Love Letter for a Sinner

Super Bowl read :

Joe Dean Billodeaux, star quarterback for the New Orleans Sinners, faces forty and his last season of football with difficulty. A young quarterback, Rex Worthy, waits on the bench to take over, and a rapacious film star, Layla Devlin, wants to start an affair with Joe. When his wife, Nell, warns her off, the actress sets her sights on Rex, a self-proclaimed virgin.

But Rex looks right past the glamorous Layla to her beleaguered assistant, Tricia Welles, who puts up with the star’s abuse to pay her mother’s medical bills. She is the woman with the loving heart Rex has been seeking, but convincing her of that is another matter. Layla’s anger at being rejected by both men turns to rage. She plots revenge as the men play in Joe’s last Super Bowl. Some will win and some will lose in the game of love.

Book Review and Recommendation:

Lynn is a local Louisiana author and a big football fan. Her Sinner team is set in New Orleans and is a great read. As you read her book you find out more about football, Louisiana and an amazing family. family. In each book you are introduced to a couple that finds there happy ending with some football action- perfect for today. Even though our Saints are not in it this year – Read one of this great books in this series . You can find them all on her Amazon page . :

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