The Cluttered Corpse

Fans of Marie Kondo and mysteries will love this series!

Professional organizer Charlotte Adams is reminded that appearances can be deceiving, and disorder can be deadly . . .

On her first visit to her new client’s immaculate home, professional organizer Charlotte Adams can’t imagine why she’s been called in to help—until the woman reveals her outrageously large collection of stuffed animals. But before Charlotte can even begin to tame the plush menagerie, a nasty neighbor who’s been making her client a nervous wreck is found murdered, and her client has confessed to the crime!

Certain that the frazzled woman couldn’t have committed the deed, Charlotte can’t help snooping to learn why she confessed and who the real culprit might be. No sooner does she begin investigating, though, than her car tires are slashed, her home is broken into, and a close friend is nearly run over. Charlotte knows she’s on the right track, but she’ll have to act fast before the killer decides to straighten her out for good . . .

Organizing Tips Included!

Net Galley review:

Book 2 in this fun series featuring a professional organizer Charlotte . Who solves mystery while organizing your life.

I love a cozy story that keep me guessing right up to the end. The cast of characters is big, and nearly everyone might have had some sort of motive or involvement with either the victim or the woman who claims to have killed him, though no one believes her. Red Herrings abound!

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