Sunday Post with Monday Update:

Thanks so much for stopping in this Sunday ! It’s gold and Cloudy today – so it’s the perfect time to share a cup of coffee and Chat:

What’s been going on at Home & Blog:

My son has returned to College -so it’s just hubby and I and the pets. I have been working at the town hall and the Library as usually.

It’s been very quite this week as Louisiana deals with another surge of COVID. So please everyone take care and stay healthy. Check out ; Lisa Everyday Like for daily post.

This Weeks Reading challenge I joined:

Make sure you join me weekly for Lisa Reading challenge ! make sure you click on the link and read more…Lisa

At the Library : we had a Senior Food box drop off , this week another COVID shot clinic and ,Kids reading challenge and Book Club meeting.

  • The Kids will read 5 books (until end of school) for Prizes. This month : Fantsy Books. ( Harry Potter books are a fan favorite) . At the end of the challenges I will award 5 prizes.
  • Book Club Historical Romance from a local author. Find out more on my Saturday post below.

Latest post on the blog:

This weeks tours:

Fates Fulfilled by Jules Barnard blitz with Xpresso Book Tour

The Sweetheart Fix Reveal

 Pike by Brenda Rothert

Cowgirl Bikers MC

And of course many more…… Lisa

Share here this Sunday & Monday :

 Salon, Sunday post , and Stacking Shelves and Monday Book Dates.

What I have Read this week:

In South Lick, Indiana, fine foods and classic cookware can be found at Robbie Jordan’s Pans ’N Pancakes. Unfortunately, her country store also seems to stock up on murder . . .
Robbie and her new husband Abe O’Neill are enjoying a summer evening in the park with fellow townsfolk excited for some Friday night fireworks. In attendance are senior residents from Jupiter Springs Assisted Living including Roy Bird, father to South Lick’s very own Police Lieutenant Buck Bird. Despite his blindness, Roy is a member of his group home’s knitting circle, spending quality time with some lovely ladies.
But when the lightshow ends, one of the knitters who sat with Roy is found dead, a puncture wound in her neck. The poor woman’s death echoes that of Buck’s mother and Roy’s wife—an unsolved homicide. To help find the killer, Robbie’s going to have to untangle the knotty relationships deep in the victim’s past . . .
Includes Recipes for You to Try!

Reading now:

After his twin brother pulls a foolish prank, Reverend Daniel Wayward’s life is now decidedly complicated. With his family, his parish, and even his reputation at risk, there’s only one way to avoid utter ruin—by swapping places with his rakish, wicked twin. And the second Daniel steps foot into his brother’s worldly and sinful life in London, he’s completely caught by temptation of the most enticing, green-eyed kind.

Miss Olivia St. Peters knows the son of the duke is a dangerous fellow, but something in those hooded, hungry blue eyes makes her blood sing with pleasure. She’s determined to have this Wayward noble, no matter what Society—or even her father—says about the match. And if that means playing with fire, she’ll gladly burn…

The more Daniel resists the oh-so-inviting charms of Olivia, the more determined she is to have him. Now he’s caught between his vows of faith and the lure of sweet temptation. And the only thing standing between his heart and his immortal soul is one unforgivable deception..

Coming Soon:

The bestselling Queen of Cowboy Romancedelivers a heartwarming novel where a doctor and veterinarian get a second chance at true love when a storm traps them together.

After traveling the world, Dr. Cody Ryan has finally come home to his foster family’s ranch in Honey Grove, Texas. But all his time in Doctors Without Borders couldn’t have prepared him for the sudden blizzard that forces him to take shelter in an old barn—or for the shock of watching Stephanie O’Dell yank open that same barn door minutes later. He’s barely seen the gorgeous veterinarian since he returned, so why is she icier than the wind outside?

Stephanie—better known as Dr. Stevie around Sunflower Ranch—has been treating the cattle there for years…and not one of them is as bullheaded as Cody. He’s completely forgotten how he broke her heart, back when she was a teenager smitten by his easy charm and sharp wit. But as the blizzard rages on, trapping Cody and Stevie together, it’s clear that the fire they’ve built to keep warm isn’t the only source of sparks in that barn. Once the storm passes, will Stevie and Cody discover that they’ve fallen in love …and will either of them ever admit it?

Monday Morning is bright and Cold -but the Sun is shining so it will warm up. Have a great week Reading…. Lisa

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