The Bake Shop

The Bake Shop (An Amish Marketplace Novel Book 

Return to Lancaster County with the first installment of Amy Clipston’s charming new Amish Marketplace series.

Christiana Kurtz loves to bake, but when her bake stand becomes too busy, her mother encourages her to move her business to the local market. Her new bake shop becomes so inundated with customers that the line blocks the leather and woodcraft shop next door, which is run by Jeffrey Stoltzfus. When Jeffrey complains that her stand is driving away business due to the lines, she complains to him that his personalization machine smells. Though their relationship starts off on bad footing, they eventually forge a friendship.

When Christiana’s father makes a surprise visit to the market, he is upset to find that Jeffrey uses the building’s electricity to personalize his items. He tells Christiana that Jeffrey is too modern for her, and she’s forbidden from dating him. Christiana is crushed, but she knows she must obey her father.

When Jeffrey’s shop catches fire one day, he puts the entire market in jeopardy—including Christiana’s bake shop. Christiana, however, can’t deny how she feels about Jeffrey despite his mistakes. Though the odds are against them, can two young people find a way to rebuild both their businesses and their relationship?

I really enjoyed this book. What a lovely story!

Net Galley Review :

It was so much fun to read and remember abut living around the Amish that I caught myself smiling through most of it. The characters were enjoyable, particularly her family members.. I loved the way the author developed and played out the relationship between Jeff and Christiana. I became extremely frustrated with Christiana’s father in particular. His inability to listen to reason. Like many other religions Amish have many different beliefs about things like the use of electricity. They may not use it in the house but some find it okay too use at work or even in the barn to power machine I. cannot wait for the rest of the Marketplace novels be released so that I can see who is next to fall in love. Lisa

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