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Thanks My Mama Never Told Me

A Funny and Sometimes Serious Guide for Teen Girls and the People Who Love Them

Nonfiction; Self-Help for Teens; Parents of Teens; Teen & YA Social Issues.

Date Published: May 13, 2021

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

An insightful glimpse into what it is to be a teenager today . . . making mistakes, surviving them, and rocking your beautiful, powerful self.

In Things My Mama Never Told Me, Nancy “Pants” Johnson, mentor, leader, educator, and teen advocate shares the stories of brave, resilient, powerful young women who, despite their sometimes overwhelming and scary circumstances, overcome their fears and hold onto their dreams with unwavering strength.

Here are some of the questions she asked herself and her teen authors:

· Do you have questions, concerns, fears about being a teenager?

· Do you sometimes feel like your stress is going to burst out of your eyeballs?

· Do you sometimes get fed up with friends, family, or social media?

· Have you ever ignored your intuition and ended up in an unsafe situation?

Learn how to embrace your beautiful body, your abilities, and your worth; to monitor your own use of social media, cell phones, and computers, becoming aware of how they make you feel; to recognize your power as a woman in all aspects of your life, no matter your sexual orientation; to own your choices about what you want to do with your life and with whom you want to spend it; to deal with your stress in more positive and creative ways; to listen to your intuition and form personal safety boundaries; to love yourself first when making decisions about relationships, intimacy, your body, sex, and birth control; to be alert to red flag warnings and signs of abuse; to recognize the signs of alcoholism and addiction in yourself and others; to bring your secrets into the light; to forgive yourself; to prioritize your own health and well-being.

Being a teenager is hard and sometimes totally frustrating. You will survive. I’ve got you. You are just the person for the job.

About the Author

Nancy Pants Johnson is an author, mentor, educator, and advocate with more than 20 years experience listening, learning, and guiding teens through their life stories. After surviving her own tumultuous high school life and teen marriage, Johnson entered college at age 32 and dedicated the rest of her adult life to being a teen advocate.

Johnson graduated summa cum laude from SDSU with a B.S. in English Literature and an MA in Secondary Education. She taught English within a Visual & Performing Arts Academy until her retirement in 2014. Today, she advocates for teens in her role as Director of Teen Programming for the San Diego Writers Festival. She mentors teens in local high schools as they write their stories for KidsWrite San Diego, and shares weekly with Al-Ateens in recovery.

Pants lives in La Mesa, California, and finds joy in her husband, children, grandchildren, her garden, and her dog, Phoebe. Visit Nancy at to read her blog, follow her school visits with teens, and be an advocate yourself by donating one book to one teen in the inner city. You can also find her on Facebook @ nancyjohnson3766 or Instagram @ #nancypantsjohnson.

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Dairy Free Meal Prep

Take the guesswork out of dairy free meal prep with 6 weeks of plans and 70 tasty recipes

Whether you want to avoid allergens, save money and time, or eat healthier, preplanned dairy free meals have a multitude of perks. Simplify your daily routine with Dairy-Free Meal Prep, a complete guide and dairy free cookbook with 6 weeks of meal plans and 70 scrumptious recipes.

Helpful info about meal planning, convenient grocery lists, and step-by-step prep directions mean you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time living your life. With simple recipes like Chicken Pasta with Creamy Vodka Sauce, this dairy free cookbook is so easy and enticing, you’ll never miss dairy again.

This dairy free cookbook includes:

  • Why ditch dairy?—Learn the benefits of eliminating dairy, from increased mental clarity to better digestion.
  • Meal prep pointers—Discover a guide to meal prep in this comprehensive dairy free cookbook, including storage tips, must-have kitchen equipment, and tips for thawing and reheating.
  • Dairy free staples—Try your hand at foundational foods like Cashew Milk, Cheese Sauce, Green Goddess Dressing, and beyond.

Keep every meal free from dairy with the nutritious, well-balanced, and delicious recipes in this beginner-friendly dairy free cookbook.

Library Book collection:

Have someone with dairy problems. This book is a good starting point to start your dairy free journey. For health reasons or other reason check out the many recipes and shopping list included in this book.

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Thursday Book Reviews:

Crochet with creativity!

  • 12 fun crochet projects with a charming, offbeat sense of style
  • Create kids’ toys, beanies, buntings, scarves, a beehive mobile, and more
  • Step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, and skill-building tutorials
  • Beginner-friendly introduction to common stitches and crochet basics
  • Author Stephanie Pokorny has a one-of-a-kind style that has both wide appeal and originality

You’ve never seen a crochet book like this before!

Whether you want to learn how to crochet or you’re looking for fresh, new projects to try, Creative Crochet Projects is for you! Featuring a variety of 12 colorful, fun, and quirky crochet projects with a charming, offbeat sense of style, this project book starts off easy, slowly introducing new techniques one design at a time.

Opening with an introduction to the basics of crochet, including materials, tools, terms, and techniques, this crochet project book also includes helpful visual step-by-step instructions for common crochet stitches to get you started. From there, build your crochet skills as you create a collection of adorable projects, from scarves, hats, and wraps to a roll-away kitchen playmat, bee mobile, foldable burger and hotdog, and more—each project beaming with personality, color, and original charm!

With detailed stitch-by-stitch instructions, inspiring photography, skill-building tutorials, tips, tricks, and more, Creative Crochet Projects gives this timeless craft an exciting and playful new twist, all while you improve your skills and have fun!

This exciting guide contains crochet patterns you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Author Stephanie Pokorny is the designer, owner, and sole creator of, a brand that offers an original style to the crochet world. Her elaborate work and children’s crochet costumes have been featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Beyond the BizarrePeople MagazineNational Geographic Kids,,, and more.

These unique projects make for beautiful handmade gifts, as they offer something refreshing and new with their sense of hands-on play. From a kitchen mat that looks like a stovetop to watermelon play food, each project is as fun to make as it is for children to play with. Fun projects include:

  • Finger Crochet Scarves
  • It’s a Chinch One-Hour Cowl
  • Squiggles McGee Hat
  • Bubble Hue Shift Hat
  • Asymmetric Owl Wrap
  • Happy Heart Bunting
  • Foldable Burger
  • Foldable Hot Dog
  • Sliceable Watermelon
  • Bee-Unified Mobile
  • Roll-Away Kitchen Placemat

Perfect for crochet enthusiasts of any level, get started achieving unique and playful designs with Creative Crochet Projects!

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Great book and instructions on everything.. So well written and beautiful pictures too