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A little Louisiana magic this Halloween with Lynn Shurr :


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Adrienne and Pete—is their love real or are they the victims of an old traitor’s love potion? Are they truly attracted to each other or have they been cursed to marry and be blessed with seven children? Only time will tell as they fulfill a prophecy during their tempestuous courtship and marriage. ( Free to borrow with Kindle unlimited)


Southern belle Addy Courville is condemned to haunt her ancestral home for all eternity after drowning herself when her fiancé dies in the Civil War. Over the years, Addy’s ghost gains power and sophistication. When she notes other souls from her youth being reincarnated, she decides to possess a young body and seek her beloved Rory. Though she tries to push away the soul of a frail child, Sarah Beth Niles proves to be stronger than expected.
Saved from dying by a boy, Shea Landrum, Sarah awakens with a double soul and strong determination to marry Shea someday. While Addy’s knowledge helps Sarah Beth throughout her growing years, they are always at odds about the man they will marry. As Addy searches for the soul of Rory, Sarah clings to her love for Shea. Which couple will prevail in making their love eternal?

About Lynn Shurr

Once a librarian, now a writer of romance, Lynn Shurr grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. She attended a state college and earned a very impractical B.A. in English Literature. Her first job out of school really was working as a cashier in a burger joint. Moving from one humble job to another, she traveled to North Carolina, then Germany, then California where she buckled down and studied for an M.A. in Librarianship.

New degree in hand, she found her first reference job in the Heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette, Louisiana. For her, the old saying, “Once you’ve tasted bayou water, you will always stay here” came true. She raised three children not far from the Bayou Teche and lives there still with her astronomer husband and two big-boned, orange cats named Jake and Elwood.

When not writing, Lynn likes to paint, to cheer for the New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers, and take long road trips nearly anywhere. Her love of the bayou country, its history and customs, often shows in the background for her books.

You may contact Lynn at or visit her

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