Book Review: Paris Rules

Dr. Paige Waterford is struggling with a strained marriage and trying to find her stride after finishing her residency and beginning her career in the ER. When she meets Carly Becker, the fog begins to lift, and she feels a connection like none she’s ever known.

Carly Becker has been searching for the perfect woman all her life, but no one ever seems to be just right. She must be fun and adventurous, love travel and theater, and most importantly, golf. Paige checks all the boxes, except the most important one—she’s married.

Through their mutual passion for golf, a friendship grows, and Paige finds the courage to separate from her husband. Then, on a group trip to Paris, they rewrite the rules. Under Paris Rules, they explore their feelings. But is Paige brave enough to fall in love when they return home?

Net Galley Book Review:

Paris Rules by Jaime Maddox is a book about adult women dealing with adult issues. Among these are, “When is a marriage really over?” and a lesbian having a not-so-unrequited crush on a straight woman. The main characters have a lot of emotional baggage to unpack before leaving for Paris. This is an adult book about adult issues and if the subject matter offends you please dont read this book. It’s not for everyone but a solid read. Lisa

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