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Monday afternoon

Thanks for stopping bye and checking in. We are still on partial lockdown but I finding lots of new things to read.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? a place to meet up and share what you have been, and are about to be reading over the week. It’s a great post to organize yourself. It’s an opportunity to visit and comment and er… add to your groaning TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started on J Kaye’s blog and then was hosted by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn here at The Book Date.

What I have been reading :

Last weeks Reviews:

My Library pick / Non Fiction :

From my Connect 5 Friday List : She was an ex Liberian and very big supporter of children and books.

I have a son in college and this is worthy read. Wish I had read it sooner but will be recommending it to other parents.

The Price You Pay for College: An Entirely New Road Map for the Biggest Financial Decision Your Family Will Ever Make

The Price You Pay for College gives parents the clarity they need to make informed choices and helps restore the joy and wonder the college experience is supposed to represent.

Next Reads :

In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from #1 New York Times-bestselling author J. D. Robb, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

See you tomorrow for Book Club…… Lisa