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A Duke for Lady Eve

Belles of Christmas Book 5)

All she wants is to be a Lady. All he wants is an honest wife. 

After escaping to the garden for a reprieve from the stuffy ballroom, Miss Evelyn Trainor bumps into a handsome stranger through a hedge. When he boldly requests an introduction, she lies and tells him a fake name, Lady Eve, positive she’ll never see him again. 

But when she returns to the country for Christmas and finds her handsome stranger—the Duke of Alverton—has moved in next door for the holidays, she does what she must to guard her secret. For he has declared the importance of titles and cannot find out she is a commoner. 

The Duke of Alverton has been taught one thing his entire life: rank matters above all else. Having recently inherited the dukedom, he is overcome by the inundation of matchmaking mamas and escapes to the country for Christmas.

When he arrives in the country and finds the woman from the ball who not only intrigues him, but carries the rank of Lady, he knows he has found his future wife.

Book 5 in the Belles of Christmas series, A Duke for Lady Eve is a standalone Regency holiday romance. The series can be enjoyed in any order:

Unmasking Lady Caroline by Mindy Burbridge Strunk, Book 1

Goodwill for the Gentleman by Martha Keyes, Book 2

The Earl’s Mistletoe Match by Ashtyn Newbold, Book 3

Nine Ladies Dancing by Deborah M. Hathaway, Book 4

Kindle Unlimited Book Review :

If you love Regency books -grab this newest Belle book. This story has everything a reader wants and expect in a Regency…class distinctions, politics, dancing, and a masquerade, The Duke was a strong and swoon worthy hero and Evelyn was a compassionate and caring woman. Plus snow for Christmas. how could it not be a winner. .


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