Wed Cozy Mystery time

Wednesday is my day to feature : Cozy Mystery stories on my blog :

Gourd to Death (A Pie Town Mystery Book 5) 

This Halloween, pie shop proprietor Val Harris must patch together clues to solve a murder by pumpkin . . .
As the owner of Pie Town, Val’s been tapped to judge the pie making contest at the annual pumpkin festival in the coastal California town of San Nicholas. Things could get sticky though—her boyfriend, cop Gordon Carmichael, is entering the competition with his “special” family pumpkin pie recipe. But Val’s got bigger problems than a conflict of interest when she and her flaky piecrust-maker Charlene discover another contestant crushed under an enormous pumpkin.
When grudge-holding Chief Shaw comes up with a half-baked reason to toss Carmichael off the case and onto the suspect list, it’s up to Val and Charlene to find the tricky killer. But as they dodge lethal pumpkin cannons and follow the clues into a figurative and literal maze, the pie pals are in for the scariest Halloween of their lives—and it may be their last . . 

et Galley Book : This is the 5th book of this series and this one is set during the annual pumkin festival . Perfect place for a murder and fun times. The story veers all over the place, as is usual with this series. It ties it all nicely together at the end. I had an idea of whodunnit but was pleasantly surprised at the end. A perfect cozy mystery for this Fall season…. Lisa

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