Book Review: Hold Me Forever

2022 She Reads Romance Books Reading Challenge

February : Sports Romance

I went from hotshot goalie to the pariah of the hockey league overnight. Now, I’m volunteering to clean up my image to earn my place back on the team. Coaching kids isn’t a hardship. In fact, I like it. But I’m pissed that management is punishing me for a fight that was a family matter. Definitely not the league’s business.

No one cares, except Kendra—the striking volunteer coordinator I can’t stop flirting with. Her defenses are up, but I’ve never walked away from a challenge. Management’s directives are clear—“Kendra is off limits”. But I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way.

Tyler Maxwell is every woman’s dream come true. He’s hot, protective, and so damn tempting–especially when he’s coaching those kids. I’m not about to get involved, though. I have my reasons. But why do I keep thinking that I want him to hold me forever?

book review:

Tyler story was brilliant it had everything you want in this book.
Characters were also great love the banter between the brothers.
Glad Kendra found her soul mate after what she went through she deserves some happiness and a family that loves her that she needs.
Looking forward to reading the next brother.

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