Children book: Get Off My Lawn

Mr. Smith’s pride and joy is his colorful flowers and perfectly manicured lawn.
So when he peers out his window to admire his masterpiece and sees the neighborhood kids traipsing through his yard and trampling his flowers, he roars “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

The thunderous scolding sends all the kids sprinting home and blaming mean Mr. Smith for ruining their fun. But one mom knows exactly where the blame really belongs and helps the children understand why they need to make amends for their damaging and disrespectful behavior.

Tips for parents and educators are included to help kids better understand how their behaviors can affect those around them.

New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Michael Garland uses evocative illustrations and crisp writing to introduce young and beginning readers to the social skills of “Asking Permission” and “Making an Apology”.

Book review:

From Net Galley for review. This is a beautiful illustrated children book that teaches manners and boundaries. A great talking point to explain to your children about respect for others and there property and permission needed before going somewhere. So pick up a copy and share with the children in your life. Perfect for Ages 4 to 7 years old. Lisa

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