Organized for Picnic Panic: A Cozy Mystery (The Organized Mysteries Book 6)

A cozy mystery in the USA TODAY Bestselling Organized Mysteries series.
A town wide picnic is all fun, food, & games—until Kate stumbles on another body…

The annual Hazelton, Vermont Labor Day Picnic is something all the residents look forward to each year. Kate has spent the past week organizing everything to help her family and neighbors enjoy a relaxing community event. As a relatively new family to the area, the McKenzies look forward to beginning this tradition. Things start off terrific, with the kids competing for great prizes, and the parents getting all the picnic eats ready.

Until a bit of discourse enters the scene and disturbs the family-friendly vibe of the day.

Things seem to settle down again, thankfully, and everyone returns to their previous high humor. However, as everyone drifts toward an after-lunch spectacular show, Kate stumbles onto a different kind of spectacle—a dead body. And this time she and Keith find themselves slapped into the middle of the mystery. They must capture the killer before the murderer flees. Or before another killing occurs…

Please note: This title originally appeared in a much shorter version in a multi-author short-story anthology, when it was titled “Organized for Labor Day Foul Play.” New content has been added to this novelette release.

Organized for Picnic Panic is an end-of-summer holiday novelette in the popular Organized Mysteries series from USA TODAY bestselling author Ritter Ames. The series features a small town New England setting and interesting characters, along with humor, strong family and friendship ties, and absorbing cozy mysteries.

Book Review :

The community Labor Day picnic brings lots of fun and food and one little murder. Talk about a kill-joy but the family had had a fun morning before Kate and Keith discover the body. The everyday events and exchanges are as fun for me as their investigation. Reading the books in this series is like spending time with friends, except for the murder part. Lisa

Today’s holiday cozy mystery is Labor Day !

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