2019 Reading Challenge Update :

It’s time for my Saturday update time :

I have read 67 of 67 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next? http://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/14957559

Last week Picks : some of my favorites 



What do you do when your husband, an ex-NFL running back, is trying to have you murdered?

You get kidnapped, run, dance in questionable strip clubs, and stay under the radar while trying to survive.

That is exactly the path that I took, only in the end, it lead me to a motorcycle club in the Dakotas and to a family I never knew I had. I don’t know if they can keep me safe or sane, especially after meeting their VP – Rage. I do know it’s time to stop running, and to start living again.

*Meant for adult readers, strong language, violence, and sexual situations.
Over 70K word, full length, stand alone novel with an HEA.


I have read the whole series : start with book #1 – Finding Ali 



Protecting Fable: Stone Knights MC Book 6

Megan Fall (Goodreads Author)
Tripp was in love once, but she left him, and it broke something inside him. Now Tripp’s a detective, but he can’t stand dealing with all the red tape. He wants to take down the bad guys, but most of the time the law gets in his way.Fable had the kind of love people only dreamed about. But when her mother remarried, she gained a stepbrother from hell. He turned her world upside down and forced her to break up with Tripp.What happens when Tripp discovers someone forced Fable to break up with him and she’s in trouble? Will the law stop him from protecting what was once his, or will he ignore the law, and follow the bikers that may just have the right idea about how to dish out vengeance!

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