S’more Murder (CAMPING GIRL Book 1

A clean, funny cozy mystery that will have readers laughing as they guess who the murderer is!

When Ivy Thurman remembers visiting her grandmother’s campground, she thinks of idyllic childhood summer vacations. Now that she’s inherited the Happy Camper Resort, Ivy sees a money pit. Leaky roofs, whiny golf carts, and a swampy pool are just the beginning of what needs to be fixed. It seems she’s also inherited her grandmother’s tenants, a crew of retirees who live at the aging campground on a full-time basis.

It should have been easy to sell the place, but on Ivy’s second day as the new owner, she falls off the slippery moss covered dock to come face to face with a body! Now a murder has taken place at the campground and Ivy is the prime suspect according to the Oaks Crossing Police Detective. Afterall, the deceased, Ethel Murlay, changed her will to include Ivy as a beneficiary the same day she died.

The citizens of the Happy Camper Resort are going to do everything they can to help Ivy clear her name. From interviewing suspects and a break and enter gone wrong, Ivy is caught up in the enthusiasm of her grandmother’s friends which just might land her in jail!

Two murders, a missing cat, and a hot detective breathing down her neck…

Book Review : Kindle unlimited

Bound by memories of her childhood this woman finds true friends in a ramshackle campground that everyone seems to want. And someone out there would kill for? This clean cozy mystery will be a perfect afternoon read and try my S mores recipe on my blog Lisa .

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