Coffee Club Review * Rosanne Gift

Rosanna’s Gift is today Coffee Club Book – a lovely Amish romance with lots of heart!

In Southern Maryland’s serene Amish country, one young woman’s life is changed by an unexpected request . . .

“She’s yours.” Until now, Rosanna Mast’s hopes for the future have all revolved around handsome Henry Zook. But when a young Englisch girl places her newborn daughter in Rosanna’s arms and utters those words, shock quickly turns to fierce, protective devotion. Between helping her midwife mamm and caring for her own siblings, Rosanna has plenty of experience with babies. And who wouldn’t love a sweet-natured boppli like little Mollie? Yet to her dismay, Henry has no intention of ever taking on another man’s childInstead, it is steady, thoughtful Paul Hertzler who becomes Rosanna’s staunch supporter.

Paul knows he should have acted sooner on his feelings for Rosanna. Now, as her dream of adopting Mollie meets unexpected hurdles, he sees a way to help. Rosanna would do anything to keep baby Mollie—perhaps even agree to marriage. But will Rosanna continue to hold him at arm’s length, or see that he longs to offer her the love and family she deserves?

Net Galley Book Review:

The setting is Southern Maryland, serene Amish country. Rosanna Mast is training to be a midwife by working alongside her mother. An English teacher who gives her name as Jane comes to them in labor and they deliver her little girl. Jane surprises Rosanna when she states that the baby now belongs to her and has papers giving up her parental rights. A baby is a blessing but will the man she fancy want a ready made family or will another man come up and support her. This is a lovely book and a pleasure to read. Lisa

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