The Buzz Kill (A Honeybee Cozy Mystery Book 1)

When a man is found dead near middle-aged beekeeper Alice Townsend’s beehives, it sets the town abuzz!

When Alice installs eight hives in Christchurch’s red zone, she expects her bees will pollinate the bounty of fruit trees in the area. Instead, just one day later, a dead body is found nearby covered in stings. Now the police believe a killer used her bees as their murder weapon.

Desperate to keep her hives safe from destruction, Alice sets out to solve the murder. Between an argumentative wife, a neighbor embroiled in a property dispute, and a workplace stalker, she’s soon busy as a bee finding suspects.

As if having a potential murder conviction hanging over her hives wasn’t enough of a worry, Alice’s aging dog Chester is feeling under the weather. Trouble just seems to make a beeline to her door.

The Honeybee Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads perfect for filling in time waiting for appointments, commuting to work, or when your significant other insists on watching the show that makes you roll your eyes!

The stories contain no swearing, no cliffhangers, and no graphic scenes but are chockablock full of bees.

Kindle Unlimited Book

This is a bit different than the average light my. It has intrigue, mystery and suspense. However, Alice is not a typical heroine. There is a gentleness and introspection to her. While this is a fast read, it is a gentle, smooth read.

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