:

This is book 7 of this series. And its another amazingly crafted book which sees this series only getting better. The air of thrilling suspense along with the brilliantly created characters, all keep this steamy story very entertaining and an engaging read.Looking forward to seeing where this series goes next.

Book Review: The Duke Not Taken

“London’s second Royal Match Victorian romance sparkles by pairing a rebellious princess with a reclusive duke…The witty repartee between Amelia and Joshua propels the novel forward while revealing the complex depths of the characters. Readers won’t want to put this down.”—Publishers Weekly on The Duke Not Taken

Impossible. Infuriating. Intoxicating.

Ever since her sister became queen two years ago, Amelia Ivanosen, Princess of Wesloria, has been flirting and skirting scandal—just barely. Before she does anything too outlandish, she is sent to England and Lila Alexander, illustrious matchmaker to the ton, is recruited. Respectably ensconced at the country estate of a family friend, Amelia is introduced to many eligible bachelors, but…there is no spark. There never seems to be unless the man is completely wrong for her.

Next door lives Joshua Parker, Duke of Marley, who is grumpy and reclusive—for good reason. His first wife died in childbirth. When Marley is dragged by a friend to his neighbor’s soiree, he and Amelia instantly dislike each other. Their banter is snarky and heated. He’s a stuck-up smarty-pants; she’s a self-involved, annoying princess.

Sparks fly when they’re together—fireworks actually—but they loathe each other. Really. So why can’t they stop thinking about each other?

A Royal Match

Book 1: Last Duke Standing
Book 2: The Duke Not Taken

Library Book:

I loved this book! Amelia Ivanosen, Princess of Wesloria has been misbehaving and is sent to England to find a husband. Joshua Parker, who was never supposed to become the Duke of Marley is grieving the loss of his wife and child lost in childbirth and vows to never marry again. The way they meet and
the events that happen make for a thoroughly enjoyable read

Wronged & Respected – The Gentleman’s Valiant Wife

In this Regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, a bitter Scotsman and a French lass find themselves running from a painful past and toward a shared future…if only they knew.

Ian MacDrummond is no more. He died three years ago off the Scottish Coast. In his stead, IAN STEWART now stands upon the deck of the Chevalier Noire, a French privateer. Tasked with a most urgent mission, Ian comes to realize that his past may not be as dead as he had thought—or hoped!—when his path crosses that of a young woman.

NOELLE CLEMENT had been happy once. Happy and in love. Now, all is lost—even her precious child. Unwilling to give up, Noelle accepts aid from the Duret family, who place a rather taciturn Scotsman at her side. Still, before long, Noelle comes to see that they have more in common than she thought.

As they rush to unearth the whereabouts of Noelle’s daughter, an old enemy closes in on them, threatening not only their tentative bond but also those they hold dear. In the end, it all comes down to one question: how far are we willing to go for those we love?

Book Review:

I loved how Ian and Noele were brought together and found their way to forming a family. It is a messy family that doesn’t fit neatly into any easy category but a big loving family nonetheless. The wolf may also be my favorite character of this story. Thanks for another great tale, Bree Wolf!

The Inspector’s Daughter and the Maid


Women’s fiction, Historical romance fiction

Date Published: August 30, 2022


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The Inspector’s Daughter and The Maid is a moving and delightful blend of historical and speculative romance fiction.

The foundations of traditional structures reveal themselves to be no longer stone, but sand, and in the hearts of the Inspector’s Daughter and the Maid some natural ease gets broken, and their trust in a promising future loses its innocence.

In the severance of winds, beyond their wildest dreams, possibilities are awakened.

Which one will win the heart of the wealthy merchant’s son – the Music Teacher?



It’s the city of Delft, the capital of the Dutch Republic, sometime in the mid-17th century. Nowhere in Delft is far from water. It’s a small city of canals, overflowing with humanity that ripples over a few acres and out the city gates into the low-lying farmland and to Oospoort, the city’s opening to the North Sea and to the world. To place it, a brisk morning’s walk will get you north to Hague, the centre of the Netherland’s government and courts. It’s a carriage ride to Amsterdam. The Reformation and a changed Christian practice may have been the instigator. But the foundations of traditional structures, of not only religion, but consequently, also of community and family, revealed themselves to be no longer stone, but sand. If this crumbling and the confusion it caused wasn’t happening, the Inspector’s Daughter and the Maid’s story may never have been told. The society, however, was not infrangible, and these juffrouwen were ripe. The social changes that were birthing, sprung from mindfulness towards humanity. Small incremental steps. No giant leaps. That’s what was best for the greater good. Seeds that consequence stories can be planted by previous generations, and, indeed, such is the case here. The mother of one of the girls was the progenitor. Thus, the story begins with he r.


About the Author

Marlene Cheng is a Maincrest Media and a Book Excellence award-winning author of women’s fiction. Her books are about the relationships that define women’s lives–romance, friendship, and family. Marlene is a keen observer of how people think and feel, and she writes lyrical, uplifting, and emotionally rich stories.

What is being said: “Today’s best up-and-coming fiction writer.”–Publishers Daily Reviews. “Marlene writes with great facility. Her writing is intelligent: her prose is poetic.”–Dr. David Yeung MBBS FRCPC (certified psychiatrist). “A fantastic journey that takes readers to the innermost corners of the human heart.”–Reader’s Favorites.

Marlene was prairie-born, farm-raised, and now lives among the old-growth pine and cedar, overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of Canada

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