Saturday Book Review : Cozy Mystery

Winner of the RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best Amateur Sleuth!

Professional organizer Charlotte Adams has to clean up a mess from the past to stop a killer in the present . . .

Given the number of times she’s dialed 911 in a panic, professional organizer Charlotte Adams is more than a little startled when she answers a distress call from the 911 operator herself. Mona’s calling to alert her that the “mean girls” who terrorized her in high school are back and that she wants to wring their necks. Charlotte writes off the threat as angry exaggeration—until a woman resembling one of the mean girls is killed and Mona goes into hiding.

Worried that some lingering trauma from being bullied may have sent her friend over the edge, Charlotte decides she’ll have to investigate the murder to find out who’s behind it. But then another mean girl is run down, and she’s certain that someone from the past is settling old scores. Desperate to learn whether Mona is making her revenge fantasies come true or if there’s a vindictive killer on the loose, Charlotte will have to sort through all the clues to save her friend—and maybe her own life . . .

Organizing Tips Included!

Net Galley book review:

This is Book 5 in this fun series. I love cozy mystery series and I love organizing so this series was just right for me. The author has all the right elements for a great long running cozy series. This is the 5 in the series and can be read as a stand alone. This one is all about high school drama as Charlotte investigate a high school mean girl murder and her friend Mora. We can all relate to this story line but this authors is a master at crafting a story that will keep your interest. Check it our Now. Lisa

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