Gratitude Journal for Kids

Encourage gratitude and positivity with 5-minute journal prompts for kids ages 8 to 12

Thinking positive thoughts can help kids see their lives differently and feel more grateful every day. Nurture this sense of positivity with a gratitude journal for kids that’s packed with thoughtful questions, creative prompts, inspirational quotes, and fun ideas for activities. In just a few minutes a day, kids can develop a daily gratitude practice to lift their spirits and encourage meaningful conversations with the people in their life.

Gratitude Journal for Kids in 5-Minutes a Day includes:

  • Fun and engaging prompts―Explore questions like “What are five things you are really great at?” and “Where could you volunteer your time to help someone you know?”
  • Activities for positivity―Kids can practice putting their new outlook into action with off-the-page activities, like saying “yes” to three things that day or creating inspirational sticky notes.
  • Gratitude habits―This gratitude journal for kids has quick, easy prompts and blank spaces to fill in any date, making it simple to write daily, weekly, or whenever they want.

Help kids learn to appreciate the little things in life with this gratitude journal for kids.

Book Review :

This book is perfectly written for children! Studies show that gratitude has the capacity to increase important neurochemicals. It can make a person less anxious, less depressed and feel more connected. Perfect book for any child in your life. Copy supplied by publisher.

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