Book Review: Snowdrop Dreams, Cherry Thumbprint Screams

When Annie Barkley discovers a boy living in the attic of her cookie shop, she’s stunned—and oddly elated. She can almost believe the universe is giving her back the infant son she lost eleven years ago.

Annie senses that something bad happened to the boy, but he won’t talk. All she knows is that he’s terrified of being found. When her long-ago crush, police captain Sam Stern, stops by to inquire about a missing boy, Annie says she hasn’t seen him.

Big mistake. Because that lie might cost her more than a romance with Sam. It also leaves her vulnerable to a ruthless pursuer, one who’s determined to silence the boy for good.

Net Galley book review:

Another novella in the Christmas Cookie book series but with a twist. . Snowdrop Dreams, Cherry Thumbprint Screams is a romantic suspense with all the holiday feels. I simply adored this book. It has everything IThe storyline ran smoothly and the characters were realistic. The young boy in the story was lucky to be helped by the heroine, Annie Barkley. I wasn’t expecting the story to end the way it did but I was happy with it. It has everything I love in a holiday read plus gripping romantic suspense- I highly recommend you read it now.

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