Lisa Romance Book Club: The Boss Prince

The Boss Prince: a royal romance with humor and suspense (It’s Raining Royals)

What if your boss was a prince?…

The week I got fired, I landed a government job in Paris.
Go, Lucie!
The bad news? My boss, Max Delaroche, looks like a remastered Greek god, as dazzling as the alarm in my head.
Whoop, whoop, whoop! Run while you can!

But the man intrigues me.
Wildly charismatic, he has no office savvy. He skips important staff meetings because they bore him to death. He won’t even say where he’s from!
Instead, he keeps staring at me like he’s on a treasure hunt and I have the map.

Who is this guy, and what exactly does he do here?

Could he be an undercover cop investigating government agencies?
Haha. I’m très hilarious.
If a cop can afford bespoke suits, then I’m a princess.
You shall call me Your Royal Highness, Lucie la Magnifique!

Looking for a romantic comedy that’s laugh-out-loud funny, steamy, and full of thrills? Look no further than The Boss Prince, book 1 in Alix Nichols’s new IT’S RAINING ROYALS series!

Book Club Pick:

The Boss Prince is the first book in It’s Raining Royals series by Alix Nichols. This is the first book I have read from Alix Nichols, so I really didn’t know what to expect going in- but the premise sounded fun, so I grabbed a copy and followed along.
This is a very light-hearted romantic comedy- with a just a drop of the paranormal- which made for a quick, easy, and fun read. Check it out at your local library !

Thanks for spending another Saturday at the Melville library with Me!

Have a favorite Royal romance you would like to recommend? Leave me a comment! Happy Reading 📚

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