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Connect 5 Friday : Snow and Ice

It’s been a crazy week in South Louisiana with days of Snow and Ice. Which we were not prepared for at all. So today’s Friday is inspired by that : Snow and Ice.

On holiday leave from the service, Gabriel McQueen is sent into a brewing ice storm to make sure that his father’s distant neighbor, Lolly Helton, who has fallen out of contact, is safe and sound. It’s a trip that Gabriel would rather not make, given the bitter winter weather—and the icy conditions that have always existed between him and Lolly. Arriving at Lolly’s home, Gabriel spots strangers through the windows—one of them packing a weapon—and kicks into combat

As an undercover investigator for a giant insurance corporation, Diana de Revillon is assigned to recover nine priceless stolen paintings. A professional with a 100% success record, the golden girl’s quest brings her into both the glittering world of mysterious and handsome billionaire David Mendel, who appears to fall for her socialite/party-girl cover, and the underworld of tough narc, Tom Estevez, who is wise to her.

An unexpected gift from her godmother will give Celine enough fire to take on an entire kingdom of snow and ice. But first she needs to melt one frozen prince.

Rule #1: Never bargain with the fae.
Rule #2: Never fall for the enemy.

“A captivating series!” -Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author of The False Prince

When professional organizer Maggie McDonald finds a body in a snowdrift outside her friend’s ski cabin, she must plow through the clues to find a cold-blooded killer . . .
Lake Tahoe in February is beautiful, but Maggie can’t see a thing as she drives through a blinding blizzard with her friend Tess Olmos and their dogs, golden retriever Belle and German shepherd

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First Line Friday : A Wicked Yarn

A killer may craft the perfect crime, but as every knitter worth her yarn knows–murder wool out.

Mother’s Day should be a cinch for the good folks of the Crandalsburg Craft Fair, and knitting enthusiast Lia Geiger has a good feeling about this year’s yield. But things quickly get knotty when Lia’s daughter announces she’s quit her job and Lia finds herself tangled up in the murder of her best friend’s ex-husband. While Belinda’s alibi quickly gets her off the hook, nasty rumors spread throughout Crandalsburg that shroud the entire fair in suspicion.

Could the vendors be responsible for the murder of a man hell-bent on unraveling the fair just days before his death? Lia and her crafty group of Ninth Street Knitters must put down their needles to gather clues and save the crafting community they’ve grown to love.

Lia surveyed the scene before her with contentment ,a felling, that not so long ago she doubted she would experience again but which she now savored.